Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my mom, Paula Bellow, is with Jesus

Paula Bellow Funeral Service this Thursday 10AM

The funeral service will be at 10am this Thursday (December 23rd) at Calvary Baptist Church on Dowlen in Beaumont, TX we will not only remember and celebrate her LIFE in Christ but we will also rejoice that our mom is now in the presence of her God and Savior, seeing him face to face, full of Glory and great joy. There will also be a reception at her daughter’s home (123 Selman St, Lumberton, TX) following the memorial service. If you would like to visit with our family before then, there will be a visitation at Broussard’s Mortuary tomorrow (Wednesday, December 22nd) from 5pm – 8pm on Hwy 96 in Silsbee, TX.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, emails and support. Jesus listened and she went peacefully into the arms of Christ. That is the best Christmas present she could ever get.

Paula Bellow raised 10 children who love and serve the Lord. She would tell everyone about Jesus everywhere she went and she touched literally thousands of lives through her years of ministry and many came to know Jesus because they saw Jesus in her. Even though she was dying of cancer she praised Jesus everywhere she went. Calvary Baptist Beaumont made a video of her talking about her cancer and praising God. (I will post the amazing testimony video on youtube) The faith she displayed showed others that Jesus is real and gave them faith.

Click Here to see video of Paula Bellow Praising God even though dying of Cancer. Amazing Testimony Video!

She loved Jesus and her family and God did amazing miracles in her life to get her this far and God allowed her family to all be with her and talk to her before the passed. But we did not say goodbye and only said see you later. We might mourn but not like those who do not know Christ. Our mourning comes with the Hope and Joy that she is with Jesus and we will see her again.

Praise God for his amazing plan. May others know Him and the peace and salvation He brings.

In Christ,

David Bellow

Friday, December 17, 2010

David Bellow to submit Motion for Summary Judgment in Obamacare Lawsuit

Southeast Texas Resident, David Bellow, will file a Motion for Summary Judgment in his individual lawsuit against the Federal Government regarding the Healthcare Bill.

Bellow filed the lawsuit pro se the day after the Healthcare Bill was passed. Bellow argued that the federal government does not have the constitutional authority to force him to engage in commerce by forcing him to purchase a private health insurance plan or face a penalty. This is also known as the individual mandate requirement of the Healthcare Bill. Bellow also argued that the bill would violate his 4th amendment rights because the government would have full and unwarranted access to his private health records (and those of all Americans) in order to determine if he has “qualified insurance” or not. It would also violate his rights by not allowing him to make his own health decisions because the plaintiff’s private health decisions might not fit the government’s standard of what they determine to be “qualified”.

The Motion for Summary Judgment is a request asking the presiding judge to rule on the constitutionality of the healthcare bill without needing to go to a trial.

Along with the Motion for Summary Judgment, Bellow will provide, as evidence, a copy of the ruling from Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Sebelius. The federal judge in that case granted the plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment and ruled that the individual mandate section of the Healthcare Bill was unconstitutional. This ruling sets a precedent that should be carried over to Bellow’s case and Bellow’s Motion for Summary Judgment should be granted and the presiding judge should rule in favor of the plaintiff by declaring the healthcare bill unconstitutional.

Timetable of events:

1) Bellow filed lawsuit against Obamacare – click here

2) Government responded with a Motion to Dismiss claiming Plaintiff has no standing

3) Bellow responds to Motion to Dismiss claiming he does have standing – click here

4) Bellow will file Motion for Summary Judgment on Monday, Dec. 20th, 2010

Click here for a copy of Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Sebelius

David Bellow Response to Government's Motion to Dismiss in Obamacare Lawsuit

The Federal Government filed a motion to dismiss my lawsuit that claims Obamacare is unconstitutional.

Below is my response to the Motion to Dismiss:



Beaumont Division

Michael David Bellow Jr.


CIVIL ACTION NO: 1:10-CV-00165







Plaintiff’s Response to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss

1) The United States Constitution, in Article III, section 2, gives Federal District Courts jurisdiction to hear cases involving constitutional rights and federal law. This is called Federal Question Jurisdiction.

This Plaintiff’s complaint clearly pertains to issues involving constitutional rights and federal laws, and is not just simply one individual’s dislike of government policy.

2) Standing is simply the plaintiff’s ability to show the court that the law in question is connected to a harm that the plaintiff is or will receive. The law will clearly affect the plaintiff because the plaintiff is forced to pay for a private health service or pay a penalty to the government.

The plaintiff did not present more information about himself in the original complaint, other than he is an American Citizen, because that is all the information needed because this law applies to ALL American citizens.

The Defendants, in their motion the dismiss, admit that all American citizens must maintain a minimum level of health insurance coverage or face a penalty starting in 2014, unless the individual is exempt. Here is the information about the plaintiff that the court needs: The plaintiff is a 26 year old working male and does not get free health insurance coverage and is not exempt from having coverage. Therefore the plaintiff must pay for health insurance coverage, a private health service, or the government will penalize the plaintiff, therefore directly damaging the plaintiff through an unconstitutional extension of power that amounts to a direct tax. The penalty not going into effect until 2014 has no effect on the fact that, as the law stands, the plaintiff must pay for private healthcare coverage or face a government penalty. The plaintiff does not need to wait until he is hurt to file a lawsuit when the plaintiff can clearly show that he WILL be hurt. This lawsuit is to prevent the plaintiff from being hurt by a clearly foreseeable damage.

