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Texas Union Helps Man Get Job Back as a Cop after He’s Suspended for Killing Unarmed White Man over Racial Slur

By, David Bellow

This kind of story is exactly why I do not like unions. This is also the kind of story that gives all good law enforcement officers a bad name. We do not even have “official unions” in Texas and yet they still have so much control. We are a right to work state and yet the Orange, TX Police Department is being told by a thug union and an arbitrator that they cannot fire a violent killer.

I recently wrote an article about a black Orange, TX police officer, Captain Robert Arnold, who killed a white, unarmed war hero, James Whitehead, after Whitehead used a racial slur against the officer in plain clothes. Arnold has also had previous acts of uncontrolled aggression like punching a teenage girl in the face and breaking his fellow officer’s leg with a metal pipe.

He was rightfully indefinitely suspended from the Orange Police Department.

So what does Arnold do?

Arnold gets his union lawyer, Greg Cagle from the Texas Municipal Police Association, and they try to force the police department to rehire the killer.

Well this union seems to have been successful in getting an arbitrator to rule in this killer’s favor. Get this, an arbitrator ruled that this killer did not get enough “due process” when he was suspended and therefore he should be reinstated and given back pay. What due process? You killed someone and have anger issues. The only due process you should get is a memo telling you to pack your bags and leave.

That’s right. This is yet another example of unions standing up to protect the bad guy from getting fired.
I remember when I used to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice there was a “union” that would try to get us to sign up. This union sent the union president to my initial training class to give us the pitch about joining the union. I was disgusted when their main reason for joining their union was that the union could keep you from getting in trouble when you did something wrong. This union president bragged about getting an officer his job back after the officer had been caught running a prostitution ring in a Texas Prison. I was not bashful so I stood up and asked him why in the world they think it is a good thing that they helped a corrupt officer keep his job? 

But you see that is the problem. Unions are not about doing what is right. Unions are about raising money to spend on political issues and they are about having a team of people who will bully a place of employment around and keep bad employees from getting fired. Unions had a good purpose once upon a time, but those times are long gone and now the unions are used for personal and political gain.

They have even possibly just gotten a killer his badge back with the Orange, Texas Police Department.
God help the next person that this killer gets mad at on the street and God help the next employer who gets bullied by these thug unions.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Orange, TX Black Cop Robert Arnold Gets Job Back after Suspended for Murdering White War Veteran over a Racial Slur

By, David Bellow 

Yep.... Orange Texas now has a killer on their police force after the officer and his union took the police department to court to force them to hire him back... this officer has prior violent incidents where he punched a teenage girl and broke his fellow officer's leg with a metal pipe

see previous article here:

Is the Army Okay With Killing Babies? Nidal Hasan Not Charged for Murdering Baby in Fort Hood Shooting.

By, David Bellow 

Nidal Hasan Not Charged for Murdering Baby in Fort Hood Shooting. Is the Army OK With Killing Babies?

On Nov. 5th Major Nidal Hasan allegedly (we know he did it) shot and killed 14 human beings at the Fort Hood Army Base in Texas. One of the murdered was an unborn baby.

Private Francheska Velez, one victims of the massacre in Fort Hood, was nine weeks pregnant when she was gunned down by Hasan.

This pregnant soldier's last words were, "My Baby! My Baby." She and her baby deserve justice.

So why has the Army only charged Major Nidal Hasan with 13 murders and not 14?

If the Army does not charge Nidal Hasan for killing the unborn baby, they are disregarding the laws that protect unborn children, and they are effectively saying that it is ok to murder someone else’s unborn baby.
The Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) sent a letter to the Army signed by 31 Texas Legislators requesting that Nidal Hasan be charged with 14 murders to include the murder of the unborn baby.

