Friday, September 17, 2010

Hardin County Judge Ends Alcohol Sales in Lumberton

Hardin County Denies Lumberton Alcohol Permit

Hardin County Judge Billy Caraway has revoked the Alcohol permit for the gas station in Lumberton.

Billy Caraway stood up for the people of Lumberton and I greatly appreciate that.

The county had wrongly issued the permit in the first place so it was good government for the county to correct itself.

It was clear, based on previous elections, that the people of Lumberton did not want alcohol establishments in Lumberton.

the people should decide important issues within their own city limits and it was great that the Judge listened to the people of Lumberton instead of ignoring their wishes like that the Washington politicians are doing to us.

The gas station (who's owner is not from Lumberton, does not care about Lumberton, and in court he did not even know when he bought the gas station) will be appealing the decision so it is not over.

The appeals court will have a say in the matter, but at least our own local official judge Billy Caraway stood up for what is right and revoked the gas station's permit.

Call or email Judge Caraway and thank him for Standing up for the people of Lumberton and standing up for the law by not allowing a store to illegally sell alcohol in a dry area.

Billy Caraway's number is 246 5120 and his email is


David Bellow


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