Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Straus Wins TX Speaker by Default - Simpson Drops Out to Protect Fellow Reps from Retaliation

Joe Straus has won the position of Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives for another term. Straus won by default (no challenger) after his lone challenger. David Simpson, dropped out.

It is rumored that Simpson decided to drop out to protect his fellow supporters from retaliation from Joe Straus that would likely occurred (and has in the past) when a State Rep votes against Straus.

Simpson did not believe that he had enough votes to win so he dropped out before there was a floor vote.

I suppose I am not surprised. Just like in the US House of Representatives, too many Reps are scared to challenge the establishment leaders.

Oh well, the good news is that there are many new conservative Reps in the Texas House of Representatives and there will be many conservative bills passed simply because of the number of good Republicans we have. Joe Straus is also trying to bend over backwards to show that he belongs in the Republican Party, so maybe he will let up this session and let more of the conservative bills out of committee.


  1. Strauss is a good leader. The attacks on him have been a strange waste of energy. I have talked with legislators who opposed Strauss last time. They say they were treated fairly and they support him this time. Time to move on folks.

  2. Strauss is a lot like Harry Reid. If he doesn't like something he won't move it to the floor.

  3. Are you telling me that a speaker that will threaten fellow reps with retaliation is a good leader. You must be kidding me. That is not the actions of a man of honor or honesty but a corrupt man. I am sure the ones that were treated fairly were given gifts(bribery) This is so rampant in this country. I am so embarrassed at the corruption. No wonder Gods judgement has come upon America, with all this corrupt leadership. And yes, the leadership is what brings on judgment, because they are not leading in a righteous manner. Yes Strauss has been like Harry Reid, for instance I believe he held back the TSA bill to keep it from being voted on. These people SHOULD NOT have that kind of power. There needs to be some laws changed in America and Texas. Greed is so rampant in this country, but I know their end if they don't change by reading the Word of the Lord. Greed for money and power. the love of money(greed) is the root of evil. How true.