Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brandon Darby Brings Andrew Breitbart’s Fighting Style to the Texas Ring

Darby speaks on media, Breitbart vs HuffPo, and organizing in Texas

I recently caught up with Brandon Darby in Silsbee, Texas. The former prominent Leftie community organizer turned hero and patriot was working on bringing attention to what has been dubbed the Silsbee Rape Case. I took this opportunity to ask him about the stir he’s been creating and the stir his friend, Andrew Breitbart has been creating with the whole Huffington Post/AOL ordeal. I really want the reader to understand how the leftist media works and how they can fight it here in Texas using the Breitbart Model that Brandon Darby explains to us. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Mr. Darby.

Brandon, How have you been able to fight off the leftist attacks against you? You’ve been gone after more than most, yet you’re still standing? How has this been possible for you?

Yes. The ad hominem has been heavy. I implore what I affectionately call the Breitbart model. That is, I identify their framing, what interests where behind the framing, and I expose them. I refuse to operate within the confines of their narrative.

Can you give our readers some examples of this?

Take the brilliant work James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles did on Acorn. When Breitbart released the Acorn tapes on biggovernment.com, Acorn’s funding was teetering on the cliff’s edge. It just so happened that Acorn’s founder, Wade Rathke, had been attacking me and publically made the comment that it was a shame I had snitched on the two anarchists who had intended to firebomb law enforcement and delegates at the 08’ RNC. On the day of the vote to cut funding, I was part of an effort to reverse Rathke’s statement about me and make sure lawmakers saw Rathke’s true colors. The headline became “Acorn’s Founder Wade Rathke Expresses Regret that Republicans and Cops Didn’t Get Burned and Maimed.”

The Left is a huge fan of using character assassination instead of discussing the issues at hand. They made constant efforts to frame me as a womanizer with a voracious sexual appetite. I grew tired of defending this and doing interviews about whether or not I was this or that. I just started saying outrageous statements to them and it shut a lot of that down. When they ask if I’ve had sex, I usually respond by saying that I didn’t have as much as I would’ve liked to have had. Sometimes I’ll just bring it up in an interview with them because it feels good to express that their attack doesn’t bother me. It’s probably not the best thing to do, but it is empowering and they always get a strange look on their face.

Brandon, How can this style of talking back expose the truth when all the leftist media is trying to twist the truth?

It’s simple. It uses the attacks of the institutional Left Media as fuel to go after their bias. It is impossible for them to attack you and not provide you a platform at the same time. Use the platform. Identify how the platform can best benefit the ideology you believe in. Find others who agree with you and always talk back. When they express their dislike of me having worked undercover with the FBI, I respond by expressing my disgust at their being more upset by my undercover work than they are with the fact that their Left movement spawned violence and bomb making. Sometimes the only point needed to be made is that there are other perspectives that would see their framing as biased.

Brandon, Texas is pretty conservative; Do you feel that Media in Texas is out of step with Texans?

Though most of the citizens in Texas are conservative, most of the Texas Mainstream media is not. There are minor examples and more egregious examples. Take Texas Monthly, a minor example. Many on their staff are patriotic Americans and proud Texans. They do wonderful work on sharing our great state’s culture and heritage. The magazine did a reasonable piece on issues surrounding immigration and Illegal entry into our state. They fairly presented several different perspectives. Yet in terms of their coverage of Texas law enforcement, the matter gets more complicated. Some of the political writers are out of step with Texans in the subtle disrespect they showed the Texas Rangers. They did a profile of the Rangers in the same issue they profiled the Banditos in. The subtle implication was that the two organizations were somehow comparable. In addition to this, they were very unkind to the FBI in a piece they wrote regarding a case I was involved in. They took the Austin Chronicle narrative and it was that of the cop-hating radical Left. Speaking of the Austin Chronicle, they are a great example of raging liberal bias. The nexus between them and the Texas Observer is a strange one where law-enforcement are routinely defiled and voice is given solely to those who strongly dislike our country. No one calls them out for having reached into their little ideological diapers and smearing their proverbial leftie feces on the men and women who serve in law enforcement.

Why is it important to combat this Bias?

When subtle smears are constantly unchallenged in the Left’s desire to frame Texans reality and perceptions, they eventually do. It is important to identify the Left’s efforts and to expose them for what they are. Allowing an untruthful narrative to go unchallenged is detrimental.

Brandon, how can Texan's use the Breitbart model to combat leftist media in a way that can truly challenge the status quo?

Fighting back smart is definitely part of what I call the Breitbart model. Another aspect that is just as important is replicating the manner in which Breitbart builds conservative activists. Where most conservative media outlets have sought out writers, Breitbart not only does this, he also does what could only be called “community organizing.” I try to replicate this by travelling to various counties across the state, identifying where there are patriots who show heart by fighting against liberal corruption, and then doing everything possible to support and encourage them to write and blog. I try to connect them with other patriots so they know they are not alone and can build upon each other’s ideas and efforts. That’s what Breitbart did for me and my values, so now I try my best to replicate this. Hopefully, those folks will do the same too.

How has the Left gotten away with this for so long?