The TCC letter cites the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), as amended by the 2004 Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which states that anyone who is committing an illegal act that causes the death of a child in utero shall be charged with a separate crime, just as if the violence had been committed against the child's mother. Furthermore, in 2003, the Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 319, which provides that a person who commits an offense that results in harm to, or the death of a fetus can be prosecuted in generally the same manner as an offense committed against an individual.

Texas State Representative Dan Flynn, a member of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC), has publically stated: "We were all shocked and appalled at the senseless tragedy that Major Hasan unleashed at Fort Hood. For justice to be fully won, the death of an innocent, unborn child must be reflected in the legal charges against Major Hasan."

State Representative Debbie Riddle has also publically called for the Army to charge Hasan for murdering the unborn child. "Each of the 14 souls that were stolen by this monster and his cowardly act of terrorism were innocent," Riddle said. "But none were more innocent than the unborn child whose life never even had a chance to fully begin."

One thing is clear. 14 lives were stolen on November 5th, 2009. It is very troubling that the Army has only recognized 13 lives having been taken away.

I wouldn’t expect President Obama to step in and request that Hasan be charged with killing 14 human beings though given the fact that Obama is in support of killing unborn children even as they are being born and even after they have been born alive following a botched abortion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas Congressman Culberson Goes Undercover - Catches Obama Administration in a Lie – Houston National Cemetery Prohibits Christian Prayers

Texas Congressman Culberson Goes Undercover - Catches Obama Administration in a Lie – Houston National Cemetery Prohibits Christian Prayers
Click Here to listen to Texas Republican Congressman John Culberson telling his story of going undercover at the Houston National Cemetery and discovering that the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Houston National Cemetery are still prohibiting use of the words “God” or “Jesus” at funeral services of fallen soldiers.
We have already seen it all over the news over the last month. The Houston VA Cemetery is unconstitutionally prohibiting people from mentioning God or Jesus Christ in prayers at the Houston National Cemetery memorial services of fallen soldiers. A Federal Judge even issued a Temporary Restraining Order against the Department of Veteran Affairs and Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio to keep them from prohibiting free speech at the funerals of fallen soldiers. Texas Republican Congressman John Culberson wrote about these shocking allegations in this blog post on Texas GOP Vote
Now Fox News reports that Congressman Culberson has gone undercover and discovered that the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Houston National Cemetery are still prohibiting freedom of religious expression the funeral services.
The Obama Administration has said that they “are not interfering with the prayer said over the graves of veterans” and the VA Press Secretary Josh Taylor says, “The idea that invoking the name of God or Jesus is banned at VA national cemeteries is blatantly false.”

Congressman John Culberson has gone undercover and found that the Obama Administration and the Department of Veteran Affairs are not being honest with the American people. Congressman Culberson went undercover on July 8th, 2011 at the Houston National Cemetery and he says, “Right in front of me, the VA directly and deliberately attempted to prevent the VFW from doing their magnificent, spiritual ritual over the grave of this fallen hero." 
Culberson has called for an investigation of these unconstitutional actions and has called on the Houston National Cemetery Director Arleen Ocasio to resign or be fired. Culberson even went as far as to say that he will defund the salary of Arleen Ocasio if she is not removed by the Obama Administration.

The Obama Administration is openly targeting Christians and their right to freedom of expression. I am thankful that Texas has Congressman Culberson on our side fighting against the radical leftist agenda aimed at trampling on the US Constitution and silencing Christians.

Important New Date Changes and Filing Period for Texas Elections to Accommodate for Move Act

Important New Date Changes and Filing Period for Texas Elections to Accommodate for Move Act

Same Primary Election Date but all other dates modified

Texas faced a bit of a dilemma in the Texas Legislative Session this past year. The Move Act requires States to send out ballots to troops overseas at least 45 days before an election. And while many of the liberal northeast States requested and were granted waivers from the requirement to make sure troops get their ballots, Texas wanted to make sure that troops got their ballots mailed in accordance with the Move Act. This meant Texas had to either move their primary election date back to a later date or move the candidate filing period deadline to a sooner date.

