Friday, November 5, 2010

Help My Mom Fight Cancer

This is David Bellow
My mom's cancer has spread and we are trying to pay for her to start a new treatment.
We are doing a big Garage Sale fundraiser and if anyone has some good stuff they would like to donate to the Garage Sale then please contact me! or 409 656 5128

For drop-off locations in your area, please contact Misty at:

Also people can dontate money to help fund the treatment.

you can actually donate fast and easy online here:

The cancer had already spread to several places over the past 7 years including her bones and both lungs but now it has spread to her brain. She needs to receive brain radiation and begin treatment at the Burzynski Clinic soon but doesn't have the funds to cover the initial up-front fees and deposits.

Also, to raise funds, we are hosting a Benefit Garage Sale & Silent Auction at 1st Baptist Church of Conroe TX on Saturday, November 13th. We are collecting items for the garage sale all across southeast Texas.

So please come and/or donate items for the garage sale and silent auction!
You can follow my mom's progress by joining the facebook group "Support Mother of 10 in Her Fight Against Cancer" or by becoming a free member at
My family especially asks for your prayers during this difficult journey and thanks you ahead of time for your support!

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