Monday, April 4, 2011

Update to Lumberton ISD Fishy Attorney Situation - over $40,000 in owed back taxes

I previously reported that the LISD school attorney had not been paid for his last few years. The school attorney told the school board at a meeting that he would request payment when he retired. The school board told him he would not get any money and so he just resigned without ever billing the school. So that led me into asking a bunch of questions. Why was he not getting paid? Why did the school board not know? What is going on?! Everyone denied that anything fishy was going on and some even stated that he was just being nice and working for free. that working for free story just did not add up though. Well after some digging, I found that there was indeed something very strange going on. The Hardin County News was investigating this too and they came out with a story about it revealing some very interesting facts. Basically, the former school attorney has not paid his Hardin County Property taxes on his house since 1998 and he owes over $40,000 in back taxes. It does not appear that he has made any effort to pay his past due taxes nor does it appear that he wants to.... hmmmm, after a while they might garnish a person's wages for something like that right? But what if you could hide your wages by not getting paid till later so that the tax collectors don't come getting the money from his LISD income? Why would someone who owes back taxes not want to get paid his lucrative pay from LISD? Why would he cut some strange deal with the LISD administration to not get paid till later without letting the school board know about it? Is it ethical to have someone legally representing the school and the city that refuses to pay his taxes? I don't know what exactly is going on but something is going on and no one can deny that facts. I just want government to be open and honest. I have never had any personal problems with Furlow and I know most of the school board and do not dislike them. But I do dislike everyone trying to hide the truth from the taxpayers who pay the bills. The people of Lumberton deserve to have open government so that way problems get addressed openly instead of swept under the rug. Lumberton ISD Superintendent Dr. Sims needs to come out and clarify what is going on here.


  1. Wow way to show the facts that you found "digging around" ...this is horrible journalism! This is how rumors get spread around! Words like "what if", "maybe", "unethical" and "why would", are pure speculation or personal opinion and also very judgemental! It's seems like you either need to show credible information that you have come across or call this website the Hardin County inquirer!!

  2. right you are. Lumberton, especially the school district, is very, and I say, VERY strange. As an employee of the district, I know!! It's 'good old boy' logic...what a shame for our kids to have to suffer such an injustice in education!