Friday, December 2, 2011

US Senate Legalizes Sex with Animals (Beastiality) in Military - Obama Fights Aids but Ignores Homosexuality Spreads Aids

The National Defense Authorization Act is already coming under fire because the bill will allow the President to use the military in to detain Americans on American soil without a trial. I am completely in support of detaining terrorist that we have caught on the battlefield, but detaining Americans on American soil with no trial is just outrageous! Every US citizen should be given due process and a trial.
That is not the only outrageous part of the NDAA. The NDAA also now legalizes bestiality!
Members of the military are pawns of political experiments. Instead of focusing on being a well oiled fighting machine without political distractions, the military has to wade through political experiments hurled their way. Soldiers are told to be completely uniform with no distractions. When politicians want to push a homosexual agenda they make straight soldiers on the battlefield shower and sleep with gay guys who may be sexually attracted to them. I guess there is no point in having separate men and women showers right? The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was just the beginning. It was commonly understood that the repeal was a way to open the door to pushing other social experiments on soldiers when politicians know they cannot push these things on the general population. You see, soldiers are looked down upon if they complain. Soldiers are taught to follow orders. So where regular Americans would not allow something to happen, soldiers just have to take it.

For instance, the Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as between one man and one woman. Well, now that gays are allowed in the Military, the politicians are further experimenting on soldiers by trying to get around the Defense of Marriage Act by allowing gay soldiers to get married. Next thing they will do is force other states into recognizing these gay soldier marriages when the soldier is stationed in that state.

The National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).
Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.
It states: "(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

Wow, sex with animals now in the Military.

I do not hate homosexuals. I believe that God loves everyone and wants us all to come to him and turn away from our sins, including turning from homosexuality. Although I do not hate homosexuals and I want them to turn to God, it is imperative for America to stand up for the Christian, Moral foundation of America. This includes standing up for one of the most sacred institutions of all time, the Institution of Marriage. As we get away from the principles that America was founded on, the foundation of America begins to erode and America will see more problems. I was very happy to see Presidential hopeful Rick Perry attend a prayer rally, the Response, in Houston earlier this year. Historical Documents show that the Founding Fathers of America would have approved and likely attended this Prayer Rally. I sure hope the next President can stop using the military as pawns in their political agenda.

President Obama Promises to Help Stop Spread of Aids but ignores that Homosexuality is Leading cause of New Aids Cases

President Obama has pledged to do more to fight the spread of aids. This is a noble cause.

The problem is that President Obama, and liberal Democrats, are ignoring the leading cause of new aids cases right here in America.

Although Gay Males in America only represent a small percentage of the entire population, the leading cause of new Aids cases in America are a result of gay males having sex.

When will Obama recognize this as a leading cause of Aids in America? Doesn’t he want to help stop aids?
What is even more disturbing is that this information is being purposely hidden from children in school sex ed. How can kids know how to live healthy if the government does not tell them that being in a gay relationship raises their risk of getting aids?

Even President Obama has appointed a Homosexual Activist to a top post in the Department of Education. Kevin Jennings will oversee “safety” in schools. Maybe Jennings should try teaching students that homosexual sex is not safe considering that Homosexuals make up the majority of new Aids/HIV cases in America each year!


  1. I cannot believe that the creators of this website had the audacity to call this news. There is no truth to this story whatsover. People who fabricate information in order to push forward their own political agenda are dispicable. I would challenge Texas Conservative "News" to footnote all future articles with a list of verifiable sources. This would encourage them to report the truth instead of spreading lies and rumors.

  2. sorry to burst your bubble but this is true. When the Senate passed the national defense authorization act it removed the section of the UCMJ that prohibited sodomy and sex with animals.... that is a fact... the army says they could still possible prosecute sex with animals under a general "unbecoming of a soldier" type crime, but that is not certain...

    1. i know this post is old, but the removal of Art 125 doesn't mean bestiality would not go unpunished. as an administrative procedure, it would have taken unnecessary time to specifically draw up an article disallowing sex with animals.

      the last sentence in your comment leads off with "the army says" and concludes with "but that is not certain". this is where you're twisting the truth. the army is not saying they aren't sure about prosecuting bestiality, you are.

  3. Ending the ban on Beastiality effectively legalizes it

    the Senate did not technically vote to legalize beastiality. They voted to repeal the ban and punishment for beastiality. That effectively legalizes it. With the ban against beastiality in the UCMJ, all soldiers were punished for doing it no matter what state they were in. By repealing the ban, soldiers are no longer punished for it by the military. If it is against state law then they could be punished by the state but not all states ban it.

    For instance, several states do not ban beastiality. Therefore, soldiers on a base in these states can have sex with animals on base and not be punished because now it is not against military regulations and it is legal to do it that state.

    I did not stretch the truth. The truth is that the Senate has voted to remove the ban on beastiality. REPUBLICANS voted for this too so I was not just trying to make stuff up about Democrats. I am not happy with my Texas Senators for doing this either.

    1. Yes, you twist the facts.

    2. it does not effectively legalize it. the code was being cleaned up. it's a legislative procedure.

      there is no federal law against necrophilia. if you're in the army, and you have sex with a corpse, you will most certainly be punished.

      yes, you are stretching the truth.

  4. This is shocking news to us in dark Africa. We are still puzzled at how western nations have endorsde homosexuality and now beastiality.
    You western countries brought us christianity and now you are going down the fast lane into darkness. Africa! this is not for us.

  5. You are in favor of detaining 'terrorists' on the battlefield?

    Which battlefield? Here in the US? What constitutes [legally] a terrorist?

    Terrorist or not, EVERY American is guaranteed DUE PROCESS.

