Thursday, April 21, 2011

SHOCKING Texas/Mexico Border WARZONE PICTURES and VIDEO: Massive Battle Across Texas Mexico Border - Machine Guns and Explosions - Morning of April 21, 2011

By, David Bellow 

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(VIDEO) and (SHOCKING Texas/Mexico Border WARZONE PICTURES) Breaking News! Massive Battle Across Texas Mexico Border - Machine Guns and Explosions - Morning of April 21, 2011



My Brother and I are soldiers in the Army National Guard. My brother, James Bellow, is currently deployed on the Texas/Mexico border. In the early morning hours of April 21st, 2011, my brother witnessed and recorded a MASSIVE firefight and Battle in Mexico, right across from the city of Roma, TX. This battle lasted for hours and included machine gun fire and several explosions from grenades of mortars. What would have happened if this would have spilled over into Texas????

My brother filmed some of the footage of the battle on his phone
plus a reporter (Iris Rodriguz) on the Mexico border sent me these pictures and the link to the blog with more pictures.

The Zetas are said to be responsible for this attack, Mexico authorities have not confirmed nor released any info...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Urgent Texas Redistricting Update: New Proposed Texas State Rep Map - It is MUCH Better for Republican State Reps in East and Southeast Texas: The Vote is Soon!

 see article at

The following is an email that I just received today from Conservative State Representative Wayne Christian.  As you already know, the Texas House Redistricting Committee recently released their proposed map for The Texas House of Representatives[1]. This map is currently scheduled to be voted on this Tuesday April 26th, 2011 (maybe Wednesday).

While I applaud Rep. Burt Solomons for his hard work as Chair of the Redistricting Committee, I believe that his map unfairly puts too many Republicans in the same districts together where they will have to run against each other. (The voters just voted in over 100 Republicans in the Texas House. That is what the people of Texas wanted, so it is only fair that those Republicans do not get redistricted out)

A new map has just been introduced that will better serve the Super Majority of Republican Voters in Texas, and the Republicans in Southeast Texas. This map is PlanH155- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL

The vote on these maps will be Tuesday April 26th, 2011 (maybe Wednesday). The State Legislative will be taking off for Easter so we have to call them now and ask them to vote for this new proposed map.
Personally, my hometown area of Southeast Texas will be better with Plan 155 because we would get to keep our Republicans instead of having them run against each other.

Please read the following email from State Representative Wayne Christian about the New Map

Urgent Texas Legislative Update: New House Map – from State Rep Wayne Christian


The New map accomplishes the following:

- Is more reflective of the voting patterns of the state
- Is fair and legal
-Accurately reflects the voters intent
-Includes a minimal amount of pairings
-Consistently compact where possible
-Is in compliance with the Voting Rights Act.
-Elects 97 Republicans, compared to the committee map electing 92 Republicans
-Protects conservative House members
-Reelects the conservative freshman House members that the voters elected in an overwhelming mandate in 2010

To view the map go to 
Click on "select plans," and select "base plan."

The ask is that the grassroots call their State Representatives and ask them to not vote for the house map passed out of the redistricting committee and to vote for the new map as an amendment on the House floor on Tuesday. 

Reference "Plan H155."  As of today the vote will be on Tuesday April 26th.  Plan H155 will be introduced as an amendment to HB 150, the map passed by the committee.

Time is of the essence here, the House will adjourn on Thursday afternoon and all of the Representatives will return home to their districts for Easter weekend.

**Note- The map you see live on the website today will be slightly different from the map that is introduced as an amendment, the lawyers are fine tuning the map as we speak.

Contact Representative Christian
If you have questions or comments about your state government, please feel free to contact my office or email me directly.


Furthermore, this new Map DOES NOT violate the Voting Rights Act:

Read this statement from an email sent by Conservative Donna Garner

We need to keep reminding members of the Senate and House Redistricting Committees  that Section 5 of the U. S. Voting Rights Act (a.k.a., VRA) says that legislators are:

“not obligated to produce a redistricting map that yields a racial quota of elected officials mirroring exactly the state’s population.  In fact, drawing districts to satisfy a racial quota is expressly prohibited…
The court does prohibit lawmakers from obliterating existing majority-minority districts. And courts may require the drawing of a majority-minority legislative district only if the population distribution meets the three factors in Gingles v. Thornburg: (1) geographically compact, (2) politically cohesive, and (3) a history of racially polarized voting…
The problem the Democrats are likely to run into in Texas is that the civil rights movement is finally beginning to achieve its stated goal – racial integration. Minorities are moving to the suburbs.”
  (Will Lutz, The Lone Star Report, 2.18.11)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Texas House Redistricting Committee Releases Proposed Map for Texas House of Representatives – See New Map Here!