There’s a lot behind the how and why of it all. Mostly it has to do with two things. Patriots haven’t paid attention and just assumed that most people wouldn’t listen to the Left narrative due to the insanity of it, and patriots have historically not seen the need or recognized the value in organizing. Thankfully, those days are coming to an end.

There’s been a lot of commotion lately regarding the Huffington Post going after Breitbart and calling him a “race-baiter.” They even said his posts can’t have prominent placement any longer. What are your thoughts on all of this?

First of all, the Huffington Post is AOL. They are to be held accountable as much as Arianna Huffington is. What they did was clever. Huffington sold out to AOL, thus showing that disdain for capitalism is profitable and capitalistic. The Left was pissed. The website was under attack from many camps on the Left. They agreed to let him post on their site. They figured he would say the same critical comments of race-baiters like Van Jones as he usually does. They waited for him to call out Van Jones and then made a huge issue out of calling Andrew out. Thus, they are no longer under attack from the Left and they were able to reclaim their solidarity with the Left. I think they set him up for that and I think it was short sighted to say the least. Did I mention that I think Van Jones and his support of cop-killers is vile and stinky?

Thanks for taking the time to talk and good luck with what you’re working on. Anything else you’d like to say to our readers about your style of journalism?

I’m not a journalist. I’m an advocate, like most journalists. I just wish most journalists would admit that too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lawsuit Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Healthcare Mandate – One Year Later - by David Bellow

article posted on http://www.texasgopvote.com/

One year ago, the day after the health care bill was signed into law, I filed an individual lawsuit against Obama’s Unconstitutional Health Care Mandate.

The lawsuit has not been rejected yet by the Federal Court in Beaumont, TX which really gives me hope of its chance of success. In fact, in the last year there have been at least two Federal Judges who have struck down Obamacare. One Judge in Virginia struck down just the Individual mandate, and a Judge in Florida struck down the entire law completely.

I do not have a lawyer. I am 26, married and have a regular full time job. I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a lawyer. But the great thing about America is that the Founders of America wanted government and the courts to be by the people and for the people - the common people not just lawyers. So I filed my lawsuit pro se (no attorney) and am working my way through the court system on my own. I hope to encourage other regular Americans by showing them that it is not as hard as some might think to stand up and fight back, even if you are just a regular individual.

Recently, Time Magazine did a story about my lawsuit. The reporter was very nice, but the liberal media wants us conservatives to fail, so I am not surprised that the story was very slanted. The story listed links only to arguments in favor of the healthcare law (no links against it), and the story even asserted that I am not affected by the individual mandate because I currently choose to purchase health insurance from the military. It does not take into account that at any time if I decide not to purchase healthcare insurance then I will be fined. And the fact of the matter is, it is my decision whether or not to engage in commerce by purchasing a private health service and I should have the right to stop paying for it at anytime I choose.

Why I filed the Lawsuit

I always have people asking me why I filed the lawsuit even though several states were already filing lawsuits. My answer is the same now as it was then:

“In the wake of the socialist and oppressive healthcare bill that was just signed into law, we as Americans must stand up and do our part to legally stop it. There have been several states that have filed lawsuits challenging the healthcare bill as an infringement of State rights and an unconstitutional burden upon the people of their states. These States fighting back is a great start, but we must do more. We can no longer just rely on our legislators to do the dirty work. We must get our hands dirty as well. We can no longer just leave it up to the politicians to try to fix this mess. It is too big. We need the people to all stand up and be counted. We need the people of America to get involved and start doing something to save the future of America.

That is why I, a regular citizen, have filed a lawsuit against the United States of America. This healthcare bill goes far beyond just regulating commerce and forces every American to actually engage in commerce against their will. Nowhere in the Constitution is the United States government given the power to mandate healthcare for everyone or else face a penalty. This is both unconstitutional and is a step toward socialism. I am standing up and trying to do my part and I encourage all other Americans to do the same. We cannot just make calls to our legislators anymore. We must stand up and do something about it ourselves. If all Americans who oppose this government oppression stand up and legally counteract this socialist movement then we can really make something happen and change the course of America. File your own lawsuit claiming that this bill is unconstitutional for mandating you to buy health insurance. Join a campaign to elect a new senator or congressman and actually get out and go door to door and get your hands dirty. Hold a rally in your town and get the people energized and involved. Together we can do this. Together we can save America! That is what this is really all about.

This is not in any way, shape or form a rebellion against the United States of America. I pledge my allegiance to America and still do. I love America. That is why I am doing this. We need to save the America we love right now before the current politicians have done so much damage that if can never be fixed.”

--David Bellow

Stand With Me and Start Fighting Back Locally

As I said, my beliefs are the same now as they were a year ago. Individuals must stand up and do their part to fight back. We can no longer just talk the talk but not get out of our chairs and walk the walk.

It all starts locally.

Start fighting back against liberalism in your county. Fight against the progressive liberal agenda in our schools. Fight back against excessive county taxing and spending in the old Democrat controlled counties of Texas.

As you and others stand up locally to fix your own county, your efforts will combine to form a bigger network that is strong and capable of fighting back against state and national liberal agendas.

