Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas Speaker Joe Straus Shows Support for Obamacare and Tax Increases

In Texas, you expect the leaders to oppose Obamacare and oppose tax increases. No state leader in Texas even has to think about whether or not to oppose Obamacare and new taxes. Why? Because this is Texas and we are a pretty conservative state and if you do no oppose Obamacare and oppose new taxes then you might as well resign because you will not get elected again to a statewide office in this state. All of the Texas leaders are very vocal about their opposition to Obamacare and are opposed to new taxes instead of spending cuts.
Except for Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus…
Alice Linahan of Voices Empower explains more:
Joe Straus is on the record as stating that we cannot “cut our way to prosperity,” which echoes the sentiments of Barack Obama nationally. Rick Perry (Texas Governor) and David Dewhurst (LT Governor TX Senate Leader) have both signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is a firm pledge to oppose any tax increases, while Straus (TX House Speaker) has not.
Rick Perry and David Dewhurst have come out and stood firm against implementing Obamacare on Texas. In fact, of the top 3 leaders in Texas, Joe Straus is the only one who is unwilling to oppose enacting Obamacare in Texas. When pressed, he said he had to bring all the stakeholders together and decide. Why is this a hard decision? Obamacare is harmful to the strength of our state and its economy.
As Alice Linahan points out above, Joe Straus is not standing up against Obamacare and is open to the idea of raising taxes instead of cutting spending.
Wait, how is that possible that Joe Straus is a state-wide leader and is not strongly opposed to Obamacare and tax increases? How was he ever elected to that position? The reason Joe Straus is the Speaker of the House in Texas is because the people of Texas do not vote to make him Speaker. If the people of Texas voted for speaker in a state-wide vote then Joe Straus would never be elected to lead this conservative state. The only reason he ever got elected to be Speaker is because he was a traitor to the Republican Party. Joe Straus was elected speaker by teaming up with the DEMOCRATS in the House. He got all the democrats in the House to vote for him. Straus also has money and has wielded his money and power as Speaker to threaten and hurt people who oppose him as Speaker.
This is not a man who should be leading our conservative state and the Republican State Representatives in the Texas House need to stand up and elect a better, more conservative person to lead the Republican majority Texas House of Representatives.

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