Southeast Texas Sees BIG changes in New Proposed State Rep Redistricting Map - See New Map Below
 If the New proposed map were to be approved as is:
Hardin County would be put in a district with our northern Rural Texas Counties and would most likely be represented by Conservative Republican James White from Tyler County.
Orange County would be put in a district with Jefferson County and Conservative Republican Mike Hamilton would have to face off against Newly turned Moderate Republican Allan Ritter.
Jefferson County's Liberal to Moderate Democrat Joe Deshotel would have pretty much the same district with the exception that he will be gaining Beaumont's Conservative west end. I bet the conservative West Side of Beaumont will probably not be thrilled and will want to run someone against Joe Deshotel, but will have to go against the Democrat Stronghold in Port Arthur to do it.
see full story below and click on map below to see how your County is changed in the new proposed map:
Texas House Redistricting Committee Releases Proposed Map for Texas House of Representatives – See New Map Here!
State Rep. Burt Solomons, Chairman of the Texas House Redistricting Committee, has been working hard on drawing up the new lines for the Texas House of Representatives.
Well his committee’s new proposed map is finally out.
See for yourself how your district will be changed if this proposed map is approved:
Go to then use the drop down menu in the upper left-hand side marked "Select Plans" to bring up a pop-up window titled "Select Base Plan". From that window, scroll down to see the proposed map titled "PLANH113 - Rep. Solomons Statewide House Proposal".

So what do you think about the new map? It is probably too soon to really understand the new map but as the days go by I am sure we will get lots of comments for and against the new map.
The proposed map has only been out for a few hours and we have already had some comments about it. Here is what some people are saying about the new proposed map:

One blogger says House redistricting map would carve new minority district out of southeast Arlington[1]


Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri supports the proposed map and, among other things, had this to say about the proposed map[2]:
“…the map pairs seven sets of Republicans. While this is not an ideal situation for either our party or the elected representatives who are paired, I am convinced that because of the changes in population that it is impossible to draw a new map that maintains a Republican majority and at the same time is legal and fair, without such pairings”

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Texas Has Death Panels? YES! And We Can Stop Them!

Most people probably remember when Sarah Palin revealed the death panels that Obamacare would create[1].

I bet most people do not know that Texas has death panels too!

Now that Conservative Republicans have taken over the Texas House of Representatives, we can put an end to these panels.

Read the following letter from Elizabeth Graham, the Director of Texas Right to Life[2]:

End the Texas Death Panels
Texas Right to Life supports House Bill 3520 to restore the rights of patients and their families to make their own health care decisions.
The Human Services Committee of the State House will hear House Bill 3520, a bill to restore the rights of patients.  House Bill 3520 would stop the operational death panels currently sanctioned by Texas law!
Texas law (Chapter 166.046 of the Health and Safety Code) allows a physician to override and ignore a patient’s advance directive or expressed wishes.  A doctor or hospital can withdraw life-sustaining treatment (including food and water) from a patient after giving ten day’s notice. Once the physician’s decision is made and then approved by the ethics committee (aka the death panel) at the hospital, the patient and his family are thrust into a frenzy of legal skirmishes, quibbling with the facility over medical records, and blindly searching for new health care facilities that will treat their ailing loved one—all to beat the ten-day clock!
Texas Right to Life supports House Bill 3520 to restore the rights of patients and their families to make their own health care decisions; House Bill 3520 would also require sufficient time to transfer the patient.  Eleven other states have enacted laws similar to that of House Bill 3520 by requiring the patient to be transferred to a more appropriate care setting—and not become a victim of involuntary euthanasia.