There was significant pushback to the idea of having to move the Texas Primary Election back to a later date and make Texas even less significant in the presidential primary election.

Instead of moving the primary election to a later date, Texas instead passed SB 100 which will keep the Texas Primary Election date the same but change all the other dates, including moving the candidate filing deadline to an earlier date and moving a primary runoff election to a later date.

Below is the summary of the major, important changes to the Texas Election Calendar:

Deadline to File as a Candidate = Second Monday in December (Dec. 12, 2011)
Ballot Drawing = Third Tuesday in December
Primary Election Date = First Tuesday in March (March 6th, 2012)
Primary Run off = Fourth Tuesday in May (May 22, 2012)
Local & General = First Tuesday in November (November 6, 2012)

Here is a more detailed Texas Election Calendar.

Thanks to Skipper Wallace of the Texas Republican County Chairmen’s Association for providing the summary of the New Texas Election Schedule

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jasper TX City Council Hires Black Police Chief based on Race, not Qualifications - White Officers Get Demoted - new Chief has Criminal Record - Several Lawsuits Filed

UPDATE 9/14/11: since this article there have been many new events. more discrimination lawsuits have been filed against the city. The recall petition was successful. The council chose to illegally not put the petition on the ballot. A court ordered them to put it on the ballot. Pearson has fired one of the white officers who went was also in the running for police chief. The council even just voted to give Pearson a $5000 raise even though the city does not allow anyone to get a raise until after they have been there for a year. Pearson has been there 6 months....

Racial, Renegade, Out of Control City Council and Police Chief in Jasper, TX

Much like the out of control City Council that Alex Jones reported about in Quartzsite, Arizona, the City of Jasper, TX is also under siege by its renegade and out of control City Council and Police Chief.

In April 2011, The Jasper, TX City Council hired a new Police Chief. Rodney Pearson, who was most recently working in the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department, is the new Police Chief even though he has a criminal record and no qualifications and his former boss says he should not be put into leadership. This new police chief even ranked at the very bottom of the city council’s own candidate rankings of the over a dozen candidates for the position. The City Council did not even allow any discussion about why they chose Pearson after a local Reverend stood up at the City Council meeting and told them not to discuss it. Four of the five City Council members are black.  The top candidates passed up for the job are white. Since the hiring earlier this year there have already been 5 lawsuits filed against the City Council for racial discrimination in hiring the new Police Chief based on the color of his skin and not the council’s own candidate selection process.

Now the Mayor of Jasper, TX says that this new Police Chief is retaliating against the white candidates who applied for the police chief position and had higher rankings than him. The three Jasper Police Officers who applied to be Police Chief have been demoted without cause and against the proper rules and procedures that have to be followed in order to demote anyone in the Jasper Police Chief. Not to mention this new Police Chief has filled these officer’s old positions without consent of the City Council even though there is a strict hiring freeze in place.

There are now petitions circulating to recall this renegade city council but the City Council is trying to make their changes permanent. This city council is trying to place the new police chief on a contract. The Jasper Police Chief has never been under a contract and has always been an at will employee. A contract would mean that a future City Council will not be able to fire this new Police Chief without having to make a large payout.

It is not certain how this all will end or how much the taxpayers of Jasper will have to spend as a result of the racial discrimination lawsuits. One thing is certain though, the Jasper City Council and Police Chief are out of control and they deserve to be recalled and new council members elected to serve the city.

Renegade public officials are not uncommon here in East Texas. Earlier this year I wrote an article about three Upshur County elected officials being charged with official oppression for kicking a man out of the meeting because he wore tape over his mouth, and here in Hardin County we have a Justice of the Peace, Butch Cummings, who rigged his election by forcing his opponent to drop out of the race.