The damages do not only pertain to a monetary penalty. The damages also pertain to a direct infringement of plaintiff’s constitutional rights. Even if the defendants offered free health insurance coverage for the plaintiff, the fact is that the plaintiff has no option to not have any health care coverage at all. Nowhere does the constitution allow the government to force all individuals to have health insurance. The defendants might have a constitutional authority to regulate commerce and regulate health insurance, but the defendants do not have any constitutional authority to force all individuals to actually engage in said commerce. For instance, the government can regulate the auto industry, but the government cannot force everyone to buy or have a car (even if it was given to them for free). The defendants cite Baldwin v. Sebelius as a reason to dismiss the plaintiff’s case because in Baldwin v. Sebelius the court dismissed the case because the plaintiff could have changes in his job or age that would qualify him for minimum coverage by 2014. This does not apply to the plaintiff because the plaintiff in this case does not want minimum coverage by 2014 and instead the plaintiff believes it is his constitutional right to decide to have no private health coverage at all and the defendants forcing the plaintiff to have coverage extends beyond the defendants’ authority and infringes on the plaintiff’s constitutional rights.

The damages also extend to an infringement of plaintiff’s personal medical decisions and the privacy of their medical records. The defendants, in their motion to dismiss, state that some individuals will be exempt if they can show that they have a health insurance policy that would qualify as minimum coverage. This statement opens up an entirely different and more complex issue than what has already been addressed. First of all, how will the government know whether or not to penalize plaintiff for not having qualifying health insurance unless the government has complete access to plaintiff’s private health records, which would be an infringement of an individual’s fourth amendment rights. Second, what is considered qualifying health insurance? This seems to indicate that the government will approve all healthcare plans. That means that the plaintiff’s private treatment choices could be determined by what the government determines that all health insurances must offer, or not offer, in order to be qualified. This practice of the government determining what qualifying health insurance is will predetermines plaintiff’s potential treatment options. The defendants determining what is qualifying or not could also go against an individual’s First Amendment rights. If the government says that, in order to be qualified, all health insurance policies must offer abortion, and the plaintiff does not believe in paying for abortions because it is against his religion, then that individual is being deprived of their right to practice their religious beliefs. These questions of how the defendants will access plaintiff’s personal health records, and how the defendants will determine what is qualifying insurance, present issues that are serious enough to be examined by the court.


The defendants’ Motion to Dismiss should not be granted.

Respectfully submitted and signed this 11th day of December, 2010


Plaintiff, Michael David Bellow Jr.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Help My Mom Fight Cancer

This is David Bellow
My mom's cancer has spread and we are trying to pay for her to start a new treatment.
We are doing a big Garage Sale fundraiser and if anyone has some good stuff they would like to donate to the Garage Sale then please contact me! mdbellow@gmail.com or 409 656 5128

For drop-off locations in your area, please contact Misty at: theLaengers@hotmail.com

Also people can dontate money to help fund the treatment.

you can actually donate fast and easy online here: http://paulabellow.chipin.com/

The cancer had already spread to several places over the past 7 years including her bones and both lungs but now it has spread to her brain. She needs to receive brain radiation and begin treatment at the Burzynski Clinic soon but doesn't have the funds to cover the initial up-front fees and deposits.

Also, to raise funds, we are hosting a Benefit Garage Sale & Silent Auction at 1st Baptist Church of Conroe TX on Saturday, November 13th. We are collecting items for the garage sale all across southeast Texas.

So please come and/or donate items for the garage sale and silent auction!
You can follow my mom's progress by joining the facebook group "Support Mother of 10 in Her Fight Against Cancer" or by becoming a free member at www.carepages.com/carepages/PaulaBellow
My family especially asks for your prayers during this difficult journey and thanks you ahead of time for your support!

Texas Needs a New Speaker of the House to Represent the new Conservative Republican Majority

This is David Bellow, State Republican Executive Committeeman for SD 3

I believe we need a new speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. One who is more Conservative and more Republican than our current speaker Joe Straus. Below are the facts that I have read that have proved to me that Joe Straus is not the man to lead our Conservative Republican state.

Please read the info Below about Straus

There is also a letter calling for a more conservative leader for Texas signed by many important Texas Leaders. This letter can be read here http://www.empowertexans.com/issues/letter_on_leadership

If you are a County Chairman or a leader of an organization like a Tea Party or a Republican Women's group, and you agree with this letter, please ADD YOUR NAME TO THE LETTER. Myself and many other Republican Leader have added their names to the list and it would really help if you added your name to the list as well.

You can add your name by going to this website http://www.empowertexans.com/contact-us and filling out the info or calling the number

David Bellow
409 656 5128



Under Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives , many popular conservative measures were killed in the last legislature, including Voter ID (which had a 90% support rate among Republicans) and a very popular pro-life bill (which had nearly 70% support). Both measures had already passed the Republican Senate and Governor Perry was waiting to sign them, but these (and many other conservative measures) were killed in the Hous e by the Republican Speaker and his liberal lieutenants.

Jow Straus is for higher property tax. I believe property tax is the worst tax of all because a person can never own their own land. They are always leasing it from the government. Straus actively opposes a property tax cap. click here

Speaker Joe Straus hosted a fundraiser on May 12, 2010 for liberal Democrat Patrick Rose, who has a strong conservative Republican opponent, Jason Isaac

Speaker Joe Straus hosted a fundraiser on June 2, 2010 for liberal Democrat Trey Martinez-Fischer in Austin, Texas

Speaker Joe Straus very recently appointed Mike Villareal, a liberal Democrat, and Aaron Pena, another liberal Democrat, to chair and oversee redistricting committees across the state

Speaker Joe Straus, as a first-term state representative, took $1000 from Planned Parenthood and voted for SB 419, which would have made it easier to perform late-term, third-trimester abortions. In the 2007 session, he received a 100 percent voting record from the radical pro-abortion group NARAL

Speaker Joe Straus, as a state representative, voted to enrich (by "potentially tens of millions of dollars" - Texas Observer) his own family's gambling business interests (decade-old stock in the Austin Jockey Club, ownership in 3 horse &/or dog racetracks) by voting to increase gaming and gambling (HB 2265) and voting for casino gambling (HB 10) in Texas (specifically, slot machines allowed in racetracks.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Greg Abbott - Take back Texas Conservative rally was a HUGE success!

