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Urgent Texas Redistricting Update: New Proposed Texas State Rep Map - It is MUCH Better for Republican State Reps in East and Southeast Texas: The Vote is Soon!

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The following is an email that I just received today from Conservative State Representative Wayne Christian.  As you already know, the Texas House Redistricting Committee recently released their proposed map for The Texas House of Representatives[1]. This map is currently scheduled to be voted on this Tuesday April 26th, 2011 (maybe Wednesday).

While I applaud Rep. Burt Solomons for his hard work as Chair of the Redistricting Committee, I believe that his map unfairly puts too many Republicans in the same districts together where they will have to run against each other. (The voters just voted in over 100 Republicans in the Texas House. That is what the people of Texas wanted, so it is only fair that those Republicans do not get redistricted out)

A new map has just been introduced that will better serve the Super Majority of Republican Voters in Texas, and the Republicans in Southeast Texas. This map is PlanH155- NIXON STATEWIDE HOUSE PROPOSAL

The vote on these maps will be Tuesday April 26th, 2011 (maybe Wednesday). The State Legislative will be taking off for Easter so we have to call them now and ask them to vote for this new proposed map.
Personally, my hometown area of Southeast Texas will be better with Plan 155 because we would get to keep our Republicans instead of having them run against each other.

Please read the following email from State Representative Wayne Christian about the New Map

Urgent Texas Legislative Update: New House Map – from State Rep Wayne Christian


The New map accomplishes the following:

- Is more reflective of the voting patterns of the state
- Is fair and legal
-Accurately reflects the voters intent
-Includes a minimal amount of pairings
-Consistently compact where possible
-Is in compliance with the Voting Rights Act.
-Elects 97 Republicans, compared to the committee map electing 92 Republicans
-Protects conservative House members
-Reelects the conservative freshman House members that the voters elected in an overwhelming mandate in 2010

To view the map go to 
Click on "select plans," and select "base plan."

The ask is that the grassroots call their State Representatives and ask them to not vote for the house map passed out of the redistricting committee and to vote for the new map as an amendment on the House floor on Tuesday. 

Reference "Plan H155."  As of today the vote will be on Tuesday April 26th.  Plan H155 will be introduced as an amendment to HB 150, the map passed by the committee.

Time is of the essence here, the House will adjourn on Thursday afternoon and all of the Representatives will return home to their districts for Easter weekend.

**Note- The map you see live on the website today will be slightly different from the map that is introduced as an amendment, the lawyers are fine tuning the map as we speak.

Contact Representative Christian
If you have questions or comments about your state government, please feel free to contact my office or email me directly.


Furthermore, this new Map DOES NOT violate the Voting Rights Act:

Read this statement from an email sent by Conservative Donna Garner

We need to keep reminding members of the Senate and House Redistricting Committees  that Section 5 of the U. S. Voting Rights Act (a.k.a., VRA) says that legislators are:

“not obligated to produce a redistricting map that yields a racial quota of elected officials mirroring exactly the state’s population.  In fact, drawing districts to satisfy a racial quota is expressly prohibited…
The court does prohibit lawmakers from obliterating existing majority-minority districts. And courts may require the drawing of a majority-minority legislative district only if the population distribution meets the three factors in Gingles v. Thornburg: (1) geographically compact, (2) politically cohesive, and (3) a history of racially polarized voting…
The problem the Democrats are likely to run into in Texas is that the civil rights movement is finally beginning to achieve its stated goal – racial integration. Minorities are moving to the suburbs.”
  (Will Lutz, The Lone Star Report, 2.18.11)

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