Monday, October 11, 2010

Oct. 30th - Take Back Texas - Final Election Rally - w/ Greg Abbott

Hey Everyone! I was contacted by Attorney General Greg Abbott's campaign (Greg Abbott is standing up against bad Obama policy and has been fighting hard for Texas and conservatives) Anyways, they asked me to put on a big rally right here in southeast Texas (Beaumont, TX) on Oct 30th around 2-4pm (just 3 days before the election!) This will be one huge area wide final rally before the big election. It will probably be outside and will have other big name speakers. I need ya'lls help in getting this together. If we all join forces then we can make this thing huge and make a big statement to southeast Texas! I am talking about all the tea party members joining together and all the Republican groups joining together from north of Jasper county down to Chambers County and west to Montgomery and east to Orange. This is gonna be good! Please contact me asap and start spreading the word!

David Bellow

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