House Bill 3520 would:
expand the 10-day period and foster the transfer of the patient;
allow a doctor to maintain the right to transfer the patient if treatment conflicts with the doctor’s judgment;
safeguard the expressed wishes of the patient;
improve the doctor-patient relationships;
protect vulnerable Texans from the withdrawal of life-sustaining medical treatment (involuntary euthanasia); and strengthen the legitimacy of advance directives.

Please email all the members[3] of the House Human Services Committee today to respectfully request support of House Bill 3520.  In a few weeks, you will be asked to call your State Representative on this issue, but today, please email the committee members and provide your name and address so that the committee members know that a diverse segment of Texans want to stop involuntary euthanasia!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Update: Deal Reached - No Government Shutdown - Democrats Showed Support for Planned Parenthood over American Soldiers

An update to my original Government Shutdown Post:

Regardless of an agreement being reached tonight, the Democrats have now shown where their priorities lie. They were holding out and willing to not pay American Soldiers because they wanted to try to pay corrupt planned parenthood first.... very sad

How Obama, Democrats are Supporting Planned Parenthood by Forcing Soldiers and Officers to Put Lives on the Line with No Pay in Possible Government Shutdown

Obama and the Democrats want to pay Planned Parenthood more than they want to pay our Soldiers
Active Army National Guard Soldiers protecting our bordersin Texas found out today (Friday April 8th, 2011) that they are not getting paid during the possible government shutdown, but they will still be putting their lives on the line protecting America during the government shutdown. Specifically, soldiers on the border have already had half of their salary cut out of their next paycheck scheduled for April 15th. Federal Officers guarding murders and rapists at Federal Prisons found out today will not be getting paid either, but they will still be showing up to work and putting their lives on the line. Emails have gone out today informing Army National Guard Soldiers that some military operations are being halted and monthly training this weekend has been cancelled. Families of soldiers who die fighting will not even get paid a death benefit during the government shutdown.[1]

Why? Because payments to Planned Parenthood are more important to Obama and the Democrats than military training and payments to our soldiers and officers.

Here is the situation:
The budget has to be cut. The current debt spending cannot be sustained and the people are demanding the government to scale back spending. The Republicans are doing just that. They are cutting the budget. They have come up with a temporary plan to cut the budget, while allowing important government functions (like the military) to continue to operate while they come up with the more complex, long term budget cuts. At least they are trying to cut spending which is an about face compared to what the Democrats have been doing. One area that needs to be cut is funding to the corrupt Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was recently exposed on Breitbart when a high ranking Planned Parenthood official was caught on tape advising a pimp on underage sex trafficking secret abortions for minors.[2] The Republicans have proposed cutting funding from Planned Parenthood in their current proposal that the House passed and sent to the Senate. The Democrats and Obama do not like it and so they are holding out. The Democrats are the ones responsible for the government shutdown and not the Republicans.  The Republicans are not trying to sneak in an amendment to ban abortion in a budget deal. The Republicans are just trying to do what they were elected to do, which is cut spending, and that means cutting spending to Planned Parenthood. This type of budget cut, as part of a budget bill, is perfectly acceptable and is not just some political stunt by the Republicans. The Republicans simply want to cut spending and the Democrats do not like what is being cut and so the Democrats are going to not pay active duty soldiers and halt military training instead of not paying Planned Parenthood.
You can see what the priorities are for the Democrats. Regardless of whether or not an agreement is reached tonight, the Democrats already showed their true feelings about supporting Planned Parenthood over American Soldiers.
Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to defund health services for women but this is just not true. A spokesman for Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who authored the language to defund Planned Parenthood, said he would not blink from his position, especially because his amendment to defund one group did not reduce the total health care dollars available to women.[3]  

On a side note, the Texas House of Representatives has already taken the positive step to ending taxpayer funding of a corrupt organization when it recently Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood as part of the budget Cuts in Texas.[4]

Monday, April 4, 2011

Update to Lumberton ISD Fishy Attorney Situation - over $40,000 in owed back taxes