I don’t like discrimination against any race. I wish there really was a time, like Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of, where people are judged by the context of their character and not the color of their skin. Unfortunately, racism still exists and it is happening against all races, including racism against white citizens.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Police Officers Say Orange, TX Cop Wrongfully Killed Unarmed War Hero over Racial Slur. Now Killer Wants Back on the Force

email the Orange County DA and ask him to do the right thing and get this killer brought to Justice

By, David Bellow 


A Hearing later this month, July 2011, will Determine whether or not Former Officer Robert Arnold will get his job back. Arnold wants back on the force after he was suspended last year for several reasons including breaking another cop’s leg, punching teenage girl in face and killing unarmed war hero

Fellow Officers want Arnold charged for killing the unarmed war hero after the vet called him a racial slur. These police officers say the killing was completely unjustified and they believe the Texas Ranger who investigated the killing falsified his report to protect Arnold.

A former Orange, Texas cop is currently trying to force the Orange Police Department to give him his job back, while at the same time, a Police Officer who worked with him wants him charged in killing the unarmed man. Plus, other officers say the investigation was rigged and falsified which led to the first grand jury handing down a no-bill. This police officer in question is Robert Arnold. Arnold (who is black) shot and killed James Whitehead (who is white). Whitehead was unarmed and sitting in his truck when he was shot. Witnesses say that Whitehead was shot in Cold Blood by Arnold after Whitehead used a racial slur.

Robert Arnold was suspended indefinitely after the killing. According to the Arnold’s Suspension Report written by the Former Orange, TX Police Chief Sam Kittrell, Arnold was suspended from the police department not only for his actions in killing the unarmed man, but also for his past acts of aggression as a police officer. For instance, Arnold once punched a young teenage girl in the face and tried to hit a man with a metal pipe but missed and instead broke his fellow police officer’s leg. The Police Chief went on to say that Arnold should have let the man get in his truck and leave and the Police Chief even said that Arnold could not have possibly felt physically threatened by Whitehead. 

Furthermore, Police Chief Sam Kittrell was surprised that Texas Ranger Ken Parks, who did the investigation, said it was clean shoot the day after shooting, even though there had been no investigation. Kittrell told Parks to slow down.

Who Was this War Hero and What Happened?

The man killed was James Whitehead. An Iraq Military Veteran who was a hero to those he served with. Whitehead wanted to return a part to an auto store because the part did not work. He got upset because he was told he could not return the part. He started cursing about wanted to get a refund. The store manager called the police. The store manager said that he did not even want to press charges against Whitehead and the store manager just wanted Whitehead to leave the store. Officer Arnold was in plain clothes and never showed a police ID or a badge. Officer Arnold went outside to get cuffs to arrest Whitehead. Whitehead went outside shortly after Arnold left because Whitehead had decided to just leave and not try to argue anymore about returning the part. Officer Arnold went to Whitehead’s truck and tried to keep him from leaving, including Arnold placing his hands on Whitehead and pulling him out of the truck, according to witnesses. Whitehead cursed and said racial slurs to Arnold and told him he was not a cop and tried to get in his truck to leave. Officer Arnold then shot and killed Whitehead while whitehead was sitting in the seat of his truck. Dr. Tommy Brown, the Jefferson County forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy on Whitehead, said that Whitehead probably was sitting in his truck when he was shot.

Was Whitehead out of line for getting so upset about not being able to return the part? Yes. Was it wrong for him to curse and use racial slurs? Yes. But you give someone a ticket for disorderly conduct for that, you don’t kill them! Whitehead, although very upset, did not once threaten to hurt anyone. He never took a swing at anyone. Even the police chief said the problem was resolved when Whitehead tried to get in his truck and leave. This guy could have easily been found and given a citation if the manager wanted to press charges. But that did not happen and, instead of diffusing the situation as a professional who is trained to do that, Officer Arnold chose to escalate the situation by using physical contact and then shot an unarmed man for no reason except that the Whitehead called him a racial slur. The most that would have come from Whitehead’s actions would have been a simple citation, and the store manager was not even going to request a citation anyways and just wanted Whitehead to leave, according to the Examiner Newspaper from Friday, April 22nd, 2011.