The Greg Abbott - Take back Texas Conservative rally was a HUGE success!
This will be an ANNUAL RALLY from now on!

We had SOOO many Republican candidates and elected officials like all the area’s local Republican candidates to State Board of Education to State Senate and State Reps to Appeals Judges and Attorney General Greg Abbott!

Never have we had an event in southeast Texas with all the area Republican candidates and officials. This was an amazing opportunity to meet candidates from the entire area all in one place and it was an awesome get out the vote rally right before the election. So we decided that we will do this every year before the election.

It will only get bigger and better!

Below are a few pictures from the rally.

Contact David Bellow to be a part of this yearly area-wide Conservative Republican rally!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Take Back Texas - Beaumont Rally w/ Conservative Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott!!

Conservatives * Republicans * Tea Party Members
Huge Take Back Texas Rally
w/ Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott 
Justice Charles Kreger - 9th Court of Appeals
State Senator Tommy Williams
J. Shane Howard for Jefferson County Tax Assessor Collector  
Nancy Beaulieu for Jefferson County JP Precinct 1 Place 2 
David Reeves for Jefferson County JP Precinct 7 
Tim Funchess for Jefferson County Treasurer
Jody Crump for Orange County Commissioner
Jim Fuerstenberg - Jefferson County Republican Chairman
David Bellow - State Republican Executive Committeeman - Senate District 3
& MC John L of John L Productions

This Saturday Oct, 30th, 2010 1:30PM-3:30PM
 5545 Eastex Freeway Beaumont TX (in lot by Sertinos and Best Buy)
On Nov 2nd we are taking back America by storm! Let us all meet together and have one last Huge rally to usher in the new Conservative takeover of America so that we can restore our Constitutional rights! Come with signs and lawn chairs! We will have links on the grill and Great Conservative Speakers!

Overview Map of Rally Location – click here

for more info contact David Bellow @ 409 656 5128 or www.DavidBellow.com 

The liberals have a big rally planned in Washington DC on this exact date. I say we counteract the news coverage of their big liberal rally by coming out and having a huge crowd at this conservative Texas Back Texas rally!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thomas Tyler Jr. - Silsbee Democrat JP Candidate - Did you Beat your Girlfriend?

Thomas Tyler Jr.

Democrat Candidate for Silsbee Justice of the Peace

Did You Beat Your Girlfriend?

In March 2010, the Beaumont PD Investigating Officer for Case# 2010003686 requested an arrest warrant for Thomas Tyler Jr. for allegedly breaking into his former girlfriend’s house and beating her in the face with a closed fist.
It is America and anyone has the right to run for office, but before people decide who they will vote for you need to explain your actions to the Silsbee voters. These are not minor speeding infractions. THIS IS ASSAULT.

Also, was that you patting the New Black Panther Party's Quanell X on the back when he was screaming about burning down a city because a man crashed his car, was on drugs, fought the police and was tazed and because of the drugs he died.... Do you advocate burning down Lumberton or were you just patting him on the back because you wanted him to move out of your way so you can pass by?

Here is the actual police report:


This was not easy for me to post about Tyler. I ran for office and I know how bad the lies about candidates can be because I had lies made up about me. I personally spoke with a couple officers at the Beaumont PD who were involved in this and they really do believe Tyler did this and are upset it was swept under the rug for no reason with so much evidence that Tyler did this. Only after talking with Beaumont PD did I decide that the people need to know about this because Tyler is running for public office.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hardin County Early Voting for Nov 2010 General Election

Early voting for the general election will take place from Oct. 18 through Oct. 29 at the Hardin County Courthouse, located in Kountze. Weekday polling will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturday, Oct. 23, voting will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and on Sunday, Oct. 24, residents can vote from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Branch voting is available in Silsbee, Lumberton and Sour Lake.

In Silsbee, voting will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 19 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Silsbee Community Center.

Early voting in Lumberton is available on Wednesday, Oct. 20 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the City Hall.

And, in Sour Lake, residents can cast their early ballots at the Community Center on Thursday, Oct. 21 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Important Texas Redistricting Hearing in Beaumont, TX This Monday October 18th, 2010

Important Texas Redistricting Hearing in Beaumont, TX This Monday October 18th, 2010

Attention everyone!

Show up to the redistricting meeting on Monday and tell them that they need to redraw the lines so that Republicans are given a majority of the new US Congressional seats, which is only fair because the Texas Statewide elections have proven that a majority of voters in Texas are Republican. It is only right that the redrawn lines reflect the fact that a majority of Texans are Republican. What people say at these meetings could be play a big role in how the lines are drawn.


David Bellow

State Republican Executive Committeeman - Senate District 3

409 656 5128








11:00 AM, Monday, October 18, 2010


Beaumont, Texas


Rep. Joe Deshotel

This will be a joint subcommittee hearing with the House Committee on
Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence, Subcommittee of Beaumont

The joint subcommittee hearing will be held at the John Gray Center,
Building A, Richard Price Auditorium, 855 East Florida Avenue (soon to be
renamed "Jim Gilligan Way"), Beaumont, Texas, 77705.

