Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Attorney Scott Browne had Stalking/Harassment Charges Pressed Against Him a week before Corrupt Jefferson County DA (his friend) pushed false arrest

Attorney Scott Browne, friend of the Jefferson County DA, had charges pressed against him for stalking/harassment over a week before the Jefferson County DA had me charged for a bogus misdemeanor. Going after me was payback for me going after the corrupt friends of the DA. Several months ago Scott Browne, who is also the attorney for my ex, had threatened me with physical harm and that was witnessed by others and a complaint was filed. Scott Browne then was witnessed by others stalking me around town. Then finally, Scott Browne drove up and down my street, yelling at me, and even stopping in front of my house before I chased him off. This was caught on my security camera, it was on a day he knew I had my toddler son, and this was done with the knowledge that I felt threatened by him since well, he actually threatened to harm me. Also keep in mind that he is still in possession of my garage door opener that he refused to turn over even though I have exclusive possession of my house. And no, $250 per hour lawyers do not do investigations as they cannot even be a fact witness and an attorney on the case. Thy hire people to do that. There is no question Scott Browne was stalking or at least harassing me. When he started stopping in front of my house I finally hade enough and pressed charges against him. Then a week later I get charged with a bogus misdemeanor by Scott's DA buddy whose lead investigator, Marcelo Molfino, is also being investigated by the state thanks to my complaint against him. Do the math.... they are not happy with me so they came after me with anything they could pull straws at. Public corruption at its finest! Thankfully, the evidence is clear and it is Lumberton PD, not Jefferson County, who is doing the investigation against Scott and so the investigation is being done properly. Here is one of the videos, this is one of Scott stopping at the end of my driveway.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Conservative Blogger David Bellow Retaliated against with False Arrest/Charges by Democrat DA Office he Exposed

Below is my statement regarding the fabricated misdemeanor charge that is widely being reported as against me, David Bellow. Also, the following statement includes detailed information of the political corruption that has brought about this false charge. In short, Jefferson County is one of the most corrupt places in America and I have been involved in exposing this corruption. Most recently, I blew the whistle on a lead investigator within the Jefferson County DA's office, Marcelo Molfino. The State of Texas is currently investigating this DA investigator, whose wife is an assistant DA for Jefferson County, and has already determined that Molfino was in fact violating the law. The Democrat leaders in Jefferson County were not happy and retaliated against me by bringing about a false misdemeanor charge against me involving a custody battle I am involved in where it is well documented that my son and I are victims of repeated domestic violence and child neglect. My wife's attorney, Scott Browne, who is believed to have an eye on a Democrat Judge position, has even had stalking charges pressed against him for threatening me with bodily injury and repeatedly passing by and stopping at the end of my driveway. I am confident that these charges against me will be dismissed quickly, but not before they had me arrested and paraded the false information around the news. 
Below is my statement to counter this widely publicized story of my arrest, to expose the public corruption within Jefferson County, and to shed light on the issues of violence against men, and even child abuse, going overlooked, as happened with me and my toddler son.
March 30, 2016
Statement by David Bellow
Beaumont, TX
Addressing the Charge
This misdemeanor charge against me is completely false and I am confident it will be dismissed swiftly as it lacks even basic constitutional requirements for prosecution. This is a personal and political attack that is nothing short of malicious prosecution and public corruption solely administered as retaliation against me for initiating a state investigation against an employee of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office.
Political Corruption
The Jefferson County District Attorney’s criminal investigator, Marcelo Molfino, is under state investigation because I had blown the whistle on him. In fact, in a letter to the Jefferson County DA’s office, one of the state investigators on the case, Agent Jonathan Oduwole, has already determined that the district attorney investigator Marcelo Molfino had indeed been violating the law. To complicate things even further, Marcelo Molfino’s wife is an assistant District attorney for Jefferson County. Needless to say, the Jefferson County DA swept this Class A Misdemeanor violation by their own DA investigator under the rug. They were not very happy when I pushed for the state to investigate.