Arnold will claim that he felt like Whitehead was going to kill him and so he had to shoot Whitehead, but that is simply not the case says fellow officers. Arnold put his hands on Whitehead. If someone was that aggressive they would have immediately reacted when someone touches them but Whitehead did not react physically when Arnold touched him. Not to mention Arnold left his teenage daughter in the store with Whitehead when Arnold went to his vehicle to get cuffs. James Whitehead was guilty of getting upset and going on profanity laced tirade. He did not threaten anyone with physical harm or even attempt to. 

Fellow Police Officers Say Arnold was Wrong and Should be Charged in Killing the Unarmed War Hero

Harold Hass, former Orange, TX cop who worked with Arnold has sent a letter to a New Grand Jury requesting charges against Arnold. Hass says Arnold was no-billed by the Grand Jury in November 2010 and that it was because evidence available to the prior Grand Jury was not submitted in its entirety and was incomplete due to the limited witness testimony and other facts.  Hass also says that a study of Texas Penal Code, chapter nine, does, without any doubt, reveal that James Whitehead did nothing unlawfully that day that affords Captain Arnold any type of legal justification to kill James Whitehead. 

Orange Police Chief Lane Martin said he does not know if Whitehead knew Arnold was a police officer and he didn’t believe that Whitehead made any furtive movements that
would have necessitated Arnold pulling his firearm and opening fire

Margo Frazier, police monitor for the city of Austin and former Travis County sheriff says, “Robert Arnold was off duty, not in uniform and didn’t have a badge,” Frazier said. “I feel he should have waited for other police officers to get there and if concerned, he should have called dispatch himself and said I need you to step it up. “Whitehead acted like a jerk, but that is not something that the penal code allows you to take his life for. Arnold pushes the issue and won’t disengage and he winds up shooting an unarmed man. I think Whitehead was trying to leave. And if he leaves, then you get the license number and everybody lives to fight another day.”

Frazier was also critical of the report done by Texas Ranger Ken Parks, saying that Parks appeared to have already made up his mind about the shooting before talking to all of the witnesses. “The investigation appears to have been conducted as if the Ranger had already come to a foregone conclusion,” Frazier said. “One of the things that bothered me was in listening to the witnesses and how they said that it wasn’t their wording in the statements. It appears the Ranger had dawn a conclusion and went forward to try and confirm that conclusion. The words the Ranger used were the ones I saw in the report as opposed to what the witnesses said. He asked leading questions and asked for agreement.”

Several Witnesses Say Arnold Shot Whitehead in Cold Blood because of Racial Slur, and they Say Arnold even Taunted Whitehead After Shooting Him.

These actual statements from these witnesses are completely different from what Texas Ranger Ken Parks wrote in his report…

Store Manager Ray Hebert says that Whitehead told Arnold to shoot him and used a racial slur, Hebert said. He saw Whitehead lean forward, then he heard a gunshot, he testified.

Randy Edwards, a man who lived down the street from the victim who was also on the scene, says that Whitehead was sitting in the passenger seat of the truck when Arnold moved toward him. Edwards said Arnold jerked the door open, stuck the gun in the truck and said, “I’m gonna kill you.” Edwards said he didn’t hear Whitehead say anything, then heard the gun go off. He said he then heard Whitehead say, “You just shot me,” and Arnold replied, “I sure did.”

Charles Bosarge, a random guy from Louisiana who happened to be in the parking lot that day, says that Arnold initiated physical contact when Whitehead was trying to leave by picking Whitehead up by the shoulders and standing him up outside the truck. Bosarge says Whitehead again told Arnold to shoot him and yelled a racial slur and that’s when Arnold shot him.