If one person filed a lawsuit against Obamacare then the chances would have been very slim for that one lawsuit to succeed. But because many individuals and States stood up and filed lawsuits, the chances of one or more of them succeeding rose drastically. Since Obamacare was passed, we have seen Americans wake up and start fighting back and in the 2010 election we saw the Republicans take back the House of Representatives and we saw Republicans take over many Democrat Counties in Texas.

The first rounds of the fight are already over and Conservative Americans have come out strong.

We CANNOT stop now. The fight has only begun. We must take the momentum we have and keep it moving forward into the 2012 elections. We have the House of Representatives, but now we need the Senate and the Presidency. Always stand for what you believe and do not back down. And if your Republican leader is acting like a liberal, then tell him he is wrong cause we have to keep the Republicans we elect in line too. We have to elect Conservative Republican if America is to have any hope of reversing the damaging liberal policies that have been enacted under recent Democrat rule.

So start local. Build your city and county Conservative base, and then in 2012 all the local networks will join together and become a force to reckon with.

So on the one year anniversary of Obamacare, Keep up the Fight fellow Texans!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Texas Prison Break - How David Puckett Broke out of Stiles and the Problems that Caused it

An open letter from David Bellow to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Board of Directors and the Texas Legislature about the Problems that allowed for the Escape at Stiles Prison. These problems are most likely problems in most Texas Prisons. Basically, the problem is Overworked Staff and Bad Correctional Officers.

David Puckett recently broke out of the Administrative Segregation section (Ad Seg) of Stiles Maximum Security Prison in Beaumont, TX . This is the MOST SECURE place in all of the Prison. In order to get out he had to saw through solid steel bars that are over 1 inch thick. Not to mention he had a phone in the prison to help him plan the escape .

How could this have happened?

As a person who just recently worked as a correctional officer in the Administrative Segregation section of Stiles Prison, I can tell you how this could happen.

Ad Seg is the place where the worst of the worst and most violent offenders stay in at Stiles Prison. There are about 80 inmates per section (called a pod) and 3 officers per pod (one officer locked in a room pushing the door open buttons and 2 officers roaming around with the inmates) These 80 inmates in the section are individually locked in a cell and they get a hot meal 3 times a day, they get to come out once a day for an hour of recreation (rec), and they also get to come out to take a shower daily. That does not sound too bad, except that there are only 2 correctional officers to do the job and 80 inmates. Stop and do the math. 80 inmates, each of them come out for an hour for rec. The two officers have to stay together and take out each inmate one at a time because no two inmates can be out of their cell at the same time. The inmate has to be handcuffed and escorted to one of the 10 rec areas. As soon as the 10 rec areas are filled (one by one) it is already time to start taking out the inmates from rec and putting in 10 more inmates back into rec one at a time. Not to mention you have to take them out and let them shower. Did I mention that the correctional officers serve a hot meal to each inmate one cell at a time 3 times a day. Oh, and the two officers are required to thoroughly search about a dozen cells each day and also every inmate who comes out of the cell is supposed to be strip searched to search for weapons on their person.

What does all of this mean?

It means those 2 correctional officers are literally running from door to door all day trying to get everything done for the day. It is nearly mathematically impossible to get everything done if it is done properly.

So In order to get everything done, these officers have to cut corners. The strip searches do not get done as the inmate leaves the cell (this is how the inmates can bring something like a saw into the rec yard), the cell searches do not get done (this is how inmates can hide saws , or cell phones and drugs for months in their cells), and the inmates do not get watched because there is just no time for the officers to get everything done so the officers are running around it is IMPOSSIBLE to watch the inmates in the rec (This is how an inmate has time to climb to the ceiling and saw through the bars).

All the problems I just mention compounded together to create a situation where it was possible for Puckett to get a saw into the rec yard and climb to the ceiling and saw the bars so he can escape. When Puckett escaped out of the building he ran across the roof to the perimeter fence and climbed over without being seen by the perimeter towers. The fence directly behind the maximum security ad seg building just so happens to be in a blind spot. Everyone knows about the blind spot. These are areas where the guards in the tower cannot see the perimeter fence and inmates could potentially climb over with no one seeing them. There is a camera pointed to that blind area but it is in the Ad Seg building control center and the officer in that control center does not have time to sit and watch the camera because that officer hands out all the keys and equipment for the building and that officer also opens and shuts the door to let everyone in and out of the building.

I am not bashing the correctional officers. I used to be one there at Stiles too. Some of the officers are great officers and follow policy (like the officers who shot the Texas inmates as they tried to escape ) and some of them are not good officers (well, there are too many stories of bad officers to link to so here is one example of a bad officer arrested bringing drugs into Stiles Prison ). There were just several hundred cameras installed in Stiles Prison and those bad officers there will be caught when they try to have a relationship with an inmate or bring an inmate phones and drugs. Without Bad Officers Puckett Probably would have never had the cell phone. So bad officers are certainly a major factor, But the bad officers in prison are not at all the point of this letter because we already know there are bad officers and measures are already being put into place to catch the bad officers. The mostly overlooked point that I am trying to make is that ALL of the officers are put in an terrible position of having to either follow security policy and get looked down on for not getting everything done, or cut security corners so that you get everything done in the day and don’t get a talking to from a Lieutenant (and the LT has to ride the officers because they are told to make sure everything gets done so they are put in this bad position just like the officers) And that is the bigger problem that most likely happens in all of the State Prisons and leads to corners being cut. This problem of too much that an officer has to do for the inmates stems from various factors, for instance, frivolous lawsuits by inmates lead to unreasonable policy to cater to inmates wants and that stretch the officers thin.