I previously reported that the LISD school attorney had not been paid for his last few years. The school attorney told the school board at a meeting that he would request payment when he retired. The school board told him he would not get any money and so he just resigned without ever billing the school. So that led me into asking a bunch of questions. Why was he not getting paid? Why did the school board not know? What is going on?! Everyone denied that anything fishy was going on and some even stated that he was just being nice and working for free. that working for free story just did not add up though. Well after some digging, I found that there was indeed something very strange going on. The Hardin County News was investigating this too and they came out with a story about it revealing some very interesting facts. Basically, the former school attorney has not paid his Hardin County Property taxes on his house since 1998 and he owes over $40,000 in back taxes. It does not appear that he has made any effort to pay his past due taxes nor does it appear that he wants to.... hmmmm, after a while they might garnish a person's wages for something like that right? But what if you could hide your wages by not getting paid till later so that the tax collectors don't come getting the money from his LISD income? Why would someone who owes back taxes not want to get paid his lucrative pay from LISD? Why would he cut some strange deal with the LISD administration to not get paid till later without letting the school board know about it? Is it ethical to have someone legally representing the school and the city that refuses to pay his taxes? I don't know what exactly is going on but something is going on and no one can deny that facts. I just want government to be open and honest. I have never had any personal problems with Furlow and I know most of the school board and do not dislike them. But I do dislike everyone trying to hide the truth from the taxpayers who pay the bills. The people of Lumberton deserve to have open government so that way problems get addressed openly instead of swept under the rug. Lumberton ISD Superintendent Dr. Sims needs to come out and clarify what is going on here.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Texas School Districts and Unions Cut Educating the Children First in Budget Cuts

Article on

School Districts all across Texas are having to cut back and slim down their budgets. This is a good thing. School Districts are spending outrageous amounts of money on non-educational expenditures like trying to build hotels . They also pay excessive amounts of money to administrators , and in fact, half of all Texas School staff are not even teachers! Also, how about this recent news story exposing how Beaumont ISD paid $90,000 per month for 2 truck rentals when the average rate at ALL truck rental locations for the same 2 trucks is only about $7000 per month. Over half a million dollars wasted.

Texas School Districts have needed to cut their budgets for years, and now they are being forced to trim down because of the statewide budget cuts.

So what have the school districts cut? Did they cut the bloated administration pay? Did they cut out the non-educational spending? Did they fire teachers who have not performed or been convicted of crimes?


Instead, most of them seem to be firing great teachers just because they are new.

You see, the first few years of a teaching career in Texas are probationary years. During a probationary period a school district can fire the probationary teacher for no reason and without any appeal opportunity for the fired teacher. Well, after a teacher has completed their probationary period they get what is considered to be “tenure.” Basically, a School District has to show a reason to fire the “tenured” teacher and the teacher is allowed to appeal.

Texas does not allow collective bargaining (no real unions) and Texas does not even have tenure. Yet, the State of Texas has dozens of teacher unions and associations. These Texas unions collect millions from teachers to funnel into Texas political issues. These unions cannot do anything about a fired probationary teacher, but the unions do step up and cause school districts trouble when it comes to firing a “tenured” teacher.

So you can guess who the school districts are firing now right? Probationary teachers!

Just about every news story related to teacher layoffs in Texas shows that it is probationary teachers being cut. See news stories of ONLY Probationary Staff being cut here and here.

School Districts do not want to have to take the time to stand up against teacher unions or go through a simple appeal process, so instead they are just simply cutting the probationary staff. They are taking the easy way out so that they do not upset the unions.

This is a HORRIBLE way for school districts to trim their budgets. School districts should be concerned about what is best for educating children. This means that school districts should actually put some thought into who they fire and make the decisions based on merit or performance. For instance, instead of just firing the probationary teachers, school districts should fire the bad teachers (regardless of whether or not they are probationary teachers or “tenured” teachers), and the school districts should also cut out the non-teaching waste. There are many GREAT new teachers that are being fired while many BAD older teachers get to keep their jobs. For instance, this Beaumont ISD non-teaching staff member is still on the payroll even though she was found guilty of stealing money from the government. Also, this over paid, non-teaching BISD administration official is still on the payroll even though she was just found to have lied about her excessive income in order to get free money meant for low income hurricane victims.

The bottom line is that school districts are not thinking about what is best for the education of children in Texas as they are cutting their budgets. Many School Districts are ONLY firing the probationary staff. This means that they are firing possibly some of the best new teachers in the School District and keeping possibly some of the worst older teachers.

School Districts need to be smarter and think about what is the right thing to do. They need to cut the pork spending and fire the underperforming, and even criminal, teachers instead of just cutting only the new teachers.