Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hardin County Resident, David Bellow. is Battalion Soldier of the Year

*Lumberton Resident is Soldier of the Year*

The Hardin County Conservatives is Proud to Announce that the 1/133
FA Battalion Soldier of the Year, for the second year in a row, is our very own Hardin County Conservative David

Specialist Bellow, 26, rose to the top of his
Army National Guard unit with several outstanding accomplishments this past year
to become his unit's Soldier of the Year. He then
went up to the Battalion level where he went up against the best soldiers
of the other units in the Battalion. He won at the
Battalion level to become the Battalion Soldier of the year. The Soldier
of the Year represents everything a soldier should be from physical
abilities to Army knowledge. He will then be pushed up to the Brigade
level competition to be considered for the Brigade Soldier of the year and then
the next step would be state and then national soldier of the year

On top of receiving an award for his outstanding achievement, SPC Bellow will
have his picture displayed for a year at the entrance to the 1/133 FA
Battalion Headquarters on College Street in Beaumont, TX.

Bellow is going to Officer Candidate School and is training to be an Officer.

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