Personally, when I worked at Stiles I just DID NOT get everything done on my shift because I was security minded. I searched those inmates and I especially searched their cells to find the weapons they might use against me. I took my time to ensure safety which meant I did not always get everything done. The inmates did not like me cause I did my job and found their weapons and other contraband, and on the other hand I was always wondering what supervisor was going to pull me into their office and write me up for not getting all the inmates into rec on my shift. But I didn’t care. I was going to follow policy and do my job and if there was just not enough time to get everything done then there was just not enough time. I would not cut security corners though because that is how officers get hurt.

The Solution?

Well there is no money for new correctional officers, and we definitely do not want to cut out any of the time consuming security measures because of safety reasons.

What needs to happen is a simple change in operation of the prison.

Changes in the way the Prison is run could drastically cut back on the correctional officer work load and allow the officers to have the time to follow policy and not cut security corners.

For instance, why do inmates need 3 hot meals a day? What is wrong with a less time consuming and less expensive sack meal for one or two of the meals a day and a hot meal once or twice a day? Reducing the number of hot meals could save a couple of hours of time per day per correctional officer in Ad Seg. It would also save money in the Texas Budget. TDCJ is currently looking into taking one desert a week out of the inmate menu to save money . Why not take out an entire hot meal? I can’t even count how many MRE’s I ate in the military so I don’t see why inmates cannot eat a simple sack lunch for one of their meals a day.

Also, why do the inmates have to come out EVERY day for one hour of rec? Why not have them come out for 2 hours at a time EVERY OTHER day? The inmates would get the same amount of rec time and the work load of the officers would be CUT IN HALF because they would only have to take 40 inmates out of their cells for rec a day instead of taking out 80 inmates out of their cells per day.

Simple changes like these would drastically reduce the daily work load and would ensure that the officers have plenty of time to follow all of the time consuming, yet needed, security measures. Changes like these would also reduce the new officer turnover rate. TDCJ cannot seem to keep new employees. It is already stressful to work in a prison with convicts, but add in the pressure of having too much to do with not enough time to do it and it is a recipe for a high turnover rate.

Another idea is there needs to be an officer in TDCJ that is designated as a Dispute Resolution Officer and he/she would not be a part of the TDCJ command structure. This person would be an eye on TDCJ that reports directly to the TDCJ board. They would receive complaints or suggestions from TDCJ employees and either kick it back to the employee supervisor or investigate it and present it to the TDCJ board. You see, most employees do not want to bring a problem up to a supervisor for fear of reprisal or fear of looking like a complainer. Also, many times when complaints are given to a supervisor the supervisor might just say there is nothing that can be done and the issue does not get addressed. With a Dispute Resolution Officer, many of the current and future problems would get addressed because there would be a person to go to other than the chain of command so important issues do not just get buried by supervisors. This Dispute Resolution Officer would also drastically improve morale of the average TDCJ Correctional Officer. Most correctional officer I worked with did not feel like their voice was worth much to the supervisors in the prison. Think about this, there are no unions in Texas but most of the TDCJ correctional officers are part of a “fake” union. But why would they pay dues to a group claiming to be a union even though it isn’t a union? (There is no collective bargaining in Texas) They join this group and pay the monthly dues because they feel it will give them a voice for working condition complaints. This is troubling that so many employees feel as though they cannot go to their supervisor with a problem. The Dispute Resolution Officer would solve that issue and also give the correctional officers better morale because the officers will have someone to voice their complaints to. Now to be clear, the correctional officer would have to utilize their normal chain of command first before going to the dispute resolution officer unless the officer feels there is something about the complaint that would create a need to go directly to the Dispute Resolution officer, and in that case the officer can go straight to the Dispute Resolution Officer. Otherwise, most small issued can just be addressed through the chain of command first or else the Dispute Resolution Officer would get thousands of small complaints.

So now you have an inside view of Stiles Prison and the problems that more than likely played a major part in how David Puckett was able to escape.

David Puckett ended getting caught a week after he broke out but the bottom line is that something needs to be done and changes need to be made or this type of thing will keep happening. Remember that It was only last year that a couple of guys broke out of a Texas Prison . One was captured but the murderer has still not been captured.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lumberton ISD Caught Lying about Obscene Play

A member of the Media called me today and told me that Lumberton ISD has COMPLETELY denied any obscene material being said in front of students at Lumberton High School. They say all of the bad content was taken out and not done in front of the students. I don't know who at the school this media person talked to, but whoever they talked to was lying to cover their tracks and it will hurt the district to be caught in a blatant lie!

