Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lumberton Residents Protest Obama Policies in Arizona

I am up in Arizona for the week visiting my mom. She is doing some cancer treatments up here. Anyways, it was just my luck that Obama would be coming to town. Obama came to Arizona State University for a speech. Well, we could not pass up an opportunity to show Obama what us average Americans think about the job he is doing. So I had a sign that said "10 trillion dollars in 100 days" and my mom had a sign that said "abortion is murder". There were thousands of people who passed us and we got mostly positive comments.

The icing on the top of the cake of course was When Obama showed up. The motorcycle police liked my sign and were talking with me and they told me what street to stand on so Obama would see my sign. So my mom and I stood there and sure enough Obama's car passed right by us and he was looking out the window I know he had to see our signs because there were just not many people who were there with signs. It was awesome!

Speaking of other people who were there. There were some guys there with signs to "free leonard" and there were some planned parenthood girls there (I call them the pink panthers because they wear all pink) who would have thought I would be meeting the pink panthers and the black panthers all within about a week, haha. There were people with anti abortion signs. There were some people saying 9/11 was an inside job. There were some peple passing out cds with a video of obama's lies. And lastly there was some strange guy playing a drum and a girl in a costume waving an american flag.

A cool moment was when my mom pulled out a picture of her 10 kids and went up to the pink panthers and asked them which one of her kids she should have killed. Which one of her kids she should have decided would not be living today. They were speechless. I mean, what can you say to that? They then tried to say it was her choice and she didn't have to abort any of them if she didnt want to but she had the choice to. I will say that the pink panthers were fairly nice and did not get upset when asked a good question like that and stayed civil. I guess they are used to people asking them about murdering babies though.

I was also a little surprised at the number of people who had no idea what I meant by 10 trillion dollars in 100 days. They had no idea how big the national debt was getting or how much obama was spending. Apathy will be the end of America.

Check out the pictures!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lumberton Black Panther Rally Update:

The American Flags that Lumberton Community Network put in front of Police Station Looked Great!!
Everyone was very grateful for the free water in the hot afternoon.
In the midst of all the negative aspects of what happened today, we wanted to show a positive, caring side to our city and just be kind because we really should not argue back and forth about what happened until the autopsy and the investigation are both complete. Well it worked. Both sides of the issue came to get water and told us thank for praying for them (both the LaDay Family and the Police Officers) and I believe we showed a very good side of Lumberton today.

We hope this is resolved very quickly and I believe the investigation will reveal that it was all just a tragic accident.

David Bellow

Quanell X

Prayer and Free Water Booth

Flags in Front of Police Station

Water Booth Again

Saturday, May 2, 2009

NO PROTEST against Black Panthers ON MONDAY!! Instead we will… EXTEND OUR KINDNESS AND BE NICE TO THEM (read explanation below)

Kindness and Caring Rally from 11AM – 1PM on Monday in front of Public Library

I have received literally dozens of emails with ya’lls advice of what you think we should do on Monday when the Black Panthers come (thanks for the input).

On one hand there seems to be a consensus that we cannot do any kind of protest because no matter what we do, it is going to get twisted around as us against them and black against white. That is exactly what they want. They want it to turn into a black against white confrontation.

On the other hand, there is a feeling that we have to do something to show that we have a good city with good people because if the black panthers are the only ones that get the news time then it is guaranteed to be all bad press for Lumberton because we did not offer anything else.

So the dilemma…. How in the world do we do something that supports our city and makes us look good and at the same time not at all getting confrontational or even giving the slightest hint that we are there to protest the panthers.

Well, the answer is we show up in front of the public library right next to the police station and we do not hold signs or say anything at all. We simply have a big banner that welcomes anyone to our community and we have little flyers that offer our prayers and deepest sympathy for the family who just lost a son and we offer prayers and our deepest sympathy for the officers who are going through a tough time now and we give everyone water and cookies and we, through our actions, show them that we are a caring community with no racial tensions. Think about it. We could hold signs and things get ugly and we are twisted around to look bad…. But what if we were just nice and offered water and cookies to everyone there and welcomed them to our community and welcomed them to see for themselves that we have nothing against them and welcomed the investigation results (knowing it will exonerate the police officers of course) If we were just nice like that there is NO WAY they can twist it around to look bad and they might even leave here with a good impression about how nice we were to them even though they expected and wanted us to get upset with them.

Trust me, I am all about standing up and going toe to toe with anyone and everyone if that is what is needed. But that is not needed here and in fact that would be probably the wrong thing to do in this situation. I think we send out a stronger and more powerful message by not saying anything and just welcoming them and being nice to them. We will show them we are a kind, caring community, because the fact is we are a kind, caring community.

So how about it. We show up a little off to the side away from any confrontation and we bring a big banner that extends kindness and give them water and cookies and offer our prayers and sympathies for both the black side and white side.

So 11am we can start showing up in front of the public library and bring water and cookies and bring your smiles and we will show them who we are with our kindness and show the media what Lumberton is all about instead of allowing them to twist our town into a racist, hate filled community.

Contact me if you want to help out because I will need it! I think this can be a very good thing!

If you don’t want anything to do with any of this, I totally understand and that is just fine!!:-)

No Children! And if you do not think you can stay smiling and be nice even when they start screaming is is probably best if you don't come. And there will be no arguing or debating of any kind. Only offers of prayers for both the man who died and the officers who are involved. And of course expressing a speedy investigation and autopsy results to clear all this up quickly.

David Bellow

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Black Panthers and Quanell X plan Rally in Lumberton on Monday at noon at the Police Station to protest what they believe to be a racist beating.

I am sure everyone has seen the news already. A black man died in Lumberton after a struggle with the police and it is already labeled as racist profiling. First off, I think this death, just as any, is tragic and I feel sorry for the family and it should be investigated to find out the cause of death and if there was any wrong doing other than a struggle with someone trying to resist arrest. If the facts show there is something wrong then you have something to protest about. But until the autopsy, there is no evidence of racial profiling or excessive force. A man with a history of drugs and resisting arrest crashed his car and fought back when the police tried to give him a field sobriety test. He was tased and went unconscious after he was put in handcuffs and died. It is tragic and I feel sorry for the family because of their loss and it should be looked into to make sure everything was handled correctly. But before we even have an autopsy (which I believe will show he died of something other than getting "beaten") there is absolutely no justification to say it was racial profiling or even excessive force. I believe the LPD would have done the same thing to anyone of any race or color based on the situation.

So the big question is.... should we show up an do a counter protest to point out the fact that it has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with a guy who crashed his car and was resisting arrest and tragically died.... or should we just sit back and watch them do their thing?

Give me your input!!