Monday, January 21, 2013

Texas Campus-carry new gun bill filed by State Senator Brian Birdwell

from the Austin American Statesman:

The issue of allowing concealed handgun permit holders to carry weapons at colleges and universities was reignited Thursday, when state Sen. Brian Birdwell filed a bill similar to one that narrowly missed becoming law in 2011.
Birdwell’s bill, like the one filed in 2011, calls for concealed carry to be allowed on public university property while giving private colleges and universities the option of prohibiting it. A new section strengthens language affirming that carrying a concealed handgun isn’t permitted on the grounds of hospitals, preschools and elementary and secondary schools on college grounds.
“For me, this isn’t just about the firearm,” Birdwell, R-Granbury, said in a statement. “It’s about trusting citizens with their God-given, constitutional rights.”
The hot-button issue returned to center-stage after the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shootings that killed 26 people. Gun-rights advocates hope that tragedy will lead lawmakers and the public to view allowing guns at colleges as making campuses safer.
“There’s a more compelling reason than ever for adults with a concealed handgun license attending a college or university (to) be allowed to have that personal protection option,” said Alice Tripp, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association. “It brings forward the realization that a gun-free zone is not a violence-free location.”

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