Saturday, May 26, 2012

TX School Sued for Prohibiting 3rd Grader from Inviting Friend to Church - Nederland ISD

Ok this is just ridiculous,

Nederland ISD has been sued by the alliance defense fund who is representing Michael Metcalf, the father of a 3rd grade student at Hillcrest Elementary School who was prohibited from giving a classmate friend and invitation to go to church with him.

This is a constitutional free speech violation and it appears that the only reason the child was barred from passing out the card was due to the fact that it was a Christian card.

Where does the school think they can prohibit a student from inviting a fellow student to a church event after school hours and off of school grounds? The school doesn't prohibit kids from passing out other invitations like birthday party invitations.

We are not talking about a teacher trying to persuade a kid to believe in one religion over another. We are talking about a student asking another student to go to church with him. If the parent does not want the kid to go to church then the parent can say no.

Banning a student from inviting another student to an out of school church event is especially silly because students can start a Christian club and have a Christian meeting AT A SCHOOL as long as it is not during class time. I remember going to a student led Lumberton Raiders for Christ meeting before school every week, and we even got to invite fellow students to go!

This school is way out of line with their politically correct mentality that has led to a constitutional free speech violation by banning this kid from asking another kid to go to church with him.'

Maybe there is something in the water in southeast Texas because within a year I have posted articles about 2 other schools that have had incidents where a student or teacher was treated unfairly based on their Christian or political beliefs.

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  1. Things are really getting out of control when SOUTHEAST TEXAS schools jump on the liberal progressive bandwagon. This is the last bastion of religious freedom down here. Until Obama got in office they never even thought of coming after our schools or people. They knew we'd fight rather than give in no matter the cost.

  2. It does seem a bit odd that a teacher would do this, I wonder why it has become illegal or at least against the school policy to chastise a child for wanting a friend to attend an event off school grounds and outside of school hours. Since when has a school become the monitor of free speech rights for children? They will force our kids to sing songs of praise to Pres. Obama, to learn all about Islam, but when it comes to Christianity, that is no longer free speech.

  3. Yes, that's right--you're losing. Get used to it. The Culture Wars were over a long time ago and your side lost. Small-mindedness always loses out to, well, progress.