Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TX Comptroller Susan Combs Says She Stopped Govt from Stealing Clouds & Monitoring Cracked Eggs

As Agriculture Commissioner in Texas, Susan Combs says that she was faced with having to solve the problem of people’s Clouds being stolen by the government. She also says she stopped the government from paying people to go into a store and look for cracked eggs.

No kidding!

Susan Combs talked to me at the December 2011 SREC meeting and explained what happened.

In the Video below, Susan Combs Discusses Cloud Stealing and Cracked Eggs

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Haha.

Ok, here is a summary of the above video:

Back when Combs was the Agriculture Commissioner, The State of Texas was spending 5 million dollars to drop goo from planes into clouds (cloud seeding). This might make the cloud stop and rain. That did not sit well with towns in Texas near where this cloud seeding was going on. Susan Combs said that these neighboring towns came to her and they were very unhappy that the town beside them had stolen their clouds.

Susan Combs did not want to be in the middle of towns blaming each other for stealing clouds so Combs ended the government funding of “cloud stealing”. I mean how would she be able to regulate cloud stealing? Do you have a season for it? Do you regulate cloud size so that you do not kill baby clouds? This is too funny!
The other issues that Susan Combs discussed with me was the issue of the State of Texas paying people to go into grocery stores and open the egg cartons and see if there were any cracked eggs.
Combs just could not understand why they State of Texas was paying people to do that because it is not a health issue and someone who is buying eggs can open the carton up themselves and see if any of the eggs are broken.

She tried to stop this practice while the Democrats were in control of the Texas House of Representatives but she could not.

When the Republicans took over with Tom Craddick in charge, Combs was able to end this silly waste of Texas Taxpayer Funds.

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