Thursday, December 14, 2023

Dec 20 Dallas Premier of ‘We The Parents’ Film Exposing Destruction of the Family by Courts

Dallas Jewish Conservatives host the Texas Premier of 'We The Parents' vs 'The State-Sanctioned Destruction of the Family'. Reserve your tickets now HERE for the 6:30PM December 20th event in Dallas, TX

Equal Shared Parenting is a huge topic. Kids are hurting under the current unequal family court laws that tear kids from equal time with fit, loving parents. Passing Equal Parenting laws is a platform plank of the Republican Party of Texas voted on by the delegates, but it is also a bipartisan issue that is supported by Democrats too. The latest equal parenting bill in Texas authored by State Representative David Cook garnered 2 dozen Republican and Democrat State Representative so authors, but it was not even able to get a hearing in the Texas House Family Committee.

The Equal Parenting movement is only getting bigger and stronger, with major states passing Equal Parenting laws each year, including Florida and Missouri just this year. Every state that votes on it passes it nearly unanimously, but it is the family attorney union that lobbies against the law because, well, families fighting in court is what some family attorneys thrive on to make money. However, there are many great family attorneys out there fighting for kids and families, and who advocate for Equal Parenting laws to pass.

There are now many equal parenting films and documentaries coming out exposing the corruption of the family court system that is tearing families apart. One such movie is 'We The Parents' vs 'The State-Sanctioned Destruction of the Family'

This film makes its public Texas Premier on December 20 in Dallas, TX and is Hosted by the Dallas Jewish Conservatives.

More information about the event:

The nuclear family in America is under siege. Join us on December 20th for the exclusive Dallas Film Premiere of 'We The Parents' followed by an expert panel discussion and Q&A covering a wide-range of topics including Judiciary Accountability, Equal Parenting, Family Law Reform, Child Support Reform and more!

Just Announced! We will also be joined by the Producers of 'We The Parents', Mike Mcneese and Elizabeth Mcneese!  

Our Esteemed Panel of Experts Includes:

Jennifer Lundy - Executive Director of Texans for Judicial Accountability 

Anthony Brassil - Executive Director of the National Parents Organization of Texas

Jeff Younger - Parental Rights Advocate and Father of James & Jude

Britton Brooks - Municipal Judge and Attorney at Britton Brooks Law

Jeff Morgan - Guest Moderator, Family Rights Advocate and Court Watcher

Plus, A Very Special Surprise Guest! (who will be introduced LIVE at the event) 

About The Film (50 min run time):
 The family of American dreams: House. Significant other. Children. And with a single signature…or a single lie…it’s all gone. Life is turned upside down as possessions, rights, a roof over their head, and worst of all, children are stripped away as they head into the abyss of the Family Court System. This is the scenario for millions of separated parents in the U.S., not to mention the shocking number of children growing up without a father.

The parents in this film open their hearts to speak candidly about their experiences, how it feels to be a child-less parent, why the problems exist, and what they’re doing about it. At the heart of the problem is a Family Court System devised and unchanged since the 1950’s. Further, corruption is centralized and apparent with billions of dollars changing hands as child support orders are made, and parenting time and parenting rights are absolutely obliterated.

These parents are not without hope. A fight is underway to eliminate the money-making industrialization of family court, as well as fighting for the simple presumption of 50/50 equal shared parenting.

Check Out The Official Trailer Below:

The Program: Our event will kick off with opening remarks from Filmmakers/Producers Mike and Elizabeth Mcneese, followed by the Dallas Premiere of 'We The Parents'. After the 50 minute film, we will hear from our expert speaker panel moderated by Jeff Morgan who will discuss several important topics, and we will close with an interactive audience Q&A! *Food/Drink is available for purchase throughout the event.

We look forward to seeing y'all on Wednesday, December 20th at Look Cinemas! Reserve Your Seats Today! 

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