Friday, April 8, 2011

How Obama, Democrats are Supporting Planned Parenthood by Forcing Soldiers and Officers to Put Lives on the Line with No Pay in Possible Government Shutdown

Obama and the Democrats want to pay Planned Parenthood more than they want to pay our Soldiers
Active Army National Guard Soldiers protecting our bordersin Texas found out today (Friday April 8th, 2011) that they are not getting paid during the possible government shutdown, but they will still be putting their lives on the line protecting America during the government shutdown. Specifically, soldiers on the border have already had half of their salary cut out of their next paycheck scheduled for April 15th. Federal Officers guarding murders and rapists at Federal Prisons found out today will not be getting paid either, but they will still be showing up to work and putting their lives on the line. Emails have gone out today informing Army National Guard Soldiers that some military operations are being halted and monthly training this weekend has been cancelled. Families of soldiers who die fighting will not even get paid a death benefit during the government shutdown.[1]

Why? Because payments to Planned Parenthood are more important to Obama and the Democrats than military training and payments to our soldiers and officers.

Here is the situation:
The budget has to be cut. The current debt spending cannot be sustained and the people are demanding the government to scale back spending. The Republicans are doing just that. They are cutting the budget. They have come up with a temporary plan to cut the budget, while allowing important government functions (like the military) to continue to operate while they come up with the more complex, long term budget cuts. At least they are trying to cut spending which is an about face compared to what the Democrats have been doing. One area that needs to be cut is funding to the corrupt Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was recently exposed on Breitbart when a high ranking Planned Parenthood official was caught on tape advising a pimp on underage sex trafficking secret abortions for minors.[2] The Republicans have proposed cutting funding from Planned Parenthood in their current proposal that the House passed and sent to the Senate. The Democrats and Obama do not like it and so they are holding out. The Democrats are the ones responsible for the government shutdown and not the Republicans.  The Republicans are not trying to sneak in an amendment to ban abortion in a budget deal. The Republicans are just trying to do what they were elected to do, which is cut spending, and that means cutting spending to Planned Parenthood. This type of budget cut, as part of a budget bill, is perfectly acceptable and is not just some political stunt by the Republicans. The Republicans simply want to cut spending and the Democrats do not like what is being cut and so the Democrats are going to not pay active duty soldiers and halt military training instead of not paying Planned Parenthood.
You can see what the priorities are for the Democrats. Regardless of whether or not an agreement is reached tonight, the Democrats already showed their true feelings about supporting Planned Parenthood over American Soldiers.
Democrats claim that Republicans are trying to defund health services for women but this is just not true. A spokesman for Rep. Mike Pence, R-Ind., who authored the language to defund Planned Parenthood, said he would not blink from his position, especially because his amendment to defund one group did not reduce the total health care dollars available to women.[3]  

On a side note, the Texas House of Representatives has already taken the positive step to ending taxpayer funding of a corrupt organization when it recently Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood as part of the budget Cuts in Texas.[4]

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