Family of James Whitehead Suing Orange Police Department Because Department Knew Arnold had Anger Problems When He Was Hired

The family of James Whitehead has filed a lawsuit against the city of Orange for knowingly hiring and keeping a violent and dangerous man on the police force. The Orange police chief even admitted that, when Officer Arnold was hired, there was a concern about an issue of anger or aggression. The police department knew he was an unstable guy and they still hired him.

To make matters worse, the family of James Whitehead will not even be able to get the Veteran Benefits owed to Whitehead because of his heroic military service. 


-          I completely support law enforcement. I am a law enforcement officer. But one thing that is detrimental to good law enforcement is a bad officer. I would much rather call out the random bad officers than have them put other law enforcement officers in harm’s way.

-          The DA determines what evidence is presented to Grand Jury and how it is presented. The Grand Jury System in Texas Needs major reform to keep DA’s from being the Judge and Jury of who gets prosecuted and who gets a free pass. DA’s should be required to present all facts and evidence to a Grand Jury instead of just selected information.

-          The Orange County District Attorney needs to re-submit the evidence to a new grand jury like he said he would now that new information has come to light, or a special prosecutor needs to be brought in.

-          Robert Arnold should not get his job back later this month and the only thing he should be getting is an indictment

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Texas Media Bias: The Silsbee Bee Downplays Child Rape Case Even After Assailant Pleads Guilty to Assault

Media Bias in Small Town America... the Residents of Silsbee Deserve Better from their Local Paper!

By, David Bellow 

I first heard of what the Beaumont Enterprise dubbed the Silsbee Rape Case a couple of years ago from reading about it in one of the local newspapers, The Silsbee Bee. For over a year I read articles that gave me the impression that this alleged rape victim was not really a victim at all and she was probably just making it all up. Over the last few months, I started to hear some of the facts of the case, and it really started to get me thinking that maybe there was more to this story than what was being told. I have since found out that there was much more to the story and, just this past month, Liberal Caroline Heldman and Conservative Brandon Darby published shocking stories that shed light on the real facts of the Silsbee Rape Case.

We were all wrong in our assumptions of the case thanks to The Silsbee Bee and their questionable reporting of the case. There is a great injustice that has been done to the victim as a result of everyone believing the advocacy disguised as journalism of The Silsbee Bee instead of looking deeper to find the truth.

Did Gerry Dickert, Editor of The Silsbee Bee, downplay the Rape Case and Side with the Assailant in the Silsbee Bee Articles?

Media bias is real, and in a small town like Silsbee, Texas, the bias of the local newspaper can allow for massive cover ups and one-sided reporting.

In October, 2008, a minor girl claimed she was raped at a party. Two men, Rakheem Bolton and Chris Rountree (plus a minor male) were arrested on charges of rape of a minor. In September, 2010, Bolton was finally convicted of assaulting the minor girl.

Since the 2008 assault, the case made national headlines when the minor girl was kicked off of the school’s cheerleading team when she stood silent and did not cheer while her assailant was at the free throw line. The victim was being forced to yell, “Two, four, six, eight, ten, come on Rahkeem, put it in!”

You would expect the local newspaper to present both sides, but they did not. In over two years of covering the case, Gerry Dickert never once published any interviews with the victim or her family to get their side of the story. However, numerous articles featured interviews with the defendants and their families. For comparison, the nearby Beaumont Enterprise covered the case more comprehensively and frequently included statements from both sides like this article.

One of the most egregious examples of bias at The Silsbee Bee involves their coverage of an NAACP press conference held one week after Bolton and Rountree were indicted. The Bee posted a video of this NAACP meeting online with no context and no opposing views. And of course the paper also did not reveal that the President of the Jasper NAACP, Billy Ray Robinson, is the Great Uncle of Bolton (the convicted assailant) and Robinson used the NAACP to try to get these guys off the hook. See Brandon Darby’s Article, NAACP Chapter President Plays Race Card to Cover-up Child-Rape Charges Against His Relative. Is this ethical?

