Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Texas Democrat Rep Proposes State Income Tax

Texas Does Not Have a State Income Tax, but one Texas Democrat State Representative, Lon Burnham, Wants us to have a State Income Tax!

At a time when the Texas treasury is overflowing, one state lawmaker says it’s time to introduce a state income tax.

  1200 WOAI news reports that State Rep. Lon Burnham (D-Ft. Worth) one of the leaders of the Democratic Party in the Texas House, is proposing a ‘graduated personal income tax’ on all incomes in excess of $250,000 a year.

  It calls for a four percent tax on all income over $250,000, and five percent plus $10,000 on all incomes in excess of a quarter million a year.

  Burnham declined to return calls seeking comment, but detractors of his proposal had no problem talking about it.

  “Texas has been successful as a conservatively run, low tax state without a personal or a corporate income tax,” said James Quintero, an analyst with the free market Texas Public Policy Foundation.  “We need to continue on that track to continue to support jobs and income and businesses and wealth.

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  1. We need to oust all democraps that have their heads on backwards. also all Rino's.