Sunday, March 13, 2011

Republican Party of Texas STRONGLY Against Legalizing Gambling

The Republican Party of Texas is strongly AGAINST legalizing gambling in Texas. Below is what the RPT platform says about gambling and also below is a survey that was done a couple of years ago that shows that a super majority of Republican Leaders are against Gambling in Texas:
The RPT platform language on gambling: "We continue to oppose gambling as a means of financing state government. Government–sponsored gambling has had a devastating impact on many Texas families. Moreover, we oppose any further legalization, government facilitation, or financial guarantees relating to any type of gambling including casino, riverboat, video lottery terminals (VLTs), slot machine, video keno, eight-liners, multi-state lotteries, and other games of chance including on Indian reservations. We support the repeal of the state lottery, and enforcement of existing laws and regulations related to gambling. We oppose dedicating any government revenue from gambling to create or expand any governmental program."
In the last two weeks, the RPT conducted an informal survey of Republican county chairmen and State Republican Executive Committee members, to poll grassroots leaders on their views of expanded casino gambling in Texas. We had excellent participation from our leadership, and the results of the survey are as follows:
Do you believe that Texas should legalize casino gambling?
71.2% NO - 28.2% YES

Do you support using revenues from expanded casino gambling to address the budget shortfall?
72.0% NO - 28.0% YES

Would you be in favor of, or opposed to, having a casino built within your region (30 miles of your home)?
72.0% NO - 28.0% YES
David Bellow


  1. can i see some sources of evidence please?

  2. I am positive if voters were given the chance to vote, gaming would be allowed and vlt's placed in our racetracks in Texas. Our money needs to stay in Texas along with thousands of jobs and businesses for horse owners and people who have the right to think for themselves. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Somebody is pocketing money that's not theirs.

  3. I and everyone else I talk to want the right to VOTE! We need the VLT's at our Texas Racing Parks. We need to keep Texas money in Texas and not driving off to neighboring states what we choose to do here in our state. Gaming should be allowed at the Racetracks. Owners of horses and business and everything else that pertains to keeping money in our state, I and many others are for. WE NEED TO VOTE. I will be voting all those money grabbers 'out of office' and so will probably most of TEXAS voters come next election. Some people must think they are better than others. I think NOT! Anna Mary Thomas

  4. We need get our head out of the sand."The Emperor has no clothes." There are eight-liners operating statewide and we have thousands and thousands of Texans going out of state to gamble.

    Do you want the owners of the illegal eight-liners and the out-of-state casinos (and governments) to benefit while Texas gets zero?

    This is a no-brainer.

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