Friday, March 4, 2011

Texas Republican Party Under Attack – Indictments on Criminal Charges, Court ordered Injunction, Attorney General Investigation

The Republican Party of Texas is under attack. This attack does not come from the outside, but rather it comes from the inside. Does the term RINO come to mind? Well it should. RINO is a term used to describe a REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY. These are people who run as Republicans but do not share the values of the Republican Party of Texas Platform. What is happening now is MUCH WORSE than someone just running as a Republican who does not believe in Republican values. As we speak, Democrats have infiltrated the Republican Party with the intent of taking over and destroying it. It is the modern day Trojan horse.
Why is this happening? Well, Texas has always had a very strong Democrat stronghold on local elections even though the majority of Texans vote Republican in State and National elections. Then Obama got elected and Conservatives woke up. The local Democrat networks saw that the people of Texas would soon be voting Republican in local county elections (and not just State and National elections) and the local Democrat control would be broken apart.

The solution was that if all the Democrats switched over to the Republican Party all at once then they could effectively take over the county Republican Party and retain control of local politics and keep the good old boy Democrat network in place.

Upshur County, TX
5 Democrat officials switched over to the Republican Party In 2010 and then systematically and illegally attempted to rid the Republican Party of Republicans so that the old Democrats could keep their power. Read this statement from and email that I received from Steve Findley, the State Republican Executive Committeeman for Upshur County:

“5 D’s rolled over into the Republican primary 2010. They picked a RINO Chairman to wipe out the conservatives and replace them with RINOs to protect the D’s who rolled over in ensuing elections. Three of those rolled over D’s, the County Judge, the Sheriff and a County Commissioner were indicted last week for official oppression” – Steve Findley


First things first, According to Steve Findley, the new RINO Upshur County Republican Chairman held his first County Republican Meeting on June 5th, 2010. This new Chairman, Ken Ambrose, disregarded all rules in an attempt to become a dictator of the County Republican Party. When he could not get the Precinct Chairs (the voting body of the County Republican Party) to go along, he illegally relieved the precinct chairs of their positions and appointed his own RINO Precinct Chairman. Just so everyone knows, Precinct Chairmen are voted on by the people of their precinct and the County Chairman cannot just kick them out and appoint his own. After SREC member Steve Findley, and other Republican Officials, attempted to resolve the issue privately to no avail, there was no choice but to file a lawsuit against the RINO Chairman. On January 3rd, 2011, Judge Banner granted an injunction against the RINO Upshur County Chairman Ken Ambrose by ruling in the plaintiffs favor and against the Upshur Chairman on every complaint. 

That is just the beginning.

In September 2010, the Upshur County Commissioners Court voted to end public comment at county meetings. Then on November 30th, 2010, Jimmy Caughron protested the Commissioners Court decision by showing up at the Commissioners Court meeting and sitting silently with tape over his mouth. Mr Caughron got a Sheriff’s escort out of the meeting. As a result, three county officials, all three are Democrats turned Republican, were indicted on charges of official oppression. 

The county defended their actions by stating that Mr. Caughron illegally disrupted the meeting because having tape over his mouth at the meeting was public comment at a meeting where public comment had been prohibited.

This is contrary to the Supreme Court ruling in Tinker vs. Des Moines. In that case, three students were sent home from school for wearing wristbands to protest the Vietnam War. The Supreme Court ruled that this silent, not-disruptive speech was protected under the First Amendment. Remember this Supreme Court ruling because you might see it again soon.