The joint subcommittee hearing will begin at 11:00 a.m. to receive public

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct. 30th - Take Back Texas - Final Election Rally - w/ Greg Abbott

Hey Everyone! I was contacted by Attorney General Greg Abbott's campaign (Greg Abbott is standing up against bad Obama policy and has been fighting hard for Texas and conservatives) Anyways, they asked me to put on a big rally right here in southeast Texas (Beaumont, TX) on Oct 30th around 2-4pm (just 3 days before the election!) This will be one huge area wide final rally before the big election. It will probably be outside and will have other big name speakers. I need ya'lls help in getting this together. If we all join forces then we can make this thing huge and make a big statement to southeast Texas! I am talking about all the tea party members joining together and all the Republican groups joining together from north of Jasper county down to Chambers County and west to Montgomery and east to Orange. This is gonna be good! Please contact me asap and start spreading the word!

David Bellow



Friday, September 17, 2010

Hardin County Judge Ends Alcohol Sales in Lumberton

Hardin County Denies Lumberton Alcohol Permit

Hardin County Judge Billy Caraway has revoked the Alcohol permit for the gas station in Lumberton.

Billy Caraway stood up for the people of Lumberton and I greatly appreciate that.

The county had wrongly issued the permit in the first place so it was good government for the county to correct itself.

It was clear, based on previous elections, that the people of Lumberton did not want alcohol establishments in Lumberton.

the people should decide important issues within their own city limits and it was great that the Judge listened to the people of Lumberton instead of ignoring their wishes like that the Washington politicians are doing to us.

The gas station (who's owner is not from Lumberton, does not care about Lumberton, and in court he did not even know when he bought the gas station) will be appealing the decision so it is not over.

The appeals court will have a say in the matter, but at least our own local official judge Billy Caraway stood up for what is right and revoked the gas station's permit.

Call or email Judge Caraway and thank him for Standing up for the people of Lumberton and standing up for the law by not allowing a store to illegally sell alcohol in a dry area.

Billy Caraway's number is 246 5120 and his email is billy.caraway@co.hardin.tx.us


David Bellow

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hardin County Republican Meeting Monday Sept. 13th

Our September meeting will be held this Monday evening at 6:30 P.M. (September 13) at the Catfish Village in Silsbee on Hwy. 96. We will not have to pay for the meeting room although everyone should try to eat there that night (they have specials going on now like $6.95 per person). At least you won't have to bring any food with you.

Our special guest will be our own SENATOR ROBERT NICHOLS. So call everyone you know and urge them to attend. He assured me that he will talk on whatever subject you want him to and will answer any questions you might have.

State Republican Executive Committeeman David Bellow will also be there to speak about the Republican Party of Texas and what is heppening in the SREC.

We also want to plan our strategy for getting our Republican candidates elected in November. There is strength in unity and together we can get out the vote!

We want to show Hardin County that we Conservatives are a force to be reckoned with!

Also, State Republican Executive Committee Members David Bellow and Diane Caron will be there to present Pam Hartt with her check for her race. The Republican Party of Texas Supports Republicans running against local Democrats and they have a fund set up to help. Pam Hartt took that step forward and the Republican Party of Texas would like to help by sending the SREC Members David Bellow and Diane Caron to present this check to Pam.

Please plan to be there and support our candidates!

Also, let Sue Cleveland know if you plan on attending, so that the restaurant will be able to have the proper wait staff that evening.

Looking forward to seeing you all Monday night.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hardin County Overspent – Now Firing Employees

Hardin County Overspent – Now Firing Employees

Remember earlier this year when I was running for county commissioner? I told the people of Lumberton that Hardin County has been overspending and overtaxing the people and that it could not be sustained.

Well what do you know? Hardin County has just come out and said they are not going to be able to cover all of their bills next year. All of their enormous tax and spending increases over the last couple of years could not be sustained anymore in this weakened economy. I told them that but they didn’t listen. So next year Hardin County will be $500,000 in the hole and who knows how much in the hole the next year.

Years ago Hardin County should have recognized that America was in a recession and stopped expanding their spending year after year. Now they are faced with the weakened economy catching up to them and they will have to fire employees. The funny thing is, the $500,000 they are in the hole is exactly how much the county splurged when they built the replica dome at the courthouse. Yes the replica dome looks nice, but it should not have been built when the county knew we were going into a recession and would need that money down the road. Well now we are down the road and need the money.

Judge Caraway suggested he would give up his $7,500 pay raise for next year. I am glad he is suggesting that as a way to help balance the budget. But this nice gesture from the Judge has actually backfired because when people heard that the Judge was giving up his $7,500 pay raise for next year the thought in everyone’s mind was WHAT IS HE GETTING A $7,500 PAY RAISE FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. We are in a weakened economy and the tax burden on the people has skyrocketed and here we have the county judge of this small county getting a $7,500 pay raise in one year!? That is half of someone’s minimum wage yearly salary.

The County Judge is right though. The average worker is most likely not getting a pay raise this year so they need to cut back on their pay raises too. But the judge is not thinking into the future. The cut in pay raises will help in the short term, but the county also needs to do something to balance the budget for the future. The county needs to cut their budget back.

Commissioner Ken Pelt has suggested cutting some county employees that they hired in their spending spree a couple years ago. Ken Pelt is actually thinking right and trying to fix the budget for the long term. But the fact is that these people will now be out of a job. The county should have never hired them in the first place and these people would have gone out and found a more secure job somewhere else. Instead they were hired by the county in a spending spree and now are getting fired. Mr. Pelt is right. It needs to be done. The county has to scale back their spending and that includes cutting employees. But the county was wrong in the first place for hiring them in a spending spree and now instead of these people having a secure job somewhere else, they are getting sent packing without much warning.

