Monday, January 28, 2013

Senator Cruz on Meet the Press: No Gun Show Loophole, Restrictions Unconstitutional

the following message is from the Ted Cruz Senate Press Office via email:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Meet the Press: 


"You know, there actually isn’t the so-called “Gun Show Loophole.” That doesn’t exist. Any licensed firearm dealer who sells at a gun show has to have a background check. It’s a requirement that applies to every licensed firearm dealer. What it doesn’t apply to is personal sales one-on-one. And that’s true whether it’s at a gun show or not."

"I do think there is a fundamental point here, and there is a point of hypocrisy when it comes to gun control. That many of the proponents of gun control are very wealthy, live in communities where they can outsource police protection, but you have a lot of people that are worried about preserving the safety of their own home.

"If you’re talking to a single woman living in Anacostia who has the misfortune to live next to a crack-house to tell he she doesn’t have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms I think is fundamentally wrong."

"What I don’t think is constructive is what the President is doing right now. Which is within minutes of that horrible tragedy in Newtown, the President began trying to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that is designed to appeal to partisans – designed to appeal to his political partisans.

"Number one, it would have done zero to prevent the crime in Newtown. Number two, many of the provisions are contrary to the constitutional protection of the Second Amendment. Number three, they don’t work.

"You know, Chuck said a minute ago the assault weapons ban was tremendously successful. The assault weapons ban was one of the least successful bills that has ever been put in place. And in fact, when the ban expired there were roughly 700 murders using all rifles. Today there are roughly 300. There are less than half. This is not designed to actually solve the problem of violent crime, this is designed to assuage liberal partisans who want to push gun control."


"There is no doubt the Senate hasn’t done its job. It’s been nearly four years since it’s passed a budget and the Senate should pass a budget…We have a crisis. I’ll tell ya, I just got back last week from Afghanistan, and I had multiple service men and women clasp me on the arm and say, “Please do something about the debt a deficit. We’re bankrupting the country.

"That’s what the American people are looking for, and to date, politicians from both parties have been unwilling to take even a tiny step in the right direction. We gotta fix the problem."

"There was an area of substantial agreement with what Chuck just said. He said we should never, ever, ever compromise the full faith and credit of the United States. I agree. And in fact, there is a bill that I am cosponsoring, the Full Faith and Credit Act which provides that regardless of what happens in the Debt Ceiling, the United States will always, always, always meet its debt. We will never default on its debt.

"That was introduced in 2010. It didn’t pass because Harry Reid and President Obama didn’t want it to pass. They wanted to raise the specter of a default …
So Chuck, you know, you and I, we could make news right now on national television. Would you agree to support the Full Faith and Credit Act and take the possibility of a default off the table?
"Let me ask a very simple question. A bill that says regardless of what happens with the debt ceiling, the United States will never default on the debt. Would you support that or not?"

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