    ANYONE asking to shut off due process is a terrorist and is NOT an Constitutional-loving American

  6. First off as I am am married straight U.S. Army soldier, I believe that all Americans, gay, straight, trans, whatever deserve to fight for their county. I have a lot of homosexual friends and to say that they are the reason for the spread of Aids is not only ideological, but just plain ignorant. These homophobic individuals who writ this cap and spread it as "NEWS" should be scolded. Lastly, I am very sorry, but if you commit acts against harmless and unknowing U.S. citizens, you lose all rights you had of Due Process and Fair Trials.

  7. Gays COULD serve in the military under don't ask don't tell. they just could not be open about it because it messes up military operations with straight guys having to take showers with gay guys. How do you think it would work out if the military made women shower with men? Yeah, it wouldn't. Gays could serve, but the military operations should be the number 1 priority and that does mean restrictions.

  8. there are completely not fact supporting any of these claims. this contains nothing but opinion of a shallow individual. i served 6 year in the marines and i never once was concerned about serving with a gay individual. i found it to be completely ridiculous that the military did not openly except gay men and women. i further believe that there are no legal right for any state to ban gay marriage. if the church does not want to recognize it thats fine, but the state have no right to not allow gay marriage. it is call separation of church and state.

    now about the the legalization of pornographic material. making it legal dont not force anyone to watch it. if you dont like it then dont buy it.

    when it comes to due process every individual has the right to a trial. roughly 20% of individuals captured on the "battle field" have been found innocent, but only after sitting in jail for several year until the JAG finally got to their case. One thing about America that make this country great are our unwavering morals and rights for all. every time we break one of our own rules, we are spitting on everything out fore fathers and every american soldier that has fought to make this nation great.

  9. Well it's great you say our "Founding Fathers" would have attended the prayer rally. Aren't you aware they would have also attended rally's to promote segregation and slavery (as the Bible allows) and also rally's to deny women's rights and suffrage (as the Bible also allows).

    Tell me, why was the bible wrong in those instances, but not wrong in regards to homosexuality? Seriously, give me a decent argument other than "it's just obvious, only men and women can reproduce. Then women who are infertile should not be allowed to marry as they can't reproduce.

    And perhaps you're aware most of the new AIDS cases in the world are caused by straight sex in sub-saharan Africa.

    And as for gays in the military causing chaos, please show me ONE article that shows how a gay person being in the military has caused a problem. Gay men and women have already been serving under "Don't Ask Don't Tell", so don't you think there would be at least one incident of a sex crazed gay man trying to rape one of his bunkmates? Come on, show me some evidence. Evidence, I'm sure you're aware, is the only way facts and beliefs can be verified.

  10. Since there is no DNA link to queerness, or perversity there shouldn't be any coddling of perverts. They must be stopped there is no basis in fact for their behavior aside from environmental incidents. If you want proof then go find the so-called gay gene! Where is it? It can't be found. And no don't talk about circus animals because we are only concerned with human sexuality. People are over-populating the earth and many governments are using homo's to slow population growth. So where the evidence is leading may not be where you think. Homo's are unwilling pawns in the game of culling the human herd and they don't even know it.

  11. Since you cannot prove god exists, does that mean He doesn't? Evidence sggests genetic factors in homosexuality 1stamendment. But i guess only a smoking gun will do on that? Let us know when Jesus gives you a high five bro.

  12. I've been active duty US Army for 10 years and spent 2 in Iraq with the 4th Infantry Division. That you've taken the DADT and twisted it to say that our nation's military has authorized sex with animals is a disgrace to those of us who serve.

    As a matter of fact, the simple fact you choose to try to spin this information in this light makes you a prime candidate for submission to some well-known groups who'll be quite interested to read what you've posted here today.

    Therefore, stand by. :) You may be hearing more very soon.

    1. Did Congress and the Military remove beastiality as an offense in the UCMJ? The answer is yes. How am I twisting this around?

    2. you twist it by saying that, just because there is no statute banning the specific act, it's legal. you didn't stop at simply noting the statute had been removed.

      bestiality and acts of zoophilia can be prosecuted under a range of other laws, namely disorderly conduct and animal cruelty.

  13. Unprotected sex, sharing needles causes aids, not a sexuality. Condoms is the only way to reduce risks of all possible infections 100%.

    Republicans are disrespectful of rights and freedom of individuals. No wonder why they hate Obama because he isn't buying into religious dogma.

  14. I just found my way to your pathetic web site and this article. It is so full of (GD) lies you should be ashamed of yourself. The problem is I am afraid that you are just (f) stupid. The (GD) Supreme
    Court struck down Sodomy laws years ago.

    You fail to explain just what you suggest the President do with this knowledge that most HIV infedctions in this Country still come from gay men.

    Do you advocate that we Hang them in the Public Square or do we Quarantine them or do we send them to the Ovens? Answer the Question PLEASE we must hear this one.

    The way we address HIV/AIDS is to do EXACTLY what our President is doing and to STOP all of the "abstinence only" crap that has been proven a major FAIL.

    I am amazed at what a fool you are - this article may take the cake! People like YOU are why many of us are EX CHRISTIANS. It's also why we support our gay and lesbian friends and family members and hate to tell yo but you are losing your ***.

  15. Great job...keep up the good work! It would probably be safe to say that female hormone-mimicking chemicals and television are more a cause of homosexuality than any gene.

    Any Christian that doesn't think that being gay is a sin, like fornication, witchcraft etc. needs to read their book.

    Glad to see you're not kowtowing to the 'queer police'

  16. Hello,
    Great job...keep up the good work! It would probably be safe to say that female hormone-mimicking chemicals and television are more a cause. :)

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