Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Magazine Article about Michael David Bellow lawsuit against Obama Healthcare

Here is a Time Magazine article about the lawsuit I have against Obamacare. It was a decent story. They said the individual mandate will not affect me right now cause I currently pay to have insurance. What the report did not say is that at any moment after the law goes into effect, if I decide not to pay for healthcare insurance I will get fined. So yes, it  affects me right now because I will be forced to keep paying for it unless I want to get fined for deciding not to pay for it. Therefore I am affected by the individual mandate. They did talk about the other part of my lawsuit though about how it violates my 4th Amendment rights so that is cool. Click here to read about my Lawsuit

click on the links below to see the Time Magazine article about my lawsuit.,8599,2057477,00.html


  1. Wait, you're a "prison guard" now? I thought you were an EMT and Soldier of the year. I guess "TIME" (it's not TIME MAGAZINE) is lying now?

  2. dude, Bellow is still an EMT but now his full time job has shifted to keeping the bad guys behind bars. that is more dangerous and public serving job that you will ever have. And yes, he is the soldier of the year.

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