Monday, May 4, 2009

Lumberton Black Panther Rally Update:

The American Flags that Lumberton Community Network put in front of Police Station Looked Great!!
Everyone was very grateful for the free water in the hot afternoon.
In the midst of all the negative aspects of what happened today, we wanted to show a positive, caring side to our city and just be kind because we really should not argue back and forth about what happened until the autopsy and the investigation are both complete. Well it worked. Both sides of the issue came to get water and told us thank for praying for them (both the LaDay Family and the Police Officers) and I believe we showed a very good side of Lumberton today.

We hope this is resolved very quickly and I believe the investigation will reveal that it was all just a tragic accident.

David Bellow

Quanell X

Prayer and Free Water Booth

Flags in Front of Police Station

Water Booth Again

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