Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Obama Lied. FOR Gay Marriage. Alienates Most Americans, Especially Hispanic and Black Voters

Obama has finally come out and announced his support for Homosexual Marriage. This is an attack on marriage and American values. It is a position that alienates most Americans, especially Hispanic and Black voters. Most states have now overwhelmingly passed Constitutional Amendments banning gay marriage. North Carolina passed a ban on Gay Marriage just this week so the people of America are still against it even now after years of media bias! Obama has successfully alienated most groups in America through his outrageous support for many unAmerican policies over the last 4 years, such as Obamacare and now supporting Gay Marriage.

The question is, did President Obama lie? In his election Obama said he is not for gay marriage. Now he says he is for it! He obviously lied because he knew most Americans are against gay marriage and he did not want to risk losing his first election. Obama cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He will say what he needs to in order to win an election. He thinks that he has a safe re-election so now he is coming clean about his lies in order to please his radical liberal base. this will backfire as he is not alienating most Americans.

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  1. Apostasy and heresy combine with his declarations to question his Christian or Muslim affiliation.Heretic in the Oval Office.Early Vote for Ted Cruz,David Simpson,Wayne Christian,and Chisum..Why does DallasVoice endorse Leppert,Straus,and Tommy Merritt? Why does LGBT Senfronia Thompson endorse Merritt? Vote Christians ,conservatives,or patriots who support The Holy Bible as Jesus spoke against Sodomite supporters.Romans chapter 1:18.God Bless America!John McIntyre