Monday, June 14, 2010

Hardin County Republican, David Bellow, has been Elected to serve on the board that Governs and Manages the Republican Party of Texas

This past weekend at the Texas Republican State Convention in Dallas, Hardin County’s own, David Bellow, was elected to serve as a member on the State Republican Executive Committee. The 62 members of the SREC act as the governing body of the Republican Party of Texas. Over the next 2 years, David Bellow and the other 61 SREC members from around the State of Texas will establish policy for the Party (including placing propositions on the Republican Party Statewide ballot), be responsible for the supervision and management of the Party, and to foster growth in the Party.

On top of the general statewide duties of and SREC member, David Bellow, and his fellow Committeewoman, will serve directly over the 16 counties of State Senate District 3. This area covers from Hardin County up to Tyler and back down to Conroe. Bellow will serve as the liaison between the Republican Party of Texas and the County Chairman of these 16 counties.

Bellow is the youngest Member on the SREC.

From State Senator Robert Nichols:

“Congratulations on your election! You handled yourself very well in your presentation and had everyone excited with your comments. I look forward to working with you in the District as you go about your work. We have a lot of opportunities in SD 3 to convert the remaining primarily Democratic counties to Republican.”

From SREC Member David Bellow:

“I am truly honored to have been elected to serve on the SREC by my fellow Republicans of Senate District 3. I am very excited about this opportunity to re-energize the Texas Republican base in the wake of the election of Liberal President Obama. I will faithfully manage the 16 counties I serve over and will work with the County Republican Chairmen to ensure they have the strategy and resources needed to build the Party within their county and to elect Republicans within their county. Thank You!”

Any Republicans interested helping to build and promote the Republican Party of Texas are welcome to contact David Bellow for further information. You can Be part of the new Republican Revolution as we take back America and restore her to the Christian conservative values she was founded upon!

David Bellow contact info:
409 656 5128

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