Friday, March 26, 2010

David Bellow Files Lawsuit against United States over Healthcare Bill

Hardin County Texas Resident Files Pro Se Lawsuit against United States over Healthcare Bill

On Wednesday Morning, March 24th, 2010, Lumberton Texas resident, David Bellow, filed a lawsuit against various United States government agencies over the recent healthcare legislation H.R. 3590. This lawsuit was filed within 24 hours of the President signing the bill into law.

Bellow states in the suit that the recent healthcare legislation violates several of his constitutional rights, including an unconstitutional mandate, a direct tax, and 4th Amendment violations.

The full text of the lawsuit, and a statement from David Bellow about the Lawsuit can be read on his website

"We can no longer just rely on our legislators to do the dirty work. We must get our hands dirty as well. We can no longer just leave it up to the politicians to try to fix this mess. It is too big. We need the people to all stand up and be counted. We need the people of America to get involved and start doing something to save the future of America." - David Bellow


  1. Representative Hamilton: I am formally asking you to sign and support Rep. Paxton's Texas Health Freedom Act, in order to invoke Texas' 10th Amendment rights to nullify the statist federal healthcare bill. Just as the line in the sand was drawn at the Alamo, so must we draw a line in the sand against federal tyranny. If the overarching power and authority of the federal government is not stopped, there will come a day of violence led by Patriots such as myself. You are now the front line in the battle for liberty. The state legislatures are our last and only hope of restoring liberty in a peaceful manner.

  2. great post Bob, We need more info on bills like this! you should call Mike Hamilton and get the word out to support this bill!