Monday, January 21, 2013

Union Grove ISD in East Texas votes to arm Teachers and school officials

Teachers and other school officials will soon be authorized to carry concealed weapons inside Union Grove ISD school buildings after a vote by the school board tonight. Community members who attended the meeting appeared to be 100% in favor of the move. The armed employees would be selected by the district, required to already have a CHL, and go through an extensive training process.

Union Grove is a 2A district in Upshur County, about 10 miles west of Longview (or 35 miles or so northeast of Tyler for those unfamiliar with the area). It is only the 2nd school district in Texas to make such a move, and the first in the last five years. The district is not within an incorporated city and relies on the sheriff's department for law enforcement. They say they are making the move in part because response times would be quite slow in the event of an incident.

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