David Bellow

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Criminal Complaint Filed Against Lumberton Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings

State Republican Executive Committeeman, David Bellow, has filed a criminal complaint with the Secretary of State – Elections Division, and the Hardin County Attorney.

The Complaint is against Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings and the complaint alleges that Mr. Cummings violated several laws, mainly that he illegally coerced Channel 4 Weatherman Dana Melancon into dropping out of running against him and also for threatening others with physical harm.

Below is the full text of the complaint that was sent to the Hardin County Attorney:

July 6, 2010

TO: District/County Attorney of Hardin County

300 Monroe Street

Kountze, TX 77625

FROM: David Bellow

Texas State Republican Executive Committeeman SD

P.O. Box 8253, Lumberton, TX 77657

ATTENTION: David Sheffield District Attorney/Rebecca Walton County Attorney (whomever applicable)

SUBJECT: I initially sent this complaint to the Secretary of State’s office and they are investigating this election violation and will be sending their investigation to the Texas Attorney General for action to be taken in regards to the election. The Secretary of State’s office further instructed me to also send this complaint to the district/county attorney for prosecution of the violations of the law that have occurred.

VIOLATIONS: Criminal Conduct in Violation of Section 2.054 of the Texas Election Code by intimidating or coercing a potential candidate not to file an application for a place on the ballot or to withdraw as a candidate, and other violations of the Texas Penal Code listed below.


Here are the facts as gathered from multiple firsthand accounts of people directly involved in this situation, all of whom will testify that this information is true. These sources include audio tapes of some of the conversations that provide indisputable evidence that this criminal activity has occurred.

Dana Melancon is a weatherman for Channel 4 News in Beaumont, TX. He was also a candidate in the March 2, 2010 Republican Primary and was running for Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 in Hardin County, TX.

Butch Cummings is the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 5 in Hardin County, TX. He was the incumbent candidate in the March 2, 2010 Republican Primary and was running for reelection as Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 in Hardin County, TX.

On January 8, 2010, incumbent Butch Cummings called Dana Melancon’s Channel 4 bosses to have a private meeting at Mr. Cummings Justice of the Peace office. This meeting was initiated by Butch Cummings. Those in attendance were Mr. Cummings (incumbent JP), Angel San Juan (News Director of Channel 4, the local Fox News affiliate in Beaumont, TX), and Chris Pruitt (the interim General Manager of Channel 4). Mr. Melancon was not invited.

During this meeting, Mr. Cummings told Mr. Melancon’s bosses that if Mr. Melancon did not drop out of the race for Justice of the Peace, then Mr. Cummings would go public with information that Mr. Melancon had received more than one speeding ticket during the last several years and these speeding tickets had caused Dana Melancon to be issued a warrant for his arrest to pay some unpaid fines (which Mr. Melancon did go down and pay upon hearing that a warrant had been issued). It is not certain whether Mr. Cummings issued this warrant himself, and if he did issue them, it is unclear whether the warrant was issued in an appropriate manner or if he issued the warrant unjustly and brought it to Mr. Melancon’s bosses as an abuse of power.

After this initial meeting, there was a candidate forum at the Lumberton Texas High School. Over a dozen candidates were there from state and local races. Dana Melancon did not participate in the forum. Mr. Melancon simply showed up for a few minutes and sat in the back to watch the forum. Butch Cummings called Angel San Juan and was very irate about Mr. Melancon being at the forum. Mr. Cummings call was laced with profanity and threats. Mr. Cummings demanded that Channel 4 give him airtime on tv. Angel San Juan tried to calm Mr. Cummings down and did not bow to Mr. Cummings threats for airtime.

On February 2, 2010, another meeting took place at Mr. Cummings JP office between Mr. Cummings, Angel San Juan(channel 4), Chris Pruitt (channel 4), Butch Cumming’s son (backing Mr Cummings actions), Melissa Minton (backing Mr Cummings actions), and this time they called in Dana Melancon so he was there too. Again, Mr. Cummings reiterated that Dana Melancon must drop out of the race for JP or else Mr. Cummings would damage the image of the news station by spreading info to the public about Dana Melancon’s lead foot. Mr. Cummings had printed out flyers about Dana Melancon that he had personally started to spread around and would continue to unless Dana dropped out.

Dana Melancon dropped out of the race and Channel 4 made multiple announcements on their newscast that Dana Melancon would not be running anymore and would not accept any nomination for JP, even if he were to win the primary election. Mr. Melancon still got a large portion of the votes on election day.

Furthermore, the editor of the Silsbee Bee spoke to Mr. Cummings and Mr. Cummings stated that since Mr. Melancon went after “his job” as Justice of the Peace, then he was justified to go after Mr. Melancon’s job at Channel 4. In past dealings with the Silsbee Bee, It is standard that the Silsbee Bee records their conversations for future reference so this conversation would have been recorded, and/or the Editor and one or more of their reporters has firsthand knowledge of this conversation and would testify to the truth of this.

Furthermore, When I, David Bellow, approached Butch Cummings about his “blackmailing” Dana Melancon to drop out of the race, Butch Cummings responded with a threat of bodily harm by saying he would “kick my ass if I told anyone” and when asked if that was a threat Mr. Cummings replied “you mark it down.” This is a violation of Texas Penal Code 22.01 (Assault by Verbal Threat of bodily injury of another person), and it is also a violation of Texas Penal Code Section 42.01 by using abusive/indecent/profane/vulgar language in a public place and in front of children.