Hardin County, TX
Hardin County has always had Democrat local officeholders. Just in 2006 there were NO republicans on the ballot in Hardin County. With the new national wave against Democrats happening, these Hardin County Democrats knew they had to do something to keep their control so most of the Democrats in Hardin County switched to the Republican Party in 2010. Some of these office holders are really conservative and made the decision for right reasons. Others only did it to keep control and do not care about the Republican Party.
The Democrat Justice of Peace in Lumberton, TX was running as a Democrat in the 2010 election, that is until he, and other county Democrats, got a Republican Challenger. This Justice of the Peace, Butch Cummings, knew he would lose as a Democrat so he switched to the Republican Party. Instead of having a fair election for the people to decide, Butch Cummings secretly went to his opponent’s job and used his official position to get his opponent fired unless he dropped out of the race. REALLY? It is against Texas Law to coerce a candidate to drop out of an election. This kind of thing you hear about in reference to Chicago-style, mob-controlled politics. Whatever problems that Mr. Cummings had with his opponent, he should have used in his campaign against his opponent and the people would decide. You CANNOT rig your election and deprive a community of an election by illegally forcing your opponent out of an election by trying to get him fired unless he dropped out. This illegal activity was discovered during the primary election when the opponent of Mr. Cummings approached the Republican Party of Hardin County and explained that he was being coerced to drop out of the race by Mr. Cummings.

Everyone knew what happened but no one was brave enough to stand up for fear of retaliation. Some knew about it and just ignored it. Liberal reporter Gerry Dickert, from The Silsbee Bee, even admitted on a media blog that he had a voice recording of Butch Cummings in which Mr. Cummings admitted that he was trying to get his opponent fired from his job simply because he decided to run against him in the JP race. That is how bad it is here in east Texas when the local newspaper has a recording like that and just sits on it. It also says something that these good old boy Democrats believe their political positions are entitlements that they get to keep forever without anyone running against them.

It gets worse. When I questioned Butch Cummings about illegally coercing his opponent to drop out of the race, Mr. Cummings used obscenities and threatened me with bodily harm (in front of small children). It was caught on voice recording. The rest of his political, good old boys came to his aid. Mayor Don Surratt, who was fined for unethical financial reports, was part of this argument too because I asked him why he lied on his finance reports. City Manager Steve Clark told me to leave a public parking lot or he would have me arrested for “inciting a riot”, simply because I asked the Justice of the Peace and the Mayor about their illegal actions. (Sounds similar to the Upshur County Official Oppression doesn’t it?) Councilman Don Burnett even attempted to call the Police Chief and have my mother’s car towed because he said she was “illegally parked in a handicap spot even though my mother was dying of cancer (she passed away a few months later). While we argued she was the one with the strength to tell everyone to pray about their actions and stop arguing with each other. She always showed the Love of Christ.

When no one else would stand up and defend Democracy I knew I had to do something, so I stood up and filed a criminal complaint against Butch Cummings for rigging the election by coercing his opponent to drop out.

The complaint with the Attorney General seems to be stalled because no one wants to talk. The complaint sent to the county was rejected by the county, including District Attorney David Sheffield. David Sheffield is also a Democrat turned Republican and part of this old county political system. David Sheffield is a very nice guy, but that is the problem because he is nice to the bad guys too and lets them off on many occasions! (Remember David Sheffield because you might hear his name again soon.) I have not heard anything back from the City Court in regard to my complaint against Mr. Cummings threatening and cursing in public. Lastly, there is a current investigation against Butch Cummings being conducted by the Texas Committee on Judicial Ethics.

Now, with all that being said, many of the Democrats currently switching to the Republican Party are doing it for the right reasons and I am happy they are coming over to be part of our Party! On the other hand, we in the Republican Party must always be diligent to protect the Republican Party rules and values. That even means standing up against a fellow "Republican" if need be if that fellow Republican is breaking the law or doing something contrary to the Republican Party rules and values. You see, people do not make the Republican Party. A set of values and beliefs make the Republican Party and people who prescribe to those values make up the people of the party. It is all about the values. We must especially be wary when it comes to Democrats switching over. We WANT Democrats to switch over whose beliefs are really Republican beliefs even though they have always been a Democrat. We WANT those people and there are a bunch of them and many of them have been switching over lately. I am especially excited to see minority groups coming to the Republican Party because they are realizing that the Democrat Party is not for them. So we are excited to see so many Democrats turning Republican. But what we DO NOT want are Democrats switching over who DO NOT believe in the Republican Party values and instead they are only switching over because they know they cannot win as a Democrat anymore. These Democrats will, and already are, trying to sabotage the Republican Party from the inside.

