Saturday, January 19, 2013

Texas Prepares for Sovereignty if U.S. Defaults - Rep. James White Files Texas Self Sufficiency Act HB 568

State Rep. James White has proposed a bill that will require the leaders of Texas to start crunching the numbers and figure out what Texas would look like if it had to be self sufficient... limited or no federal support.... OUR OWN COUNTRY.... oops, I am getting a little ahead of myself, haha. Hey, I didn't say Texas secession but that certainly comes to mind when thinking about the Federal Government having a financial meltdown and cutting off most or all support to the States...

What would Texas do in the event that the United States of America defaulted? It is a very real possibility that one day the massive U.S. debt will become so large and unsustainable that is causes a financial meltdown. Texas, and pretty much everyone else, would all of the sudden be faced with no more federal funds (which is really just Texas tax dollars given to the feds which is then given back to Texas). Yes, Texas is already a sovereign state, but what would we do if face with complete sovereignty and no federal money?

What would Texas do? That is actually a GREAT question. It is something you might not have really thought of before because, well, government is mostly reactive and not pro-active so they wait until something is a problem and then they try to deal with it.

State Representative James White is thinking ahead. He does not want to have to wait until Texas gets cut off from the federal government to determine how Texas will manage on our own. White wants to start planning now.

Bottom line, this is a great bill and it is really thinking ahead. With the way America is going, it is a very real possibility that federal funds to Texas could be drastically limited or even cut off completely in the event of a financial collapse. Texas needs to be ready and know what to expect.

Press Release from Texas State Representative James White:

State Representative James White Files HB 568:
The Texas Self Sufficiency Act

AUSTIN, TEXAS-- State Representative James White has filed HB 568 or the Texas Self-Sufficiency Act. The Texas Self-Sufficiency Act creates a select committee to evaluate the effects of a possible reduction in or elimination of federal funding on the state budget due to federal fiscal policy. "Due to the fiscal dysfunction of Washington, D.C., and the fact that more than a third of our state's budget revenue comes from the federal government, Texas needs to study what it would mean if the Federal Government couldn't meet its obligations," stated Representative White.

The Texas Self-Sufficiency Act directs the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the Texas House, and the Comptroller to name a committee of made up of legislators, budget experts and citizens from the non-profit sector to analyze not only our state's dependence on federal funds, but the impact of federal funding on Texas' economy. "Speaker Straus should be commended for naming a House interim committee on sequestration. However, we must expand on this work. My district in South East Texas, for example, has a higher proportion of seniors compared to the state overall percentage. What would happen in the event the Federal Government eliminated the funds normally allocated to them? In the current economic climate, exacerbated by out of control spending in Washington, Texas needs to study possible responses to Federal financial turmoil, and our readiness to adjust to such an event. Texans must govern Texas and Texans need to be concerned about Texas."

Representative White is the Member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 19, composed of Polk, Tyler, Jasper, Newton, and Hardin counties.


  1. Question that comes to mind here is...If TX is just getting back money it gave to FEDs and that is our "FED funding", then are they saying we're preparing to do without the money we gave them coming back to us? Cuz I imagine the Fed gov't will not stop trying to force us to fill the money pit. Or are they saying if there is a meltdown, TX will refuse to keep funding the Fed ponzi scheme and keep our tax dollars. There is a big difference when you are talking about how much money you will have to survive on when they collapse the system.

  2. Texas contributes roughly 1/6 of the money that operates the American machine. If Texas could legally withdraw , it would certainly cause the total collapse of America. The Feds aren't likely to let that happen without a fight. Great thought though Representative White. Keep thinking outside the box as we will need this type thinking in the very near future.

  3. Texas would not be allowed to secede, but in the event of the Feds not being able to keep funding, their ability to do anything about it would be moot.

    1. To the Anonymous above, peaceful secession is indeed possible. Namely because if the people of Texas decide to separate, then there will be nothing that the Feds can do about it. Wars against innocent people are unpopular, the world media would clamp down on the US government FAST! Secondly, the military wont invade us for many reasons. #1: Texans and Southerners in general make up the MAJORITY of the armed services, they are not going to assault their own family and neighbors. Reason #2: They know that Texans are the most heavily armed citizens in America, and have one of the largest veteran populations. Simply put? A military attack against Texas is doomed to failure. If Texans wish to be independent? Then the Federal Government's ONLY option will be to let us go peacefully.

    2. In the event of any kind of withdrawal by Texas, we also need to take with us our pro-rata share of the military equipment for which Texas taxes have paid. Including nukes, etc.
      It is only fair....

  4. Great idea Rep. White. Things should be prepared for. common sense. I would rather Texas secede than to wait around until the fed of tyranny sucks this whole country dry. A lot of us know what is going on and our Texas government doesn't need to sit around and be caught with their pants down. It is time. God has been warning people many times to come back to Him through the saints of the Lord so He can heal our land, but is that happening? God is getting very angry at all the evil things going on in the government and He is not going to put up with it much longer. We need good leaders not evil leaders. Evil makes the nation sinful good leaders the opposite. Thats Bible see the books of Kings. Every time there was an evil King(president to us) they cause Israel to sin. so its all in leadership.
    First of all, I never knew anything about Obama, but the first time I seen him on TV when he started campaigning for office, the Lord spoke to me and said, "He is here to destroy America." I knew it was God speaking to me and I immediately started telling people to not vote for him. There has been a delusion put over America. But God will allow this mess until people get right with him, if it takes actually letting the usurper to destroy us. But about 3 or 4 months ago, I had a dream, and I saw the capital of DC had been destroyed. the buildings were leaning over and was black with smoke. I don't know what that meant and haven't told anyone publicly about this dream but I believe it is a prophetic dream and a warning. DC is full of evil and the men and women knowing this usuper in the office of president and not speaking up and allowing this is going to have to face Gods anger, something is going to give one way or the other.


  5. I think Secession should be the order of the day, maybe incorporate some other southern and Midwestern states.