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Complaint & Charges Filed Against Jasper, TX Police Chief Rodney Pearson - Woman Says He Groped Her Breast

Update: After this article went up, the local media picked up on the story. KBTV Fox 4 was the first tv station to do a story on it. click here to see it

Also, after this article came out, Stephanie Davis has come forward and testified that Beverly came to her the day of the incident and was very upset and distraught about Pearson touching her.

More East Texas Corruption….
This article is the first media outlet/news agency/blogger to report on these “groping” charges being filed against the Jasper, TX Police Chief
Beverly Rauscher has filed a Criminal Complaint and Charges against Jasper, TX Police Chief Rodney Pearson. Rauscher claims that in October 2011, Pearson came up behind her back and put his hands around her from behind and squeezed her breasts very aggressively.

Rauscher said that the incident happened at Complete Healthcare Services in Jasper where she was employed as a Physician Assistant to Dr. Martin Gilliland. Pearson would frequently visit the facility because Dr. Gilliland was friends with Pearson and Pearson’s wife, Sandy Pearson, worked at this facility as the administrator. Rauscher was very upset after Pearson groped her, and she told Pearson to leave her alone and go into the other room with his wife.

Rauscher then complained to her boss, Dr. Gilliland, about what had happened. Rauscher says that she was afraid to go to the police because Pearson was the Police Chief and she says that Pearson had already harassed her because she signed the Jasper Recall Petition. She was also afraid to lose her job because the Dr. Gilliland is friends with Pearson and Pearson’s wife is the Administrator.

Rauscher could not forget what happened and she has stayed very upset over the incident. Rauscher recently got a new job and was about to move out of Jasper when she realized that, because she was moving, she would be able to come out of hiding and file her complaint without fear of being harassed. On December 13th, 2011 at about 11:30AM, Rauscher and a friend went to the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department. She met with Investigator Bob Walker and filed charges against Rodney Pearson. Captain James Carter was also in the room and he was used as the prop so that Rauscher could show the investigator what Pearson did to her.
Rauscher told Investigator Walker that, although he was in plain clothes, Pearson was on duty as the Police Chief when the incident happened. Walker said that he would need to get that information verified because the charges are different depending if he was on duty or off duty. Captain Carter also told Rauscher that he would get the Texas Rangers involved. Hopefully they do not get the Texas Ranger that is friends with Pearson or the Texas Ranger that is the brother of Pearson because that would certainly defeat the purpose of having an “outside agency” investigate. It was not that long ago that a Texas Ranger Ken Parks tried to get killer Captain Robert Arnold (Orange TX Police Department) off the hook for killing an unarmed war veteran, James Whitehead, even though Ken Parks did not even investigate of speak to any witnesses.
Jasper Police Department Withholding a Recording of Chief Pearson Talking Inappropriately on Police Radio – Wanted to Show Someone his “Big, Black Flashlight”
Jodi Ellis has filed a Texas Open Records Request with the Jasper Police Department. What does Ellis want? Ellis wants the police department to hand over a recording of Police Chief Rodney Pearson speaking inappropriately over the police radio. Allegedly, while Pearson was driving in a police vehicle that he does not normally use, Pearson’s knee was resting on the Police Radio and the Mic was keyed. This means that everyone can hear what Pearson was saying and Pearson had no idea that they could hear him. While the radio was keyed, Pearson could be heard talking to someone. One of the things that Pearson allegedly said was “I would like to show you my big, black flashlight.”
If these allegations were not true then you would expect the Police Department to comply with the open records request and hand over the recording right? This recording is not something that is sensitive or top secret because anyone with a police scanner can hear what is said over the police radio. Well, the Jasper Police is not handing over the recording. They want to try to keep from having to release the recording and they have asked the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to allow them to keep the recording secret. I cannot imagine that the Attorney General will allow the Jasper Police Department to keep the recording secret so it is only a matter of time until that recording comes out.
Click Here to Read My Previous Article About Jasper, TX Corruption – Council Hired Criminal Police Chief – Discrimination Lawsuits Filed – Recall Election Ousted 2 Council Members
Here is a summary: Several Discrimination lawsuits have been filed this year against the Jasper, TX City Council after the council allegedly hired Police Chief Rodney Pearson in a backroom deal based on his race and not his qualifications. Pearson was the least qualified candidate and he had a criminal history. After being hired, Pearson went on to fire and demote some of the white officers. There was a recall petition to oust 3 of the council members (Terrya Norsworthy, Willie Land and Tommy Adams). The council tried to keep the election from happening but a Federal Judge told the City they had to do the recall election. These council members gave Pearson a $5000 pay raise only after 6 months even though no city employee is allowed a pay raise until after one year. The recall election resulted in the people of Jasper ousting 2 of the 3 council members involved in this scandal.
Just when you though this could not get more interesting….
 Jasper, TX Officials Say Convict Activist “Bishop Guillory” Posed as a Department of Justice Agent While defending Chief Pearson and the Council in this Jasper Recall Election – Click Here to read this story
Of course, Bishop Guillory defends Police Chief Rodney Pearson and says on his website that I am a racist because I think Pearson is a bad guy. Maybe Bishop Guillory likes people who harass and grope women? I sure don't! Race is not even a factor in this situation. I support several black politicians, including Conservative, East Texas State Representative James White. I don't care what color you are. I only care what you believe. Regardless of color, I don't like liberals. I like Conservatives.

And of course, much of the liberal media has tried to make it seem as though Jasper is just full of racists who only ousted these council members because of racism and not because the council members are incompetent and the police chief is a criminal.... just plain silly. The residents of Jasper have had MANY black leaders over the years and they never tried to recall them! That is because it is not about race, it is about irresponsible actions by these city officials.

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