Plan of Revenge by the DA
They wanted revenge, so a fabricated misdemeanor charge has been filed against me as you are all now well aware. They parade me in cuffs to be booked; even though for much more serious charges is a very typical and standard procedure to first call the person in question’s lawyer and have said person turn themselves in. They then immediately release to the press that I, David Bellow, had been arrested. The charge on the books? For unlawful installation of a tracking device. However, in the release to the press, they “mistakenly” and conveniently tucked in the phrase, “family violence”, at the end. The charge currently against me has nothing to do with family violence nor have there ever been any like charges ever in the past and there never will be. Those words, “family violence”, are not even mentioned in the penal code regarding unlawful installation of a tracking device. I have never even been accused of violence in any form or fashion, nor have I ever become violent in my life. But they knew that before their deceptive “error” of classification could be corrected by the media, it would have already done the damage they desired for it to do.
Plea to the Media
I know the media will do the right thing and make a correction to their stories that included anything about the undocumented and illusively false claims of family violence. In all actuality, the only person who has ever been reported to have committed family violence with charges requested to be pressed against them is Courtney Bellow. Their plan with this fabricated and pretentious show is nothing but a defamatory attempt to openly discredit my kind, honest nature.
Goal of the Corrupt Scandal and My Response
Well with the power that drives their corruption, it has seemingly worked, they got their dog and pony show hoping I would be embarrassed and hide my head in the sand. But like Governor Rick Perry, when he was falsely indicted in a political attack, I hold my head high and am confident that this charge will be dismissed. I am even more determined to expose the political corruption that still runs deep in Jefferson County. I am even, in a way, thankful for the dog and pony show that they have tried to use to harm me, as it now has given me a platform to expose their corruption and shed light on the truth. It also allows me to shed light on a massive problem facing America: Child Custody and the disadvantage good fathers face in custody battles, and also domestic violence against men that gets overlooked.
The Brutal Truth Behind It All
Everything going on, up to and including even this current charge against me, originates from a bitter and bloody two (2) yearlong custody battle between myself and my wife. For years my wife, Courtney Hudson Bellow, physically abused me and my son and the abuse has been well documented. But don’t take my word for it. Courtney herself has admitted in her own under oath deposition to being physically violent with me, and has admitted in that same deposition that I never hit her even after she would beat up on me. She has admitted in her under oath deposition to abandoning our, at the time, one-year-old son, alone in cars in parking lots on multiple occasions for extended periods of time while she was in a truck with the man she was having an affair with. The police even had to be called when I took my son to get allergy tested and she showed up and demanded that my son not get tested even though I had a doctor’s order. Thankfully I got him tested and found out that he was highly allergic to milk. The abuse on my person runs greater. Even to this day after so many years, still have a scar on my back where my wife burned me with a hot iron while I slept.
I Tried to Get HELP But Only Got Hurt - Church Corruption
I loved Courtney and wanted her to get help, and wanted to preserve the marriage, and didn’t want to embarrass her and myself, so I reached out to Board Certified Counselor Larry Walker at First Baptist Church of Beaumont looking for guidance. Larry Walker documented the domestic violence and diagnosed her with a psychological disorder. He then failed to report the abuse, especially the child neglect, to the police as his state certification requires. The system overlooked abuse against men as it unfortunately very often does. Thankfully the state takes the laws seriously and, you guessed it, the State is investigating Larry Walker too. Like Molfino, it is clear the law was broken by Larry Walker. With Courtney working at the church with Larry, believe it or not as director of child care, I can see why the church leadership would look the other way and try to bury this. The church is growing and trying to build, and “un-Christ like” acts in exposure through publicity would certainly hinder that. Not to mention, Scott Browne, Courtney’s divorce attorney, is also the Church’s attorney and a major financial contributor to the church. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the FBC church leaders are generally good people and Pastor Christopher Moody even preaches some of my favorite sermons. I certainly love the people of the church and my son was even dedicated there. But even good people make mistakes, and it is important, especially for leaders who set the example, to acknowledge and repent of their mistakes and move forward in the amazing Grace of God, not hide from and bury their sin and put children at danger by allowing admitted abusers and child neglecters to work in child care without even taking steps to protect the children, as Mark Adams failed to do. I want the church to grow and be strong, not weakened by burying scandals. It is especially wrong that the Church, behind the backs of the members of the congregation, has used police force to not allow some worshipers to attend the church, simply because they disagree with the church’s handling of this scandal.