Similarly, The Silsbee Bee posted a video featuring a statement from Rountree’s mother, again without context, that was filmed right after the NAACP press conference. The caption reads, “Martha Jordan, the mother of Chris Rountree, speaks out about the support she and her family have received from the community of Silsbee. She is joined by Chris, center, and his sister, Chelsea Morgan, left.” This video is sheer promotion of one side of the story, not journalism.

Silsbee Bee Editor Dickert even went on a National News show trying to defend the school’s decision to kick the victim off of the cheerleading team, and he tried to discredit the accusations of the minor female victim. Notice how the interviewer is frustrated with his line of reasoning and cuts him off. Gerry Dickert also wrote an article slamming the national media for the attention it was giving the Silsbee rape case. He even claimed that the school did not ask the victim to limit her activities at the high school, even though this claim by the victim is backed by a school official and another member of her cheer squad.

Newspapers have an obligation to report on all sides in a story, not advocate for one side while essentially making the other side silent. This is especially true in small towns like Silsbee where opinions can be set by coverage in the local paper. Not once did I find that The Silsbee Bee presented the full facts about the story, despite the fact that the details are publicly available in the police records. Not once did The Silsbee Bee report the fact that the witnesses at the party heard the minor girl say “no” and “stop,” that these witnesses broke through the door, that the accused fled out a window, or that the girl was found on the floor under a pool table half naked and crying. The Silsbee Bee never reported that Bolton was heard by several witnesses threatening to come back and kill the people at the house where the rape occurred. The Silsbee Bee has all the police records about the Silsbee case and knows all of these facts but never reported them. See the facts of the case in Caroline Heldman’s article, A Cheerleader’s Rape in Silsbee, Texas: The Victim on Trial.
The Silsbee Bee did however report that a principal from Silsbee got a threatening email from an unidentified person after the school kicked the victim off of the cheerleading team. And after Bolton plead guilty to assaulting the minor female, they ran a story in which the men accused of rape were portrayed as the real victims. And in their unusual form, The Silsbee Bee did not interview the victim or her family. The Silsbee Bee also ran a story showing how much the county spent to convict Rakheem for assault, and The Silsbee Bee suggested that the $20,000 spent on the rape case wasn’t worth it.

WHY Would The Silsbee Bee Trick us With Their Biased Reporting?

Why would Gerry Dickert and The Silsbee Bee purposely slant their coverage of the Silsbee rape case? Dickert’s political and family ties tell an interesting story. Dickert previously worked on the political campaign of a county-wide elected official and was on the Silsbee Economic Development Board so it would seem that he has an interest in covering up bad publicity for the City of Silsbee. Dickert also worked with Silsbee Councilman Thomas Tyler while on the Silsbee Economic Development Board that granted Tyler’s employer, Cowboy Autoplex, a grant of $200,000 taxpayer money to build a new car dealership. Tyler is cousin to both Bolton, the convicted assailant, and Shannon Robinson, the man who drove the accused away from the scene of the crime that night. And this isn’t the first time The Silsbee Bee covered up a Tyler family problem. Thomas Tyler Jr., Thomas Tyler’s son, ran for Justice of the Peace against Robert Ward, Jr. whose father issued the arrest warrants in the Silsbee rape case. When Tyler, Jr. was running for Justice of the Peace, The Silsbee Bee refused to publish the police report of an incident where Thomas Tyler Jr. had an arrest warrant requested for him for allegedly beating his girlfriend even though the Hardin County News allowed the police report in their newspaper.

In the same election though, The Silsbee Bee had no problem reporting that a Republican candidate in Hardin County had some speeding tickets past due.

Lastly, although it is not uncommon for random people to be your friends on Facebook, the fact that Rakheem Bolton’s stepfather is Facebook friends with Gerry Dickert AND Gerry Dickert’s kids AND siblings shows that the Dickert family has close ties with the Bolton Family.