My brother came home in Nov 2010 and said there was a play at school that had cursing and talked about putting an ad online to get laid. A kid does not just come home and just make that stuff up. After months of communicating with the School Administration, I requested the script from the school and the script confirmed that the play done in front of the school had this inappropriate material. I then talked to the principal and the principal confirmed that this play had inappropriate material that was performed in front of the students.
School Policy prohibits this language in the school and the principal CLEARLY violated policy by allowing this play.
Go to the School Board meeting THIS THURSDAY at 7PM and tell them you are not happy about this play.
Many of you have called and emailed the school so please continue to do that! the phone number is 409 923 7580 and you can email them at http://www.lumberton.k12.tx.us/education/components/form/default.php?sectiondetailid=10390

below are the exact copies of the play that the school gave me.

As you can see, SOME of the inappropriate content has one line through it. (these parts are highlighted in pink) These parts were not said in front of the whole school. But they could still be read by all the students who got the play from the teacher like all of the drama students.

As you can also see, MOST of the inappropriate content (including vulgar words and strong sexual references) WERE NOT LINED OUT AND WERE SAID IN FRONT OF ALL STUDENTS. (these parts are highlighted in yellow)

This play is CLEARLY inappropriate and violates school policy. Parents already have to deal with their kids getting bad influences everywhere they turn. They SHOULD NEVER have to worry about the principal teaching them the bad material.

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

The following parts of the play are posted under the Fair Use Act. The Invisible J. Michael Hess By James D. Waedekin Eldridge Publishing Company

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sexually Obscene Play shown Lumberton ISD - Take Action Now!

Texas School District, Lumberton ISD, performed drama to Entire High School (including 9th graders) with cursing and talking about putting ads on internet to get laid. (see text from play below WARNING: Don't let Children see the text below, even though the school already showed them)
Lumberton Parents need to call the School and complain about the obscene and disgusting material that the school approved for YOUR CHILD to have to watch at school. Call LISD at 409 923 7580
Parents also need to go to the Thursday, March 17th School Board Meeting at 7PM to demand action.
Back in Nov. 2010, my 9th grade brother came home and told my parents that there was a play he had to watch at the Lumberton High School with cursing and talking about creating an online ad to get laid.
I was surprised when I heard about this so I emailed a couple of school board members about it.
The school board members could not really tell me much about the play because they did not hear about it. They then directed me to the Asst. Superintendent. The Asst. Superintendent was very nice and tried to get to the bottom of what was going on. He figured out that the play did happen. He said that the high school principal, Mr. Bilberry, addressed the issue with the Drama teacher and told her that if there is anything questionable in the future then it needs to be approved.
I did not like that answer very much because if the teacher thought it was questionable to begin with then she would not have done it.
I decided to request a copy of the drama script from Lumberton ISD so I did an open records request and LISD sent me the script for the drama that was done in front of the entire school. The play was titled The Invisible J. Michael Hess. I got this script a couple of weeks ago and I was SHOCKED at what I read.
ALL Parents should know what their Children are getting taught at school BY THE PRINCIPAL

The Contents of the School Play

On top of cursing and the use of the word faggot several times, here are some of the shocking lines from the script:
 I like Girls! I like Girls! So much so, that I even placed an internet advertisement: www.GetJasonLaid.com 
You think I’m hot, eh? You think I’m sexy. You want my body.
Hey faggot. Shouldn’t you be cruising the bushes somewhere or giving head in the public head?
I haven’t heard you complain about any of the places I’ve been kissing you lately.
You’re right. We heterosexuals shouldn’t be kissing in front of the homosexual. We don’t want to contaminate his understanding upbringing. Undo all his sweet mama did for the pussy.
I want to grab something to eat before the movie. Though we won’t be watching much of it.
Beats pleasing yourself…. By yourself
Missy must be a great change of pace for you, you know from all the sluts
But the constant trying to fit in is a pain in my ass
Pissed off or confused. Not sure which, faggot.

That play is OUTRAGEOUS and COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for a high school play. Not only does the play include language that is against the school policy and can get students a $500 fine. It also seems to be promoting and approving that minor children place ads on the internet so they can get laid!! Let’s hope they don’t get a reply from a child molester. A couple of the obscene parts of the play were not said in front of the entire school, but Most of this obscene material was done in front of the whole school, not to mention the entire script was passed out to student with ALL of the obscene material in it for them to read. It was approved by Principal Bilberry so I hate to think that the students think this type of language is acceptable.

I decided to talk to Principal Bilberry after the last school board meeting.

What Principal Bilberry had to Say About The Play

This is the conversation that Principal Bilberry and I had:
He (Mr. Bilberry) said he approved the play. He said the inappropriate parts were said on stage to make the play have more of an effect. I said can’t you make the same point without a curse word? Especially since it is against policy to curse in school. He said sure, but they wanted to make it more real to show what the boy in the play was feeling. He said people hear these things every day. I told him that just because people hear them does not mean the school should promote it as ok by approving it to be said in front of the kids in a school sponsored play.
I said that if cursing is illegal in school then that means on stage too. He said the school has signs in the school that say there is a $500 fine for cursing in school, but then he said that it is not enforced. He said no police officer is going to come down and fine anyone.
He not only said that cursing rules were not enforced at his school, he tried to say that shit was not a bad word at one point in the conversation.
He said that since I complained, from now on if a play is going to be done for the students then a letter will be sent out and the parents have to send it back if they do not want their kid to see it. I said that there should not even be a parent option to send a letter back if they don’t want them to see a play. I told him that they should not have the parent option because they should never do plays like that in school in the first place!
WOW! So the principal, the leader and moral guide for the school kids, thinks there was nothing wrong with cursing in front of the students, using obscene language in front of the student, and talking about putting advertisements online so the students can get laid.

