Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Attorney Scott Browne had Stalking/Harassment Charges Pressed Against Him a week before Corrupt Jefferson County DA (his friend) pushed false arrest

Attorney Scott Browne, friend of the Jefferson County DA, had charges pressed against him for stalking/harassment over a week before the Jefferson County DA had me charged for a bogus misdemeanor. Going after me was payback for me going after the corrupt friends of the DA. Several months ago Scott Browne, who is also the attorney for my ex, had threatened me with physical harm and that was witnessed by others and a complaint was filed. Scott Browne then was witnessed by others stalking me around town. Then finally, Scott Browne drove up and down my street, yelling at me, and even stopping in front of my house before I chased him off. This was caught on my security camera, it was on a day he knew I had my toddler son, and this was done with the knowledge that I felt threatened by him since well, he actually threatened to harm me. Also keep in mind that he is still in possession of my garage door opener that he refused to turn over even though I have exclusive possession of my house. And no, $250 per hour lawyers do not do investigations as they cannot even be a fact witness and an attorney on the case. Thy hire people to do that. There is no question Scott Browne was stalking or at least harassing me. When he started stopping in front of my house I finally hade enough and pressed charges against him. Then a week later I get charged with a bogus misdemeanor by Scott's DA buddy whose lead investigator, Marcelo Molfino, is also being investigated by the state thanks to my complaint against him. Do the math.... they are not happy with me so they came after me with anything they could pull straws at. Public corruption at its finest! Thankfully, the evidence is clear and it is Lumberton PD, not Jefferson County, who is doing the investigation against Scott and so the investigation is being done properly. Here is one of the videos, this is one of Scott stopping at the end of my driveway.


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