There are several reliable witnesses who will testify to the truth of these allegations, including election judges and other officials in the Republican Party of Hardin County. Being that there is sufficient evidence to the claim that Butch Cummings coerced Dana Melancon into dropping out of running for office, it is requested that the District/County Attorney prosecute these charges.

Lastly, it is not my desire to defend any speeding tickets that Mr. Melancon had received. Instead, it is my wish, as the State Republican Executive Committeeman for Senate District 3, to ensure that the integrity of our democratic system is kept intact by allowing individuals to run and allowing the people to weigh their options (including the people being able to take into consideration any of the candidate’s past speeding tickets) and then decide who they want to be Justice of the Peace. Instead, the people did not have a chance to weigh their options and decide because of the criminal actions, and abuse of his public office of Justice of the Peace Butch Cummings by him meeting with Mr. Melancon’s bosses and trying to get him fired unless he dropped out of the race, which would ensure another term in office for Mr. Cummings.

Also, it does not seem that Channel 4 took any part in this coercion nor does it appear that they threatened to fire Mr. Melancon if he did not drop out. Instead it appears that Mr. Melancon stepped down from the coercion of Mr. Cummings and not coercion from his bosses.


David Bellow

State Republican Executive Committeeman

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TABC Giving Lumberton Alcohol Case Back to Hardin County Judge to Make Final Decision to Revoke Alcohol Permit


Please Contact County Judge THIS WEEK and send him a complaint telling him to do the right thing and REVOKE this gas station's alcohol permit that they wrongly issued in a dry area.

Judge Caraway # 409-246-5120

complaint form to send to the Judge http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/forms/legal/LEG-01.doc

As you all know, there is a gas station in Lumberton that is in a dry precinct but is selling alcohol because Hardin County wrongly issued them a permit. The county had previously officially contacted to TABC requesting that the TABC revoke the permit for the gas station. The TABC process is very long and the TABC would not even have been able to hear the case until later this year.

The TABC just recently came up with a better idea. The gas station permit is currently up for renewal. The Hardin County Judge is the person who has the complete authority to renew this alcohol permit. He also has the complete authority to NOT renew this alcohol permit if there is reason not to.

As long as the TABC has a case pending with this gas station, the gas station’s alcohol permit cannot go up for renewal (at which time the County Judge would deny the renewal and correct their mistake)

So instead of waiting half a year for a TABC judge to hear the case, the TABC has officially dropped the case. This will allow the gas station’s alcohol permit to go up for renewal right away and at that time the County Judge can choose not to renew the permit.

This option not only allows the County to correct their mistake internally without the TABC having to go through their process, but it also expedites the process so that this gas station can more quickly have to illegally stop selling in a dry area.

One last thing. For the County Judge to not renew the permit, he must receive a formal complaint from someone with the reason not to renew.

I will submit to the judge the formal letter from the County Clerk and County Attorney in which they officially request the alcohol permit to be revoked.

I encourage all other concerned citizens to submit their own complaint to the County Judge and give reasons to not renew this permit. The main reason of course is that the gas station is selling in a dry area so it is not even legal for them to sell. Other reasons that the Judge can use to not renew the permit are if there are citizens who feel that this gas station selling alcohol would harm the general welfare, health, peace, morals, safety, and sense of decency of the people. Based on previous votes and hearings at the county courthouse, there is sufficient evidence to say that this gas station selling alcohol goes against the wishes of the people of this city and has caused a disturbance of the peace, morals, and sense of decency of the people of Lumberton who have voted overwhelmingly to not allow alcohol sales in their community.

Attached to this email is a copy of the letter from Hardin County Clerk and County Attorney to the TABC in which they request that this gas station have their permit revoked. This letter will be submitted to the County Judge for proof that this gas station is selling in a dry area and it is the wishes of the county clerk and attorney for the Judge not to renew this permit.

Also, at the end of this email is the Texas Law that gives the County Judge the legal ability to deny this alcohol permit based on many other reasons other than the fact that this gas station is selling in a dry area.

If the County chooses not to take this route to revoke this alcohol permit, the county also has the option to file an action against that gas station in district court.

You can Contact the TABC regarding this decision at Emily.Helm@tabc.state.tx.us or Judith.Kennison@tabc.state.tx.us


David Bellow

409 656 5128


Sec. 61.42. MANDATORY GROUNDS FOR REFUSAL: DIS­TRIBUTOR OR RETAILER. (a) The county judge shall refuse to approve an application for a license as a distributor or retailer if he has reasonable grounds to believe and finds that:

(1) the applicant is a minor;

(2) the applicant is indebted to the state for any taxes, fees, or penalties imposed by this code or by rule of the commission;

(3) the place or manner in which the applicant for a retail dealer's license may conduct his business warrants a refusal of a license based on the general welfare, health, peace, morals, safety, and sense of decency of the people; (so not only does the county have reason to deny the permit because the gas station is selling in a dry area, this Texas Law also gives the Judge the ability to deny based on the general welfare and sense of decency of the people)

(4) the applicant is in the habit of using alcoholic beverages to excess or is mentally or physically incompetent;

(5) the applicant is not a United States citizen or has not been a citizen of Texas for a period of one year immediately preceding the filing of his application, unless he was issued an original or renewal license on or before September 1, 1948;

(6) the applicant was finally convicted of a felony during the five years immediately preceding the filing of his application;

(7) the applicant is not of good moral character or his reputation for being a peaceable, law-abiding citizen in the community where he resides is bad; or

(8) as to a corporation, it is not incorporated under the laws of this state, or at least 51 percent of the corporate stock is not owned at all times by persons who individually are qualified to obtain a license, except that this subdivision does not apply to a holder of any renewal of a distributor's license which was in effect on January 1, 1953, or to an applicant or a beer retailer's on-premise license for a railway car.