Past Problems with Principal Bilberry
Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern. When my brother was in middle school, Mr. Bilberry was the principal over there. My brother was repeatedly made fun of by another boy. I personally talked to Mr. Bilberry and was told that the boy was just having fun and that no one is hurt by making fun of a person’s stuff as long as they do not make fun of the person directly. I told him that bullying like that can lead to other things where people DO get hurt. I could not believe I was told by Principal Bilberry that it is ok to bully and make fun of someone’s stuff as long as you do not make fun of the person directly. I was so shocked that I immediately wrote an email to the Superintendent Dr. Sims (I still have the email in my sent box as proof) I told Dr Sims what Mr. Bilberry told me bullying is just kids having fun and there is nothing wrong with it. I told Dr. Sims how it was very disturbing. I never heard back from Dr. Sims about it.

What other inappropriate material is getting presented to the kids in Lumberton? What other bullying is allowed to go on? This is completely inappropriate and the principal violated school policy and possibly caused damage to some of the kids who heard the obscene material and not think it is acceptable material to use “as long as you are trying to get a point across” as Principal Bilberry would say.
The Principal needs to make a public apology and the School board needs to take appropriate so to discourage Mr. Bilberry from doing something like this again.

School Board Promises New School Policy

On another note, members of Lumberton School Board, Gene Stewart and Kenny Burkhalter have expressed disgust that this happened and have told me that they WILL be supporting creating new school policy to protect the children of LISD and to prevent this from ever happening again. I am sure the rest of the school board would agree. I applaud these school board members for standing up against this unacceptable behavior.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Republican Party of Texas STRONGLY Against Legalizing Gambling

The Republican Party of Texas is strongly AGAINST legalizing gambling in Texas. Below is what the RPT platform says about gambling and also below is a survey that was done a couple of years ago that shows that a super majority of Republican Leaders are against Gambling in Texas:
The RPT platform language on gambling: "We continue to oppose gambling as a means of financing state government. Government–sponsored gambling has had a devastating impact on many Texas families. Moreover, we oppose any further legalization, government facilitation, or financial guarantees relating to any type of gambling including casino, riverboat, video lottery terminals (VLTs), slot machine, video keno, eight-liners, multi-state lotteries, and other games of chance including on Indian reservations. We support the repeal of the state lottery, and enforcement of existing laws and regulations related to gambling. We oppose dedicating any government revenue from gambling to create or expand any governmental program."
In the last two weeks, the RPT conducted an informal survey of Republican county chairmen and State Republican Executive Committee members, to poll grassroots leaders on their views of expanded casino gambling in Texas. We had excellent participation from our leadership, and the results of the survey are as follows:
Do you believe that Texas should legalize casino gambling?
71.2% NO - 28.2% YES

Do you support using revenues from expanded casino gambling to address the budget shortfall?
72.0% NO - 28.0% YES

Would you be in favor of, or opposed to, having a casino built within your region (30 miles of your home)?
72.0% NO - 28.0% YES
David Bellow


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Magazine Article about Michael David Bellow lawsuit against Obama Healthcare

Here is a Time Magazine article about the lawsuit I have against Obamacare. It was a decent story. They said the individual mandate will not affect me right now cause I currently pay to have insurance. What the report did not say is that at any moment after the law goes into effect, if I decide not to pay for healthcare insurance I will get fined. So yes, it  affects me right now because I will be forced to keep paying for it unless I want to get fined for deciding not to pay for it. Therefore I am affected by the individual mandate. They did talk about the other part of my lawsuit though about how it violates my 4th Amendment rights so that is cool. Click here to read about my Lawsuit

click on the links below to see the Time Magazine article about my lawsuit.


