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Lawsuit Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Healthcare Mandate – One Year Later - by David Bellow

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One year ago, the day after the health care bill was signed into law, I filed an individual lawsuit against Obama’s Unconstitutional Health Care Mandate.

The lawsuit has not been rejected yet by the Federal Court in Beaumont, TX which really gives me hope of its chance of success. In fact, in the last year there have been at least two Federal Judges who have struck down Obamacare. One Judge in Virginia struck down just the Individual mandate, and a Judge in Florida struck down the entire law completely.

I do not have a lawyer. I am 26, married and have a regular full time job. I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a lawyer. But the great thing about America is that the Founders of America wanted government and the courts to be by the people and for the people - the common people not just lawyers. So I filed my lawsuit pro se (no attorney) and am working my way through the court system on my own. I hope to encourage other regular Americans by showing them that it is not as hard as some might think to stand up and fight back, even if you are just a regular individual.

Recently, Time Magazine did a story about my lawsuit. The reporter was very nice, but the liberal media wants us conservatives to fail, so I am not surprised that the story was very slanted. The story listed links only to arguments in favor of the healthcare law (no links against it), and the story even asserted that I am not affected by the individual mandate because I currently choose to purchase health insurance from the military. It does not take into account that at any time if I decide not to purchase healthcare insurance then I will be fined. And the fact of the matter is, it is my decision whether or not to engage in commerce by purchasing a private health service and I should have the right to stop paying for it at anytime I choose.

Why I filed the Lawsuit

I always have people asking me why I filed the lawsuit even though several states were already filing lawsuits. My answer is the same now as it was then:

“In the wake of the socialist and oppressive healthcare bill that was just signed into law, we as Americans must stand up and do our part to legally stop it. There have been several states that have filed lawsuits challenging the healthcare bill as an infringement of State rights and an unconstitutional burden upon the people of their states. These States fighting back is a great start, but we must do more. We can no longer just rely on our legislators to do the dirty work. We must get our hands dirty as well. We can no longer just leave it up to the politicians to try to fix this mess. It is too big. We need the people to all stand up and be counted. We need the people of America to get involved and start doing something to save the future of America.

That is why I, a regular citizen, have filed a lawsuit against the United States of America. This healthcare bill goes far beyond just regulating commerce and forces every American to actually engage in commerce against their will. Nowhere in the Constitution is the United States government given the power to mandate healthcare for everyone or else face a penalty. This is both unconstitutional and is a step toward socialism. I am standing up and trying to do my part and I encourage all other Americans to do the same. We cannot just make calls to our legislators anymore. We must stand up and do something about it ourselves. If all Americans who oppose this government oppression stand up and legally counteract this socialist movement then we can really make something happen and change the course of America. File your own lawsuit claiming that this bill is unconstitutional for mandating you to buy health insurance. Join a campaign to elect a new senator or congressman and actually get out and go door to door and get your hands dirty. Hold a rally in your town and get the people energized and involved. Together we can do this. Together we can save America! That is what this is really all about.

This is not in any way, shape or form a rebellion against the United States of America. I pledge my allegiance to America and still do. I love America. That is why I am doing this. We need to save the America we love right now before the current politicians have done so much damage that if can never be fixed.”

--David Bellow

Stand With Me and Start Fighting Back Locally

As I said, my beliefs are the same now as they were a year ago. Individuals must stand up and do their part to fight back. We can no longer just talk the talk but not get out of our chairs and walk the walk.

It all starts locally.

Start fighting back against liberalism in your county. Fight against the progressive liberal agenda in our schools. Fight back against excessive county taxing and spending in the old Democrat controlled counties of Texas.

As you and others stand up locally to fix your own county, your efforts will combine to form a bigger network that is strong and capable of fighting back against state and national liberal agendas.

If one person filed a lawsuit against Obamacare then the chances would have been very slim for that one lawsuit to succeed. But because many individuals and States stood up and filed lawsuits, the chances of one or more of them succeeding rose drastically. Since Obamacare was passed, we have seen Americans wake up and start fighting back and in the 2010 election we saw the Republicans take back the House of Representatives and we saw Republicans take over many Democrat Counties in Texas.

The first rounds of the fight are already over and Conservative Americans have come out strong.

We CANNOT stop now. The fight has only begun. We must take the momentum we have and keep it moving forward into the 2012 elections. We have the House of Representatives, but now we need the Senate and the Presidency. Always stand for what you believe and do not back down. And if your Republican leader is acting like a liberal, then tell him he is wrong cause we have to keep the Republicans we elect in line too. We have to elect Conservative Republican if America is to have any hope of reversing the damaging liberal policies that have been enacted under recent Democrat rule.

So start local. Build your city and county Conservative base, and then in 2012 all the local networks will join together and become a force to reckon with.

So on the one year anniversary of Obamacare, Keep up the Fight fellow Texans!


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