Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Straus Opposition NOT anti-Semitic

I am tired of hearing the liberal media try to say that Hardin County Conservative Peter Morrison was "anti-semitic" because of his opposition to Straus. It is funny how the liberal media, and the moderates and democrats who supported Straus, all try to deflect debating the actual issues by making absurd claims of anti-semitism. Give me a break. Peter Morrison did not even mention that Straus was a Jew. Peter rightly pointed out that Straus's spiritual leader and mentor was for abortion and on the planned parenthood board. That has nothing to do with religion and has everything to do with whether or not Joe Straus is for killing babies. Take the fact that his mentor is for killing babies and add that to Straus's own words that he is fine with abortion laws and that he believes abortion is just a "wedge issue" and well, you get the idea, he does not care about the babies that are getting killed in the modern day genocide called abortion. It had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with abortion. But I guess if you were backed up against the wall and did not want to debate the facts then you might throw out an absurd claim of anti-semitism to distract people too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joe Straus Re- Elected – Still a GREAT year ahead!

Joe Straus Re- Elected – Still a GREAT year ahead!

Joe Straus was re-elected today. Congratulations

It was no secret that I was in favor of a new speaker because I am elected to the State Republican Executive Committee to protect and preserve our Republican platform and beliefs. I believed that someone who agreed most of the time with the Republican platform would be better suited to be the lead the Republican majority than someone who sometimes agrees with the ideas of the Republican Platform. Anyone in politics knows that it is hard to oust the person in power and that proved to be true today.

That being said, Joe Straus was elected and I respect that he is the speaker and we need to come together and move forward. That does not mean we have to forget come next State Rep election cycle which of our representatives did not listen to their constituents. But right now we certainly must move forward and come together and try to have a productive legislative session. The Speaker election is over so let’s come together on the Republican Ideas that we agree on and work together to make things happen. It is ok to have different opinions about people or ideas, but at the end of the day we MUST come together and get through the legislative session.

To be honest, this might be a GREAT legislative session. You see, when Straus got backed up against the wall with claims that he was not conservative enough, he started making huge conservative promises to conservative reps to secure votes. Promises he might never have made before. I believe he will hold to those promises because he will be working extra hard to prove he is conservative. On top of that, all of the conservative State Reps who voted for Straus against the desire of their constituents will now have to work extra hard to push conservative legislation this session to make their constituents happy and not want to kick them out of office.

So at the end of the day, If Joe Straus keeps his conservative promises, and if the conservative State Reps are working extra hard to make their constituents happy again, then this can be a great year for Conservative Republican legislation. But it took conservatives standing up and making noise to get these promises made so thank you everyone who stood up and said we need to stand more closely to our Republican values.

So Joe Straus, I did not support you for speaker, but if you hold true to your promises you made to allow fiscal AND social conservative agenda to move forward, then this could be an amazing year for the Republican Party and I really look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together now that the speaker race is over.

Now let’s get to work!

David Bellow
State Republican Executive Committeeman – Senate District 3

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hardin County Resident, David Bellow. is Battalion Soldier of the Year

*Lumberton Resident is Soldier of the Year*

The Hardin County Conservatives is Proud to Announce that the 1/133
FA Battalion Soldier of the Year, for the second year in a row, is our very own Hardin County Conservative David

Specialist Bellow, 26, rose to the top of his
Army National Guard unit with several outstanding accomplishments this past year
to become his unit's Soldier of the Year. He then
went up to the Battalion level where he went up against the best soldiers
of the other units in the Battalion. He won at the
Battalion level to become the Battalion Soldier of the year. The Soldier
of the Year represents everything a soldier should be from physical
abilities to Army knowledge. He will then be pushed up to the Brigade
level competition to be considered for the Brigade Soldier of the year and then
the next step would be state and then national soldier of the year

On top of receiving an award for his outstanding achievement, SPC Bellow will
have his picture displayed for a year at the entrance to the 1/133 FA
Battalion Headquarters on College Street in Beaumont, TX.

Bellow is going to Officer Candidate School and is training to be an Officer.