(b) The county judge, commission, or administrator shall refuse to approve or issue an original retail dealer's or retail dealer's on-premise license unless the applicant for the license files with the application a certificate issued by the comp­troller of public accounts stating that the applicant holds, or has applied for and satisfies all legal requirements for the issuance of, a sales tax permit for the place of business for which the license is sought.

(c) The county judge, commission, or administrator shall refuse to approve or issue for a period of one year a retail dealer's on-premise license or a wine and beer retailer's permit for a premises where a license or permit has been canceled during the preceding 12 months as a result of a shooting, stabbing, or other violent act, or as a result of an offense involving drugs.

Sec. 61.43. DISCRETIONARY GROUNDS FOR REFUSAL: DIS­TRIBUTOR OR RETAILER. (a) The county judge may refuse to approve an application for a license as a distributor or retailer if the county judge has reasonable grounds to believe and finds that:

(1) the applicant has been finally convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction for the violation of a provision of this code during the two years immediately preceding the filing of an application;

(2) five years has not elapsed since the termination, by pardon or otherwise, of a sentence imposed for conviction of a felony;

(3) the applicant has violated or caused to be violated a provision of this code or a rule or regulation of the commission, for which a suspension was not imposed, during the 12-month period immediately preceding the filing of an application;

(4) the applicant failed to answer or falsely or incorrectly answered a question in an original or renewal application;

(5) the applicant for a retail dealer's license does not have an adequate building available at the address for which the license is sought before conducting any activity authorized by the license;

(6) the applicant or a person with whom the applicant is residentially domiciled had an interest in a license or permit which was cancelled or revoked within the 12-month period immediately preceding the filing of an application;

(7) the applicant failed or refused to furnish a true copy of the application to the commission's district office in the district in which the premises sought to be licensed are located;

(8) the premises on which beer is to be sold for on-premises consumption does not have:

(A) running water, if it is available; or

(B) separate free toilets for males and females, properly identified, on the premises for which the license is sought or, if the premises is a restaurant that derives less than 50 percent of its gross revenue from the sale of alcohol, is 2,500 square feet or less, and has an occupancy rating of 50 persons or less, at least one toilet, properly identified, on the premises for which the license is sought;

(9) the applicant for a retail dealer's license will conduct business in a manner contrary to law or in a place or manner conducive to a violation of the law; or

(10) the place, building, or premises for which the license is sought was used for selling alcoholic beverages in violation of the law at any time during the six months immediately preceding the filing of the application or was used, operated, or frequented during that time for a purpose or in a manner which was lewd, immoral, offensive to public decency, or contrary to this code.

(b) Subsection (a)(8) does not apply to an application under this section if the premises for which the application is submitted is part of a larger business complex with multiple tenant or commercial spaces, including a mall, that is open to the public and that offers the facilities required by Subsection (a)(8).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hardin County Republican, David Bellow, has been Elected to serve on the board that Governs and Manages the Republican Party of Texas

This past weekend at the Texas Republican State Convention in Dallas, Hardin County’s own, David Bellow, was elected to serve as a member on the State Republican Executive Committee. The 62 members of the SREC act as the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas. Over the next 2 years, David Bellow and the other 61 SREC members from around the State of Texas will establish policy for the Party (including placing propositions on the Republican Party Statewide ballot), be responsible for the supervision and management of the Party, and to foster growth in the Party.

On top of the general statewide duties of and SREC member, David Bellow, and his fellow Committeewoman, will serve directly over the 16 counties of State Senate District 3. This area covers from Hardin County up to Tyler and back down to Conroe. Bellow will serve as the liaison between the Republican Party of Texas and the County Chairman of these 16 counties.

Bellow is the youngest Member on the SREC.

From State Senator Robert Nichols:

“Congratulations on your election! You handled yourself very well in your presentation and had everyone excited with your comments. I look forward to working with you in the District as you go about your work. We have a lot of opportunities in SD 3 to convert the remaining primarily Democratic counties to Republican.”

From SREC Member David Bellow:

“I am truly honored to have been elected to serve on the SREC by my fellow Republicans of Senate District 3. I am very excited about this opportunity to re-energize the Texas Republican base in the wake of the election of Liberal President Obama. I will faithfully manage the 16 counties I serve over and will work with the County Republican Chairmen to ensure they have the strategy and resources needed to build the Party within their county and to elect Republicans within their county. Thank You!”

Any Republicans interested helping to build and promote the Republican Party of Texas are welcome to contact David Bellow for further information. You can Be part of the new Republican Revolution as we take back America and restore her to the Christian conservative values she was founded upon!

David Bellow contact info:
409 656 5128

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hardin County Denies Lumberton Man Democratic right to petition government. Facts prove County clearly wrong


David Page

409 223 3548


450 N. Blanton

Lumberton, TX 77657

June 10th, 2010

Hardin County Wrongfully Denies Lumberton Man the right to collect signatures for a petition to prohibit the sale of alcohol in Lumberton. Facts prove that Hardin County is wrong to deny petition. Democracy and the People’s right to vote are under attack in Hardin County.

David Page, a senior citizen and a long time resident of Lumberton who is not against anyone drinking but just likes Lumberton the way it is as a quiet bedroom community, has submitted an application to circulate a petition to prohibit the sale of alcohol within the city limits of Lumberton so Lumberton can stay dry like it always has been.