Update on Lumberton ISD Secret IOU’s to School Attorney

In a previous email about Lumberton ISD hidden grant money, I suggested that something funny was going on with the payments to the School Attorney. Specifically I suggested that the Administration, without the knowledge of the School Board, was writing IOU’s to the school attorney. The School Attorney stood up and completely denied any allegations.[2]
That means I have to show everyone my proof or else it is a he said she said thing.
Here is the proof:
I requested an LISD Open Records Request for all the payments to the School Attorney for the last 5 years.
What I discovered was that the School Attorney received regular monthly paychecks from LISD up until the very last payment he ever got from LISD, which was on January 6th, 2006[3]. Well, the problem is that the School Attorney served in a full capacity until he resigned on June 11th, 2010 and the School Board accepted his resignation on June 22nd, 2010[4]. So that means there is a gap of about 4 years where the School Attorney was NOT getting paid. Do you still believe that there is nothing fishy going on here? Obviously, based on the facts, there was some kind of strange financial deal going on. What it was we might never know, but the School Board did not know about it and when they found out, one of the school board members questioned if the Administration had been lying on the audit when they claimed they had no outstanding debts. The School Board worked something out in an executive session so we don’t get to know anything. The School Attorney resigned. He did not get any back pay because he never billed the school because he was told by the school he was not going to get anything. My guess is that whatever was going on he wanted to keep secret so he did not pursue getting back pay and just let it go. Also, the Administration official who did this strange agreement is no longer at Lumberton ISD and is now at another School District.
For further evidence, you can go to the online LISD Operating Fund Check Register[5] and see that, as far back at the check register goes (2008), the previous school attorney did not get paid. On the other hand, you can see at the online check register that the new school attorney immediately started getting monthly payments when he took over in 2010.
I DO NOT care to make a nice man look bad. I know the previous school attorney and he is a real nice guy and it pains me that I had to bring all of this out about him.
But I DO care about school administrations ending their shady financial dealings and I DO care that our elected School Boards have more control over their Administrations. That meant I had to bring out all this dirty laundry about the School Attorney's situation. This situation brings many questions like, if the School Attorney was not officially the school attorney and not getting paid, then every executive meeting he attended might have been illegal because only the official School Attorney can be at those meetings. Or was he getting paid some other way under the table? I know this previous attorney and I would don’t think that he would not have been involved in anything illegal because he is a very nice guy and I wish him well in retirement. But we JUST DON’T KNOW. That is the problem, we don’t know because of the secrecy of School Administration and the inability for School Boards to oversee them like they are elected to do.
Obviously there was something funny going on behind the scenes with the School Attorney payments and the School Board SHOULD have known about it. They did not know about it and that is the point of all of this. What else does this, and other School Boards across Texas, not know about their School Administration’s financial practices?
School Financial Practices need to be reformed and elected School Boards need to legally have more oversight over the School Administration’s dealing.
Thankfully Lumberton ISD has a few new School Board members and they are cracking down on all of these problems from the past. They just aren't really coming out about it all so that there is no bad press for the school. but the people need to know the truth because it is their tax money at stake.

Lumberton ISD Superintendent Dr. Sims needs to come out and clarify what is going on here.
David Bellow

Friday, March 4, 2011

Texas Republican Party Under Attack – Indictments on Criminal Charges, Court ordered Injunction, Attorney General Investigation

The Republican Party of Texas is under attack. This attack does not come from the outside, but rather it comes from the inside. Does the term RINO come to mind? Well it should. RINO is a term used to describe a REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY. These are people who run as Republicans but do not share the values of the Republican Party of Texas Platform. What is happening now is MUCH WORSE than someone just running as a Republican who does not believe in Republican values. As we speak, Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party with the intent of taking over and destroying it. It is the modern day Trojan horse.
Why is this happening? Well, Texas has always had a very strong Democrat stronghold on local elections even though the majority of Texans vote Republican in State and National elections. Then Obama got elected and Conservatives woke up. The local Democrat networks saw that the people of Texas would soon be voting Republican in local county elections (and not just State and National elections) and the local Democrat control would be broken apart.

The solution was that if all the Democrats switched over to the Republican Party all at once then they could effectively take over the county Republican Party and retain control of local politics and keep the good old boy Democrat network in place.

Upshur County, TX
5 Democrat officials switched over to the Republican Party In 2010 and then systematically and illegally attempted to rid the Republican Party of Republicans so that the old Democrats could keep their power. Read this statement from and email that I received from Steve Findley, the State Republican Executive Committeeman for Upshur County:

“5 D’s rolled over into the Republican primary 2010. They picked a RINO Chairman to wipe out the conservatives and replace them with RINOs to protect the D’s who rolled over in ensuing elections. Three of those rolled over D’s, the County Judge, the Sheriff and a County Commissioner were indicted last week for official oppression” – Steve Findley


First things first, According to Steve Findley, the new RINO Upshur County Republican Chairman held his first County Republican Meeting on June 5th, 2010. This new Chairman, Ken Ambrose, disregarded all rules in an attempt to become a dictator of the County Republican Party. When he could not get the Precinct Chairs (the voting body of the County Republican Party) to go along, he illegally relieved the precinct chairs of their positions and appointed his own RINO Precinct Chairman. Just so everyone knows, Precinct Chairmen are voted on by the people of their precinct and the County Chairman cannot just kick them out and appoint his own. After SREC member Steve Findley, and other Republican Officials, attempted to resolve the issue privately to no avail, there was no choice but to file a lawsuit against the RINO Chairman. On January 3rd, 2011, Judge Banner granted an injunction against the RINO Upshur County Chairman Ken Ambrose by ruling in the plaintiffs favor and against the Upshur Chairman on every complaint. 

That is just the beginning.

In September 2010, the Upshur County Commissioners Court voted to end public comment at county meetings. Then on November 30th, 2010, Jimmy Caughron protested the Commissioners Court decision by showing up at the Commissioners Court meeting and sitting silently with tape over his mouth. Mr Caughron got a Sheriff’s escort out of the meeting. As a result, three county officials, all three are Democrats turned Republican, were indicted on charges of official oppression. 

