Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brandon Darby Brings Andrew Breitbart’s Fighting Style to the Texas Ring

Darby speaks on media, Breitbart vs HuffPo, and organizing in Texas

I recently caught up with Brandon Darby in Silsbee, Texas. The former prominent Leftie community organizer turned hero and patriot was working on bringing attention to what has been dubbed the Silsbee Rape Case. I took this opportunity to ask him about the stir he’s been creating and the stir his friend, Andrew Breitbart has been creating with the whole Huffington Post/AOL ordeal. I really want the reader to understand how the leftist media works and how they can fight it here in Texas using the Breitbart Model that Brandon Darby explains to us. Here are some excerpts from my interview with Mr. Darby.

Brandon, How have you been able to fight off the leftist attacks against you? You’ve been gone after more than most, yet you’re still standing? How has this been possible for you?

Yes. The ad hominem has been heavy. I implore what I affectionately call the Breitbart model. That is, I identify their framing, what interests where behind the framing, and I expose them. I refuse to operate within the confines of their narrative.

Can you give our readers some examples of this?

Take the brilliant work James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles did on Acorn. When Breitbart released the Acorn tapes on biggovernment.com, Acorn’s funding was teetering on the cliff’s edge. It just so happened that Acorn’s founder, Wade Rathke, had been attacking me and publically made the comment that it was a shame I had snitched on the two anarchists who had intended to firebomb law enforcement and delegates at the 08’ RNC. On the day of the vote to cut funding, I was part of an effort to reverse Rathke’s statement about me and make sure lawmakers saw Rathke’s true colors. The headline became “Acorn’s Founder Wade Rathke Expresses Regret that Republicans and Cops Didn’t Get Burned and Maimed.”

The Left is a huge fan of using character assassination instead of discussing the issues at hand. They made constant efforts to frame me as a womanizer with a voracious sexual appetite. I grew tired of defending this and doing interviews about whether or not I was this or that. I just started saying outrageous statements to them and it shut a lot of that down. When they ask if I’ve had sex, I usually respond by saying that I didn’t have as much as I would’ve liked to have had. Sometimes I’ll just bring it up in an interview with them because it feels good to express that their attack doesn’t bother me. It’s probably not the best thing to do, but it is empowering and they always get a strange look on their face.

Brandon, How can this style of talking back expose the truth when all the leftist media is trying to twist the truth?

It’s simple. It uses the attacks of the institutional Left Media as fuel to go after their bias. It is impossible for them to attack you and not provide you a platform at the same time. Use the platform. Identify how the platform can best benefit the ideology you believe in. Find others who agree with you and always talk back. When they express their dislike of me having worked undercover with the FBI, I respond by expressing my disgust at their being more upset by my undercover work than they are with the fact that their Left movement spawned violence and bomb making. Sometimes the only point needed to be made is that there are other perspectives that would see their framing as biased.

Brandon, Texas is pretty conservative; Do you feel that Media in Texas is out of step with Texans?

Though most of the citizens in Texas are conservative, most of the Texas Mainstream media is not. There are minor examples and more egregious examples. Take Texas Monthly, a minor example. Many on their staff are patriotic Americans and proud Texans. They do wonderful work on sharing our great state’s culture and heritage. The magazine did a reasonable piece on issues surrounding immigration and Illegal entry into our state. They fairly presented several different perspectives. Yet in terms of their coverage of Texas law enforcement, the matter gets more complicated. Some of the political writers are out of step with Texans in the subtle disrespect they showed the Texas Rangers. They did a profile of the Rangers in the same issue they profiled the Banditos in. The subtle implication was that the two organizations were somehow comparable. In addition to this, they were very unkind to the FBI in a piece they wrote regarding a case I was involved in. They took the Austin Chronicle narrative and it was that of the cop-hating radical Left. Speaking of the Austin Chronicle, they are a great example of raging liberal bias. The nexus between them and the Texas Observer is a strange one where law-enforcement are routinely defiled and voice is given solely to those who strongly dislike our country. No one calls them out for having reached into their little ideological diapers and smearing their proverbial leftie feces on the men and women who serve in law enforcement.

Why is it important to combat this Bias?

When subtle smears are constantly unchallenged in the Left’s desire to frame Texans reality and perceptions, they eventually do. It is important to identify the Left’s efforts and to expose them for what they are. Allowing an untruthful narrative to go unchallenged is detrimental.

Brandon, how can Texan's use the Breitbart model to combat leftist media in a way that can truly challenge the status quo?

Fighting back smart is definitely part of what I call the Breitbart model. Another aspect that is just as important is replicating the manner in which Breitbart builds conservative activists. Where most conservative media outlets have sought out writers, Breitbart not only does this, he also does what could only be called “community organizing.” I try to replicate this by travelling to various counties across the state, identifying where there are patriots who show heart by fighting against liberal corruption, and then doing everything possible to support and encourage them to write and blog. I try to connect them with other patriots so they know they are not alone and can build upon each other’s ideas and efforts. That’s what Breitbart did for me and my values, so now I try my best to replicate this. Hopefully, those folks will do the same too.

How has the Left gotten away with this for so long?

There’s a lot behind the how and why of it all. Mostly it has to do with two things. Patriots haven’t paid attention and just assumed that most people wouldn’t listen to the Left narrative due to the insanity of it, and patriots have historically not seen the need or recognized the value in organizing. Thankfully, those days are coming to an end.

There’s been a lot of commotion lately regarding the Huffington Post going after Breitbart and calling him a “race-baiter.” They even said his posts can’t have prominent placement any longer. What are your thoughts on all of this?

First of all, the Huffington Post is AOL. They are to be held accountable as much as Arianna Huffington is. What they did was clever. Huffington sold out to AOL, thus showing that disdain for capitalism is profitable and capitalistic. The Left was pissed. The website was under attack from many camps on the Left. They agreed to let him post on their site. They figured he would say the same critical comments of race-baiters like Van Jones as he usually does. They waited for him to call out Van Jones and then made a huge issue out of calling Andrew out. Thus, they are no longer under attack from the Left and they were able to reclaim their solidarity with the Left. I think they set him up for that and I think it was short sighted to say the least. Did I mention that I think Van Jones and his support of cop-killers is vile and stinky?

Thanks for taking the time to talk and good luck with what you’re working on. Anything else you’d like to say to our readers about your style of journalism?

I’m not a journalist. I’m an advocate, like most journalists. I just wish most journalists would admit that too.


  1. Get a real job and stop running around like you're someone important and "interviewing" people. You're a complete disgrace to the city of Lumberton -- a complete and utter embarrassment.

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