Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hardin County Denies Lumberton Man Democratic right to petition government. Facts prove County clearly wrong


David Page

409 223 3548

450 N. Blanton

Lumberton, TX 77657

June 10th, 2010

Hardin County Wrongfully Denies Lumberton Man the right to collect signatures for a petition to prohibit the sale of alcohol in Lumberton. Facts prove that Hardin County is wrong to deny petition. Democracy and the People’s right to vote are under attack in Hardin County.

David Page, a senior citizen and a long time resident of Lumberton who is not against anyone drinking but just likes Lumberton the way it is as a quiet bedroom community, has submitted an application to circulate a petition to prohibit the sale of alcohol within the city limits of Lumberton so Lumberton can stay dry like it always has been.

The county clerk and the county attorney have flat out denied the application for a petition from David Page. Remember last year when they denied Lumberton the right to vote based on some technical questions about the law. Well the State of Texas changed the law just for Lumberton so they could vote. You would think the county would let Lumberton finally get to vote now right? Wrong!

What was the excuse that Hardin County gave David Page for denying his request for a petition?

County Attorney Rebecca Walton told David Page this week, “You want to get a petition together to dry up Lumberton, but Lumberton is already dry. Lumberton is in JP precinct 5 and it is already dry. Everyone who lives in the city limits of Lumberton is in a double dry area. The city is dry and the JP Precinct 5 is dry. The sale of beer is not legal in Lumberton. Nothing is legal in the city limits of Lumberton”

This is completely and factually false. The county attorney is factually wrong and has wrongly denied this application for a petition. By the County Attorney’s own admission, JP Precinct 3 is wet. It is a fact that parts of the west city limits of Lumberton extend well into JP Precinct 3. This means that there are parts of the city limits of Lumberton that are wet because the western city limits of Lumberton extends into the wet JP precinct 3.

So it is an undisputable fact that there are parts of the Lumberton city limits that it is legal to sale alcohol because it is part of JP Precinct 3. So why did the county lie and say that there is no part of Lumberton that is in wet JP Precinct 3 and therefore there is no part of Lumberton that is wet and so Lumberton cannot vote to be dry. The county denied the petition by lying and saying no part of Lumberton is wet but it is a fact that there are parts of the west Lumberton city limits that alcohol is legal because it is in the wet JP Precinct 3.

Maybe the county did not lie. If the county did not lie, then they are just incompetent and do not know the city boundary lines and they do not know how to read a simple map. Wait, that sounds familiar. Didn’t the county already not know their own county precinct lines? There is a gas station in a dry area of Lumberton that is currently selling alcohol because the county allowed that gas station to sell thinking it was in a wet precinct. The county had to come out later and admit that they made a mistake and that the gas station selling alcohol was actually in a dry area and not allowed to sell. But it was too late and the gas station is still selling. Is this another case of the county not knowing the simple boundary lines of the county?

Commissioner Bobby Franklin lives a stone’s throw away from this gas station that sells alcohol. How could he not know where his own precinct lines end and whether or not the gas station was in his dry precinct? How could Councilman Don Burnett not advise the county that this gas station was in a dry precinct. Burnett was on the committee that decided these precinct lines so he had to know that these gas stations were in a dry precinct and should have never sold alcohol. Furthermore, Don Burnett knows that there is a part of Lumberton city limits that is currently wet and yet this councilman has not informed the county attorney. Instead David Page has informed us that councilman Don Burnett called him last week and tried to get him to not do a petition against alcohol and Don Burnett instead was trying to persuade David Page to do a petition to legalize alcohol.

Something fishy has been going on for quite a while. Now it is finally getting exposed. It is a fact that Lumberton is part of the wet JP Precinct 3. This means it is a fact that part of Lumberton is wet. This means that the county either knows this info and simply lied to David Page, or the County is simply incompetent on more than one occasion when it comes to looking at a simple map to see if the city Limits of Lumberton extends into the wet JP precinct 3. Either way, it is not good for the county that they have wrongfully denied David Page a petition. Even worse they have denied the city residents of Lumberton a chance to vote once again. This mistake is so blatant that the county will not be able to talk themselves out of the big mess they are getting themselves into now.

In the past the county has gotten out of trouble by saying they did not know the boundary lines. Well David Page showed the county attorney the map of Lumberton which clearly shows that the city limits of Lumberton extends in the wet JP precinct 3. Even after seeing the map the county still said Lumberton was all dry and could not vote and they rejected the application for a petition. It is believed that David Page will be getting a lawyer soon to sue the county for wrongfully denying him a petition. The county has no chance of winning because any judge looking at a map would be able to see that the county is wrong. Not only is the county wrong for denying the petition. The county has also stalled long enough to possibly make David Page have to wait until next year to do another vote instead of this year as David Page was going to petition for. So the county’s incompetence is once again keeping the people of Lumberton from voting and there would probably be severe legal repercussions for the county for blatantly wrongfully denying David Page a petition to allow the city to vote.

David Page has provided all of the information contained within this email. David Page can be reached at :

David Page

409 223 3548

450 N. Blanton

Lumberton, TX 77657

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