Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ronald Reagan AG Says Congressman Stockman could Legally Impeach Obama over Gun Executive Orders

Earlier today I posted this article:

Congressman Stockman: Impeach Obama over Gun Control Executive Orders

since that article this morning, Fox News has interview a former Ronald Reagan U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese who says that it is not a far fetched idea to impeach Obama over unconstitutional gun control executive orders.

article below from Fox News:

Texas congressman, Reagan AG warn of impeachment if Obama moves on guns

A Texas congressman vowed to try to impeach President Obama if he moves ahead with plans to control guns by executive order and onetime U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese says it is not far-fetched.

Rep. Steve Stockman, a Republican from the Houston area, called Obama's plans to skirt Congress and implement some controls administratively "an unconstitutional and unconscionable attack on the very founding principles of this republic." He also threatened to defund the White House.
"I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment," Stockman said.

Meese, who was the nation's top law enforcement officer in the Reagan administration, told Newsmax Stockman would have support for such a move - and a good case.

“It would not be legal. It would not be constitutional,” Meese said. “And, indeed, if he tried to override the Second Amendment in any way, I believe it would be an impeachable offense.

“An executive order without specific congressional authority can only apply to those portions of the government that are under his control — in their words, the executive branch. Now, there are some things he can probably do in regard to the actions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or some other governmental agency in its operations.

“But to impose burdens or regulations that affect society generally, he would have to have Congressional authorization,” Meese added.


  1. Oh dear! When a past AG says, impeachment is not a "far-fetched" idea, it's not too hard to see why or how we got into our situation. The founders intended a really, really fine line for our executive and jusicial members to walk just in order to AVOID impeachment! In their time, the word "misdemeanor" had a much broader meaning that it does today. You can look it up in old dictionaries. Try Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary. Simple "mismanagement" would have qualified as far as the founders were concerned. How can a past AG have been so ignorant of a document he took an oath to support? Now you know more than he did. Feel empowered?

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Apparently, you failed to note what Mr. Meese was referring to when he stated that impeachment was not far-fetched. If the Founders were clear on anything, it was that the U.S. Constitution was the law of the land and superseded all other laws, and was not to be disregarded or thwarted by any branch or person, hence the whole reason for the Article II, Section 4 (regarding impeachment of U.S. government officials). Point being, it IS that big of a deal when a president tries to diminish, change, or supersede any article of amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The fact is, articles of impeachment should have been filed on President Obama is his first term.