Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Propositions on 2012 Texas Republican Primary Election Ballot – Public Prayer, School Choice, ObamaCare, Balanced Budget

If you are looking for voting info (when where) for the 2012 TEXAS NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION please click here: http://www.texasconservativerepublicannews.com/2012/10/texas-2012-election-early-voting-starts.html

Texas 2012 Election Early Voting Starts October 22 Election Day November 6: Obama vs Romney, Congress, State Rep, SBOE, State Senate, US Senate, Many Other Important Races
please click here: http://www.texasconservativerepublicannews.com/2012/10/texas-2012-election-early-voting-starts.html

the following info is old proposition voting info from the May 2012 Texas Election

Every 2 years there is a Republican Primary Election in Texas. On the Republican Primary ballot are propositions that the ENTIRE State of Texas votes on if they vote in the Texas Republican Primary. For instance, on the 2010 Primary election ballot there were propositions on the ballot regarding whether or not Texas should require voter id, and also whether or not Texas should require sonograms before abortions. The Republican voters in Texas approved both of those propositions and the Texas Legislature went on to pass laws similar to those propositions.
Last month I sent out an email asking all fellow Republicans to tell me what propositions that they think should be on the Primary ballot in 2012. I got over 50 responses with many good proposition ideas. I sent those ideas to my fellow SREC members.
On December 3rd, 2011, the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) voted to determine what propositions should be placed on the 2012 Texas Republican Primary Ballot.
There were MANY great ideas but there are a limited number of propositions that can be on the ballot.
Below are the 4 Ballot Propositions that were approved by the SREC to be placed on the 2012 Texas Republican Primary Election Ballot.
This is what you will see when you go to vote. The SREC also passed a 5th ballot proposition regarding redistricting, but that proposition might not need to be on the Primary Ballot now that the Redistricting battle is in the US Supreme Court.

Ballot propositions adopted at the December 3 SREC meeting

The state should fund education by allowing dollars to follow the child instead of the bureaucracy, through a program which allows parents the freedom to choose their child's school, public or private, while also saving significant taxpayer dollars. Yes or No.

Congress should immediately repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) and reject the rationing of healthcare by government or the intrusion by government into the doctor - patient relationship. Yes or No.

Government should be prohibited from restricting the content of public prayer. Yes or No.
Out of control spending should be stopped at all levels of federal and state government through constitutional amendments limiting any increase in government spending to the combined increase of population and inflation without voter approval.  Yes or No.


  1. as stated, none makes sense. parents already have freedom to choose..how is the proposal going to save taxpayer $?;healthcare is going to be rationed...by pocketbook, insurance companies, gov't...somebody! and how is government intruding more than insurance companies now do? What restriction on CONTENT of public prayer??? Out of control spending should be stopped...period, end of sentence, finis. These proposals are goofy!

    1. Maybe "freedom to choose" should be the focus of your voting... not $s.

  2. I was interested in knowing if any voter results would be published concerning the 4 Ballot Propositions that were approved by the SREC to be placed on the 2012 Texas Republican Primary Election Ballot? I cannot find any results for the propositions anywhere. Or do they not publish those? Thanks so very much for your sincere time and honest considerations. Always respectfully, Hank

    1. http://enr.sos.state.tx.us/enr/results/may29_160.htm

      is where they are published at.

  3. all propositions passed overwhelmingly!