Monday, March 14, 2011

Sexually Obscene Play shown Lumberton ISD - Take Action Now!

Texas School District, Lumberton ISD, performed drama to Entire High School (including 9th graders) with cursing and talking about putting ads on internet to get laid. (see text from play below WARNING: Don't let Children see the text below, even though the school already showed them)
Lumberton Parents need to call the School and complain about the obscene and disgusting material that the school approved for YOUR CHILD to have to watch at school. Call LISD at 409 923 7580
Parents also need to go to the Thursday, March 17th School Board Meeting at 7PM to demand action.
Back in Nov. 2010, my 9th grade brother came home and told my parents that there was a play he had to watch at the Lumberton High School with cursing and talking about creating an online ad to get laid.
I was surprised when I heard about this so I emailed a couple of school board members about it.
The school board members could not really tell me much about the play because they did not hear about it. They then directed me to the Asst. Superintendent. The Asst. Superintendent was very nice and tried to get to the bottom of what was going on. He figured out that the play did happen. He said that the high school principal, Mr. Bilberry, addressed the issue with the Drama teacher and told her that if there is anything questionable in the future then it needs to be approved.
I did not like that answer very much because if the teacher thought it was questionable to begin with then she would not have done it.
I decided to request a copy of the drama script from Lumberton ISD so I did an open records request and LISD sent me the script for the drama that was done in front of the entire school. The play was titled The Invisible J. Michael Hess. I got this script a couple of weeks ago and I was SHOCKED at what I read.
ALL Parents should know what their Children are getting taught at school BY THE PRINCIPAL

The Contents of the School Play

On top of cursing and the use of the word faggot several times, here are some of the shocking lines from the script:
 I like Girls! I like Girls! So much so, that I even placed an internet advertisement: 
You think I’m hot, eh? You think I’m sexy. You want my body.
Hey faggot. Shouldn’t you be cruising the bushes somewhere or giving head in the public head?
I haven’t heard you complain about any of the places I’ve been kissing you lately.
You’re right. We heterosexuals shouldn’t be kissing in front of the homosexual. We don’t want to contaminate his understanding upbringing. Undo all his sweet mama did for the pussy.
I want to grab something to eat before the movie. Though we won’t be watching much of it.
Beats pleasing yourself…. By yourself
Missy must be a great change of pace for you, you know from all the sluts
But the constant trying to fit in is a pain in my ass
Pissed off or confused. Not sure which, faggot.

That play is OUTRAGEOUS and COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE for a high school play. Not only does the play include language that is against the school policy and can get students a $500 fine. It also seems to be promoting and approving that minor children place ads on the internet so they can get laid!! Let’s hope they don’t get a reply from a child molester. A couple of the obscene parts of the play were not said in front of the entire school, but Most of this obscene material was done in front of the whole school, not to mention the entire script was passed out to student with ALL of the obscene material in it for them to read. It was approved by Principal Bilberry so I hate to think that the students think this type of language is acceptable.

I decided to talk to Principal Bilberry after the last school board meeting.

What Principal Bilberry had to Say About The Play

This is the conversation that Principal Bilberry and I had:
He (Mr. Bilberry) said he approved the play. He said the inappropriate parts were said on stage to make the play have more of an effect. I said can’t you make the same point without a curse word? Especially since it is against policy to curse in school. He said sure, but they wanted to make it more real to show what the boy in the play was feeling. He said people hear these things every day. I told him that just because people hear them does not mean the school should promote it as ok by approving it to be said in front of the kids in a school sponsored play.
I said that if cursing is illegal in school then that means on stage too. He said the school has signs in the school that say there is a $500 fine for cursing in school, but then he said that it is not enforced. He said no police officer is going to come down and fine anyone.
He not only said that cursing rules were not enforced at his school, he tried to say that shit was not a bad word at one point in the conversation.
He said that since I complained, from now on if a play is going to be done for the students then a letter will be sent out and the parents have to send it back if they do not want their kid to see it. I said that there should not even be a parent option to send a letter back if they don’t want them to see a play. I told him that they should not have the parent option because they should never do plays like that in school in the first place!
WOW! So the principal, the leader and moral guide for the school kids, thinks there was nothing wrong with cursing in front of the students, using obscene language in front of the student, and talking about putting advertisements online so the students can get laid.

Past Problems with Principal Bilberry
Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern. When my brother was in middle school, Mr. Bilberry was the principal over there. My brother was repeatedly made fun of by another boy. I personally talked to Mr. Bilberry and was told that the boy was just having fun and that no one is hurt by making fun of a person’s stuff as long as they do not make fun of the person directly. I told him that bullying like that can lead to other things where people DO get hurt. I could not believe I was told by Principal Bilberry that it is ok to bully and make fun of someone’s stuff as long as you do not make fun of the person directly. I was so shocked that I immediately wrote an email to the Superintendent Dr. Sims (I still have the email in my sent box as proof) I told Dr Sims what Mr. Bilberry told me bullying is just kids having fun and there is nothing wrong with it. I told Dr. Sims how it was very disturbing. I never heard back from Dr. Sims about it.

What other inappropriate material is getting presented to the kids in Lumberton? What other bullying is allowed to go on? This is completely inappropriate and the principal violated school policy and possibly caused damage to some of the kids who heard the obscene material and not think it is acceptable material to use “as long as you are trying to get a point across” as Principal Bilberry would say.
The Principal needs to make a public apology and the School board needs to take appropriate so to discourage Mr. Bilberry from doing something like this again.

School Board Promises New School Policy

On another note, members of Lumberton School Board, Gene Stewart and Kenny Burkhalter have expressed disgust that this happened and have told me that they WILL be supporting creating new school policy to protect the children of LISD and to prevent this from ever happening again. I am sure the rest of the school board would agree. I applaud these school board members for standing up against this unacceptable behavior.