David Bellow


  1. Very encouraging report, David. Thanks for sharing. We in Rockwall County are doing our best to see that the most conservative candidates are being elected to office at all levels. We must stay vigilant and diligent in our efforts and not get caught up in the "good old boy politics" of yesterday.

  2. David, David....regarding Upshur County you are reporting with information only from a very biased source. As a very conservative Republican I would like to add another dimension to what you have reported regarding Upshur County.
    The split among Republicans in our county has nothing to do with conservatism at all. It has to do with openness and just plain old doing the right thing. Steve Findley has admitted to me that he has spent $10,00 of his money 'helping Upshur County'. The truth is that he has not had one conversation with the citizens of the county who did not support his friend Brenda Patterson. She was the ousted county chair. She is such a good 'conservative' that as soon as she saw that she was being defeated in the election, she called a meeting of the EC, well at least she called those on the EC she knew were loyal to her. She failed to even notify 3 other EC members. In that meeting they suspended the by-laws in order to change the bylaws so that all power would be stripped from the newly elected chairman. The secretary would now call meetings and the chaplain would settle all disputes. Then the secretary called an 'organizational meeting' and swearing in of the newly elected precinct chairs. This was to be on the very night that ballots were being counted. Of course the newly elected chair was at that counting. Brenda Patterson then conducted a meeting of the EC and officers were voted on and, listen to this.....she was chosen as chaplain!! The ousted chairman now would have more power than the newly elected chairman!!! They are even embarassed by this and I notice she is no longer chaplain. I spoke up at the meeting and asked why we were electing officers when the new chairman had not even been announced. Ms. Patterson told me that according to the party rules she had no choice but to do just that.
    That is our problem here. They are the ones who call themselves the conservatives and yet in the recent county budget debates their comrades on the court fought cuts proposed by others supported by the new chairman. True conservatives are going to be fighting to cut the budget....they fell short there. I cannot think of one issue that makes them more conservative than the new chairman and others who oppose their devious tactics.
    The new chairman uses loose language that offends some of the people. When they recently were trying to oust him I told them that they were duplicitous if they voted against him for use of vulgar language if they used the same language themselves.
    I am sick of fighting, but I am more sick of some taking the veil of Conservatism to hide their lies and deceit. Lets engage in honest debate. Only then will we really know who is most conservative.

  3. Thanks for your comments! I got my information from the letter that was sent to the RPT Chairman regarding the situation, the court battles and the vote by the CEC. We have not received any letters from Ken explaining his side so all we have to go off of is the information sent to us and from SREC member Steve Findley. That is why I allow comments on my blog so that anyone can get on here and offer a different side of the story. thanks

  4. Under the Heading of "What?" above appears the following "When he could not get the Precinct Chairs to go along, he illegally relieved the precinct chairs of their positions and appointed his own RINO Precinct Chairman(sic)."
    I am one of those chairmen and I am offended to be called a RINO. Examine my voting record for the past 42 years and find ONE instance where I have NOT voted Republican. Question me on my values, they are squeaky conservative.
    This is just ONE tiny example of the distortions the "faction" group perpetrates to try to win their cause, whatever that might be. I don't think I could find someone more Constitutionally Conservative than Ken Ambrose

  5. Upshur County Game WardenNovember 20, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    I see from the article that the Upshur County Republican Chairman, the Ambrose guy, is labled a RHINO. No proof of his RHINOness is given. What makes him a RHINO? LIke what Democratic ideals does he hide or show that makes him a Republican Hiding in Name Only? Easy it is to label a person but hard it is to prove the claim. Prove it!

  6. The Democrats Must Love This!November 21, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    Just because Steve Findley and Brenda Patterson are members of the SREC does not make them credible, honest, believable, impartial or without guile. They are none of the above.
    We have a man in office who is President of the United States and he is noe of the above either.
    Why is it that the precinct chairpeoples can over ride the will of 985 people who voted to have Ambrose be the party chair. And why are they chafing at the bit to do it NOW with the election only a few months away?

  7. i just posted another article on my website. Basically, according to the SOS, the Chairman cannot be removed by the CEC or the SREC. Only an election can remove him.

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