The bottom line is that it appears Gerry Dickert has unrevealed ties to the Silsbee assault case, and given his biased coverage, it seems that he slanted his reporting of the rape case to favor the admitted assailant. And this isn’t the first time his coverage has been affected by his politics and friendships. The residents of Silsbee deserve better from their local paper.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lumberton’s Commissioner, Bobby Franklin, Employs Man, facing 3rd DWI, as County Truck Driver

By, David Bellow 

An anonymous source called me last week and informed me that Lumberton’s Hardin County Commissioner, Bobby Franklin, is knowingly employing a man to drive county trucks even though this county worker is facing his 3rd DWI. This source informed me that this man, who goes to trial later this month for his 3rd DWI, was never, and still has not been restricted from driving county vehicles. Even when his own personal vehicle had to have an ignition interlock system on it, the source says that this worker was still driving county vehicles without restriction.

After this call, I of course had to do some investigating and fact checking.

I found out that William “Bill” Roach works for Commissioner Franklin and Mr. Roach will be going to trial in Hardin County on July 25th, 2011 for his 3rd DWI arrest. Roach’s 3rd DWI incident occurred in August 2009. Roach was indicted in January 2010 but had his trial date pushed back and pushed back until July 2011. Commissioner Franklin is still allowing Mr. Roach to drive County Vehicles and is very possibly putting the taxpayers of Hardin County in harm’s way, at the expense of those very same taxpayers.

It seems like someone is killed or injured every day in Southeast Texas because of a drunk driver. Just last week 2 road workers were hit right here in Lumberton by a drunk driver.

I have no sympathy for anyone who drinks and drives and I am shocked that the tax dollars of Hardin County residents are going to pay a man to drive county vehicles even though this man is facing his 3rd DWI.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pro-Life VICTORIES in 2011 Texas Legislature: Defunded Planned Parenthood and Sonograms before Abortions

By, David Bellow 

Article also posted at:

Happy 4th of July Independence weekend! Thanks to pro life victories in the Texas Legislature this year, there should be many more innocent young babies who will get a chance to enjoy life and freedom just like us!
The 2011 Texas Legislative Session might have ended on a bad note with some very important legislation getting blocked by leadership, and some of the best Texas conservative Republicans being hurt in redistricting… BUT… overall the 2011 Texas Legislative Session was able to pass some good legislation because of the Super Majority of Republicans in control of the Texas Legislature.
This 2011 Legislation included two GREAT pro-life bills.
SB 7 is a bill that will prevent Texas Taxpayer Dollars from paying for the elective murder of unborn babies. Planned Parenthood will no longer be able to use our money to do their dirty work.
HB 15 is a bill that will require doctor’s to offer the mother a chance to see the sonogram of her unborn baby and also listen to the baby's heartbeat. This will allow women to have the chance to be fully informed of what is really going on instead of the abortionist just telling the mother that what is inside of her is a non-human, non-living blob.
It is sad that cracking the egg of a bird could land you in jail because the life of the unborn bird is recognized and protected, yet the life of an unborn human baby goes unrecognized and unprotected…
Both bills passed this year and that is a huge step toward the right to life of the defenseless babies in Texas.
Great Job Texas!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lumberton Republican Steve Thomas Appointed as Hardin County District Judge By Governor Perry

As expected, Lumberton Republican Attorney Steve Thomas has been Appointed as the Hardin County, Texas 365th District Judge by Governor Perry. The position had opened following the tragic death of Judge Britt Plunk. Steve Thomas was the obvious choice for the appointment due to him having recently been the only Republican candidate ever for this very same position and nearly winning in that recent election. Thomas will hold the position until Britt Plunk's unexpired term is up. At that point there will be a regular election for the position.

Steve Thomas is a good man and he is a very good choice for the position. Congratulations!