The county defended their actions by stating that Mr. Caughron illegally disrupted the meeting because having tape over his mouth at the meeting was public comment at a meeting where public comment had been prohibited.

This is contrary to the Supreme Court ruling in Tinker vs. Des Moines. In that case, three students were sent home from school for wearing wristbands to protest the Vietnam War. The Supreme Court ruled that this silent, not-disruptive speech was protected under the First Amendment. Remember this Supreme Court ruling because you might see it again soon.

Hardin County, TX
Hardin County has always had Democrat local officeholders. Just in 2006 there were NO republicans on the ballot in Hardin County. With the new national wave against Democrats happening, these Hardin County Democrats knew they had to do something to keep their control so most of the Democrats in Hardin County switched to the Republican Party in 2010. Some of these office holders are really conservative and made the decision for right reasons. Others only did it to keep control and do not care about the Republican Party.
The Democrat Justice of Peace in Lumberton, TX was running as a Democrat in the 2010 election, that is until he, and other county Democrats, got a Republican Challenger. This Justice of the Peace, Butch Cummings, knew he would lose as a Democrat so he switched to the Republican Party. Instead of having a fair election for the people to decide, Butch Cummings secretly went to his opponent’s job and used his official position to get his opponent fired unless he dropped out of the race. REALLY? It is against Texas Law to coerce a candidate to drop out of an election. This kind of thing you hear about in reference to Chicago-style, mob-controlled politics. Whatever problems that Mr. Cummings had with his opponent, he should have used in his campaign against his opponent and the people would decide. You CANNOT rig your election and deprive a community of an election by illegally forcing your opponent out of an election by trying to get him fired unless he dropped out. This illegal activity was discovered during the primary election when the opponent of Mr. Cummings approached the Republican Party of Hardin County and explained that he was being coerced to drop out of the race by Mr. Cummings.

Everyone knew what happened but no one was brave enough to stand up for fear of retaliation. Some knew about it and just ignored it. Liberal reporter Gerry Dickert, from The Silsbee Bee, even admitted on a media blog that he had a voice recording of Butch Cummings in which Mr. Cummings admitted that he was trying to get his opponent fired from his job simply because he decided to run against him in the JP race. That is how bad it is here in east Texas when the local newspaper has a recording like that and just sits on it. It also says something that these good old boy Democrats believe their political positions are entitlements that they get to keep forever without anyone running against them.

It gets worse. When I questioned Butch Cummings about illegally coercing his opponent to drop out of the race, Mr. Cummings used obscenities and threatened me with bodily harm (in front of small children). It was caught on voice recording. The rest of his political, good old boys came to his aid. Mayor Don Surratt, who was fined for unethical financial reports, was part of this argument too because I asked him why he lied on his finance reports. City Manager Steve Clark told me to leave a public parking lot or he would have me arrested for “inciting a riot”, simply because I asked the Justice of the Peace and the Mayor about their illegal actions. (Sounds similar to the Upshur County Official Oppression doesn’t it?) Councilman Don Burnett even attempted to call the Police Chief and have my mother’s car towed because he said she was “illegally parked in a handicap spot even though my mother was dying of cancer (she passed away a few months later). While we argued she was the one with the strength to tell everyone to pray about their actions and stop arguing with each other. She always showed the Love of Christ.

When no one else would stand up and defend Democracy I knew I had to do something, so I stood up and filed a criminal complaint against Butch Cummings for rigging the election by coercing his opponent to drop out.

The complaint with the Attorney General seems to be stalled because no one wants to talk. The complaint sent to the county was rejected by the county, including District Attorney David Sheffield. David Sheffield is also a Democrat turned Republican and part of this old county political system. David Sheffield is a very nice guy, but that is the problem because he is nice to the bad guys too and lets them off on many occasions! (Remember David Sheffield because you might hear his name again soon.) I have not heard anything back from the City Court in regard to my complaint against Mr. Cummings threatening and cursing in public. Lastly, there is a current investigation against Butch Cummings being conducted by the Texas Committee on Judicial Ethics.

Now, with all that being said, many of the Democrats currently switching to the Republican Party are doing it for the right reasons and I am happy they are coming over to be part of our Party! On the other hand, we in the Republican Party must always be diligent to protect the Republican Party rules and values. That even means standing up against a fellow "Republican" if need be if that fellow Republican is breaking the law or doing something contrary to the Republican Party rules and values. You see, people do not make the Republican Party. A set of values and beliefs make the Republican Party and people who prescribe to those values make up the people of the party. It is all about the values. We must especially be wary when it comes to Democrats switching over. We WANT Democrats to switch over whose beliefs are really Republican beliefs even though they have always been a Democrat. We WANT those people and there are a bunch of them and many of them have been switching over lately. I am especially excited to see minority groups coming to the Republican Party because they are realizing that the Democrat Party is not for them. So we are excited to see so many Democrats turning Republican. But what we DO NOT want are Democrats switching over who DO NOT believe in the Republican Party values and instead they are only switching over because they know they cannot win as a Democrat anymore. These Democrats will, and already are, trying to sabotage the Republican Party from the inside.

David Bellow