The county clerk and the county attorney have flat out denied the application for a petition from David Page. Remember last year when they denied Lumberton the right to vote based on some technical questions about the law. Well the State of Texas changed the law just for Lumberton so they could vote. You would think the county would let Lumberton finally get to vote now right? Wrong!

What was the excuse that Hardin County gave David Page for denying his request for a petition?

County Attorney Rebecca Walton told David Page this week, “You want to get a petition together to dry up Lumberton, but Lumberton is already dry. Lumberton is in JP precinct 5 and it is already dry. Everyone who lives in the city limits of Lumberton is in a double dry area. The city is dry and the JP Precinct 5 is dry. The sale of beer is not legal in Lumberton. Nothing is legal in the city limits of Lumberton”

This is completely and factually false. The county attorney is factually wrong and has wrongly denied this application for a petition. By the County Attorney’s own admission, JP Precinct 3 is wet. It is a fact that parts of the west city limits of Lumberton extend well into JP Precinct 3. This means that there are parts of the city limits of Lumberton that are wet because the western city limits of Lumberton extends into the wet JP precinct 3.

So it is an undisputable fact that there are parts of the Lumberton city limits that it is legal to sale alcohol because it is part of JP Precinct 3. So why did the county lie and say that there is no part of Lumberton that is in wet JP Precinct 3 and therefore there is no part of Lumberton that is wet and so Lumberton cannot vote to be dry. The county denied the petition by lying and saying no part of Lumberton is wet but it is a fact that there are parts of the west Lumberton city limits that alcohol is legal because it is in the wet JP Precinct 3.

Maybe the county did not lie. If the county did not lie, then they are just incompetent and do not know the city boundary lines and they do not know how to read a simple map. Wait, that sounds familiar. Didn’t the county already not know their own county precinct lines? There is a gas station in a dry area of Lumberton that is currently selling alcohol because the county allowed that gas station to sell thinking it was in a wet precinct. The county had to come out later and admit that they made a mistake and that the gas station selling alcohol was actually in a dry area and not allowed to sell. But it was too late and the gas station is still selling. Is this another case of the county not knowing the simple boundary lines of the county?

Commissioner Bobby Franklin lives a stone’s throw away from this gas station that sells alcohol. How could he not know where his own precinct lines end and whether or not the gas station was in his dry precinct? How could Councilman Don Burnett not advise the county that this gas station was in a dry precinct. Burnett was on the committee that decided these precinct lines so he had to know that these gas stations were in a dry precinct and should have never sold alcohol. Furthermore, Don Burnett knows that there is a part of Lumberton city limits that is currently wet and yet this councilman has not informed the county attorney. Instead David Page has informed us that councilman Don Burnett called him last week and tried to get him to not do a petition against alcohol and Don Burnett instead was trying to persuade David Page to do a petition to legalize alcohol.

Something fishy has been going on for quite a while. Now it is finally getting exposed. It is a fact that Lumberton is part of the wet JP Precinct 3. This means it is a fact that part of Lumberton is wet. This means that the county either knows this info and simply lied to David Page, or the County is simply incompetent on more than one occasion when it comes to looking at a simple map to see if the city Limits of Lumberton extends into the wet JP precinct 3. Either way, it is not good for the county that they have wrongfully denied David Page a petition. Even worse they have denied the city residents of Lumberton a chance to vote once again. This mistake is so blatant that the county will not be able to talk themselves out of the big mess they are getting themselves into now.

In the past the county has gotten out of trouble by saying they did not know the boundary lines. Well David Page showed the county attorney the map of Lumberton which clearly shows that the city limits of Lumberton extends in the wet JP precinct 3. Even after seeing the map the county still said Lumberton was all dry and could not vote and they rejected the application for a petition. It is believed that David Page will be getting a lawyer soon to sue the county for wrongfully denying him a petition. The county has no chance of winning because any judge looking at a map would be able to see that the county is wrong. Not only is the county wrong for denying the petition. The county has also stalled long enough to possibly make David Page have to wait until next year to do another vote instead of this year as David Page was going to petition for. So the county’s incompetence is once again keeping the people of Lumberton from voting and there would probably be severe legal repercussions for the county for blatantly wrongfully denying David Page a petition to allow the city to vote.

David Page has provided all of the information contained within this email. David Page can be reached at :

David Page

409 223 3548

450 N. Blanton

Lumberton, TX 77657

Friday, March 26, 2010

David Bellow Files Lawsuit against United States over Healthcare Bill

Hardin County Texas Resident Files Pro Se Lawsuit against United States over Healthcare Bill

On Wednesday Morning, March 24th, 2010, Lumberton Texas resident, David Bellow, filed a lawsuit against various United States government agencies over the recent healthcare legislation H.R. 3590. This lawsuit was filed within 24 hours of the President signing the bill into law.

Bellow states in the suit that the recent healthcare legislation violates several of his constitutional rights, including an unconstitutional mandate, a direct tax, and 4th Amendment violations.

The full text of the lawsuit, and a statement from David Bellow about the Lawsuit can be read on his website www.DavidBellow.com

"We can no longer just rely on our legislators to do the dirty work. We must get our hands dirty as well. We can no longer just leave it up to the politicians to try to fix this mess. It is too big. We need the people to all stand up and be counted. We need the people of America to get involved and start doing something to save the future of America." - David Bellow

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Hardin County Primary Elections

Hardin County needs to elect conservative leaders who will stand up against the recent tax and budget increases, stop waste spending, and take care what we already have like the Veteran's Memorial in Lumberton.

Early Voting:

February 16th - 26th

Election Day:

March 2nd, 2010