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Outrage Growing over Obama Cutting Homeland Security U.S. Border Air Defense System (TARS)

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David Bellow Exclusive Story

Outrage is growing over news that Obama’s military cuts are going to impact our own homeland security by forcing the Air Force to close a vital air defense system along the ENTIRE southern border of the United States from Florida to California. Word is spreading like a wildfire on the internet and there is even a White House Petition to keep the Defense System.
This air defense system is known as TARS (Tethered Aerostat Radar System) and this system protects the southern border of the United States of America by detecting and monitoring low altitude aircraft, and even low altitude missiles.
Since that original article, there have been tens of thousands of people who have viewed the article and passed the article on to others. Word quickly spread across the internet about the issue, from trunews.com to ReaganCoalition.com to infowars.com
People are simply outraged that Obama is cutting a vital security system on our most dangerous border. At a time when there is human sex slave trafficking, gun running, cartel violence, and terror threats infiltrating, or attempting to infiltrate, our southern border, why is Obama making cuts to protecting the southern border? Instead of continuing to protect Americans from these threats, Obama is declaring that anyone with a low flying plane can now sneak into America undetected. Obama already made a widespread drawn down of National Guard troops on the southern border a couple of years ago. The troop draw down, although it should not have happened, could at least somewhat be justified by saying that there are now more border patrol agents on the border to take their place.  NOTHING can justify Obama shutting down this air defense system though. Extra border patrol agents cannot do anything to detect/monitor and relay info directly to NORAD and the Air Force when there is a low flying aircraft coming into America with possibly weapons, terrorists, human sex slaves.
Congressmen and Senators have NO idea that Obama is Closing this Air Defense System
Keep contacting your Congressman and Senators and demand that this Air Defense System not be cut! The pressure you are putting on them is starting to have an effect.
Several Congressional and Senatorial Offices (including Congressman Steve Stockman and Congressman Randy Neugebauer and Senator Ted Cruz) have already been contacted regarding this issue and there is a recurring theme. The recurring theme is that they were NEVER informed of this closing by the Air Force and that they are going to have to contact the Department of Defense to find out what is going on.
Why would Obama try to keep this on the down-low and not inform the legislative branch about this border security shutdown? The reason that Obama is keeping quiet about this issue is because he does not want the American people to know that he is actually willing to put Americans at risk with his budget cuts. Obama does not want people to know that our own homeland security will be jeopardized because of his budget cuts forcing the hand of the Air Force to cut important defense programs.
White House “We The People Petition” Created to Protect U.S. Border and Keeps TARS Air Defense. The petition asks Obama to Keep the Tethered Aerostat Radar System Operational in order to help secure the Southern Border of the United States. I don’t know who started this petition but it seems like a good idea to bring awareness, even if Obama probably doesn’t give a darn about these White House petitions and probably puts your name on a list of people who do not support him. I am already on his black list though I am sure so I do not care if he sees me sign the petition, and it looks good/gets more attention in the media to have alot of people sign the petition.
For the most part, the response to my original article about this issue has been very positive. There has been at least one leftist who has attacked me over the issue…
Liberal Blogger attacks Conservative Blogger David Bellow for Demanding that Obama Protects the Southern Border and Not Shut Down the TARS Air Defense System
A left leaning blog, Grits for Breakfast, wrote an article attacking me on this border security/air defense issue.  Several people came to my defense and left comments at the bottom of my article disputing what Grits was saying, but just for kicks, I will also dispute what Grits is saying so that all the other libs out there do not make his same mistake.
First, Grits for Breakfast says that as a conservative I should be happy about this program getting cut and we should trust that the Air Force is cutting it because it needs cut. What Grits does not understand is that conservatives are not against government spending. We are just against the out of control government spending on mostly entitlement programs and things the federal government does not need to spend our tax dollars on. One thing the Federal government is actually supposed to do, per the United States Constitution, is to protect America. So yes, as a conservative, I am ok with the federal government spending my tax dollars efficiently to do what they are supposed to do, like protecting the vulnerable borders of our sovereign nation. And as far as the Air Force thinking this program needs to be cut, well, we both know that the Air Force does not think this program needs to be cut. The Air Force is forced to cut programs because Obama has drastically cut the military and that means even important military programs are getting cut. Think about this, if this air defense program was not important, then why, to this day, does the Air Force send surveillance planes in the air to fill in when any Tethered Aerostat Radar goes down for maintenance. If the Aerostats were not important then the planes would not be needed to fill in for what the TARS system does when the TARS system is down for maintenance.
Second, Grits says that our State Troopers and Border Patrol do enough to protect our Texas border. This just shows that Grits really does not even know what the TARS program does. First of all, Texas State Troopers are on the ground and do not have radars all along the border to detect possible AIR infiltrations up to 200 miles BEFORE they even get to the border. Second, Grits only thinks this TARS system is on the Texas Border. This TARS system is on the entire southern border and even the Coast Guard in Puerto Rico and Florida (you know, by Cuba) uses it (no State Troopers there), not to mention that the TARS info is sent directly to places like NORAD and the Western Air Defense Sector which will scramble jets to react to a threat to out borders.

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