Corrupted Divorce Lawyer
Speaking of Scott Browne, you probably have never heard about the stalking charges being pressed against him as the up and coming Democrat attorney; who is rumored to be eying a Judge seat in Jefferson County to seemingly further spread such corruption. He has threatened me with bodily injury in front of several witnesses which is not a good load to carry in his position. I then had to press charges when Scott Browne was caught in my home video surveillance stopping in front of my house and driving by numerous times.
My Current Position with Fear of My Son’s Well Being
I currently have 50/50 custody, but it was an uphill battle just get 50/50, even though by all accounts I am an amazing father and caregiver to my son, and Courtney has admitted to domestic violence and leaving our son in cars in parking lots. Our son is even coming home now with welts on his legs and saying mommy spanked him. He is only 3 and is very good and sweet. I even have had a cashier from Petsmart who never met me contact me concerned that Courtney had our son walking with no shoes on a dirty cold ground (there was frost it was so cold). Corruption in Beaumont PD and DA Beaumont PD investigator C. Phillips has yet to act on any of this domestic violence and child neglect that Courtney has herself admitted in her under oath testimony. Officer Phillips claims that leaving a one-year-old child in a car alone for an extended period of time is not illegal, even though the penal code is very clear that leaving a one-year-old in a car for over 5 minutes without someone in the car with the child is unlawful. Why does the Beaumont PD investigator Phillips not know the law, or at least refusing to follow the law? Interestingly enough, Investigator Phillips recently sent me a letter stating that assault causing bodily injury, which I had filed against my wife, was only a class “C” charge and so the PD would not even investigate it, even though the penal code clearly defines assault with bodily injury as a Class “A”. The same C. Phillips readily jumps at the chance to bring a bogus, politically driven misdemeanor charge against me. Some of these reports against Scott Browne and Courtney Bellow have been filed in Hardin County and the Lumberton PD, and I am confident that they will not sweep things under the rug like Beaumont and Jefferson has as Lumberton PD has proven to be fair.
Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham himself, after the investigation started against Molfino, personally attended one of my custody dispute hearings. He wanted to find something against me to get back at me, but I simply had not done anything wrong. I have even had major Democrat power attorney Chip Ferguson pop his head up in my custody dispute. They hate my conservative values and they hate that I got the state involved in uncovering the corruption of their friends.
Truth About Family Court Fairness on Men
Besides the added element of political dislike that some may have against me that has driven this charge against me, men in general have a hard time getting justice after being physically assaulted by their wife, and most men do not even report domestic violence against them. Even worse, a good loving father still has to fight to even get “half time” with their child as I’ve gotten, EVEN WHEN the mother readily admits and does not believe it is wrong to leave her child in cars in parking lots, and abusing the child and the child’s father. The biggest victim though is the child. In this case, my son, who is being abused and neglected and who, had I not fought, would not get to see his father half of the time. Shared custody, standing against domestic violence, and ending public corruption, is highly favored by the people. Yet we still have public corruption running rampant. We still have many older investigators, and even many older judges, who still do not take abuse against men seriously, and who automatically give only standard visitation to fathers, regardless of how bad the mother is.
My Feelings Through It All
I am not mad nor do I hate anyone, although I do believe that the people that have been referenced above should be held accountable for their actions. I am certainly saddened that we still live in a world where abuse against men is not taken seriously and a good father still has to fight to get shared custody with their child. I am disappointed that public corruption still runs rampant and malicious prosecution can still be used against people.
My Plea for Prayers
For these reasons I ask my friends and fellow community members, and fellow Christians to pray. Pray for me and my son, and pray for these disappointing situations such as this that are very much still a part of our society. Though most go unnoticed, there is ONE who knows all. We thank Jesus for His Saving Grace where none are too far for His reach.
Thank you and God Bless!
Michael David Bellow Jr.