Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More Dewhurst Lies on Cruz -- Facts on Obama/Soros - Texas US Senate Election 2012

Come on David Dewhurst. I don't think you are a bad guy or a liberal (although I do think you could pick less liberal committee chairmen). I think there are many good candidates in the Texas US Senate race. I just think Ted Cruz is the best.

That being said, attacking Cruz because one of his co-workers is a liberal is just silly. Did Ted Cruz ever support Obama or Soros? Of course not! I work for an agency where there are a ton of liberals. By boss is a big one. Does that mean I am a liberal who supports Obama? NO. Should I quit my job and  find one where there are only conservatives? This is just silly.

From the Ted Cruz for US Senate Campaign:

Recently, we sent you a rebuttal on Dewhurst's lies aboutTed Cruz and China. Now, the Dewhurst Attack Machine (this time his Super PAC) is running false attack ads on Ted and Obama/Soros.

More ridiculous, desperate attacks on Ted Cruz in an attempt to distract voters from Dewhurst’s own record of pushing a statewide “wage tax” on Texans and increasing state spending $72 billion. To quote one of my favorite grassroots activists in our latest ad, "Give me a break!"

David Dewhurst’s Obama and George Soros Lies – The Facts

Dewhurst Lie #1:
“Ted Cruz’s law firm has given over $200,000 to Barack Obama.”
This deceptive claim is similar to calling you a liberal Democrat because some employees who happen to work at the same place you do may be Democrats. Dewhurst is trying to blame Ted for the conduct of others—over whom he has no control—in order to distract from Dewhurst’s own long record of supporting liberal Democrats.
Ted works for a large law firm, with over 1,200 lawyers all over the world. Ted doesn’t run the firm; over 3,000 employees work at the firm. Unsurprisingly, some of those 3,000 employees are Democrats, and some of them have contributed to Democrats. What Dewhurst deliberately omits:
Ted has never once contributed to any Democrat in any election.
In contrast, David Dewhurst has – twice. In 1989, Dewhurst contributed his personal funds to Lloyd Bentsen, just after Bentsen had run as Michael Dukakis’s vice presidential nominee against George H.W. Bush. In 1993, Dewhurst again personally contributed to Bentsen, right after he had been named Treasury Secretary by Bill Clinton.
The law firm -- Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP -- does not make political contributions. So Dewhurst’s claim, on its face, is an outright lie.
Although some other people who work at Morgan Lewis have individually supported both Democrats and Republicans, Ted has no control whatsoever -- zero -- over the political contributions of others who happen to work at the same firm where he works.
Dewhurst Lie #2:
“Ted Cruz’s law firm represents liberal billionaire George Soros and other shady clients.”
The law firm where Ted works represents thousands of clients in tens of thousands of matters all over the world. Apparently, some financial firms related to Soros are among those thousands of clients. What Dewhurst deliberately omits:
Ted has never worked for, met, or had any involvement whatsoever with Soros.
Unlike Dewhurst, Ted has been an outspoken opponent of Soros’s leftist and socialist political agenda.
Ted has no control whatsoever -- zero -- over what clients may hire other lawyers at the firm to work on unrelated matters.
Both of Dewhurst’s lies employ the very same sleight of hand-- like a circus performer, Dewhurst wants to distract voters from comparing his own tax-and-spend record and Ted’s strong conservative record.
Dewhurst wants voters to blame Ted for the conduct of others, over whom Ted has no control whatsoever. That’s because he can’t criticize Ted’s own proven record, because Ted has spent a lifetime fighting for conservative principles and winning on a national level.
Dewhurst’s Record that He’s Trying to Hide
Instead of attacking, Dewhurst should examine his own behavior. While he was calling himself a conservative in Texas, Dewhurst held a Dewhurst for Senate campaign reception in a Washington, DC townhouse personally owned by Tony Podesta, a top Obama crony whose brother led the Obama White House Transition Team.
As Lt. Governor, Dewhurst has appointed 32 Democrats to committee chairmanships and worked with them to kill conservative legislation. Indeed, Dewhurst has consistently sided with Democrats more often than with conservative Republicans, according to a study by Dr. Mark Jones, the chairman of the Department of Political Science at Rice University:
Dewhurst frequently used his powers of agenda control to help pass legislation opposed by the most conservative members of the Republican delegation. [Dewhurst’s record] . . . is significantly less conservative than approximately one-third of the Republican delegation, particularly conservative outliers Brian Birdwell of Granbury and Dan Patrick of Houston.
. . . [Under David Dewhurst] [s]everal of the more conservative Democrats, however, had higher win rates than multiple Republicans. For example, [Democrats Carlos] Uresti, [John] Whitmire, [Chuy] Hinojosa and [Royce] West all possessed higher win rates than the seven most conservative Republicans [Dan Patrick, Brian Birdwell, Jane Nelson, Rob Nichols, Florence Shapiro, Chris Harris, and Troy Fraser].
[Voting analysis] reveals a Dewhurst-run Senate where the senators who enjoyed the most success were in the moderate and center wings of the Republican Party.
Indeed, Jones’s research demonstrates that Democrats Carlos Uresti, Royce West, John Whitmire, and Chuy Hinojosa were all roughly 20% more likely to have their legislation passed under David Dewhurst than were conservative Senators Dan Patrick and Brian Birdwell.
Here’s how Jones concluded:
Is Dewhurst a "moderate?" Yes, if by that one means that he would appear to be significantly less conservative than approximately one-third of the Republican delegation in the Texas Senate.
. . . In summary, for Republicans located on the rightward edge of the ideological spectrum, Dewhurst is probably too moderate. However, for Republicans located in the party's centrist and moderate conservative wings, Dewhurst is likely to be "just right."
Don’t be distracted by the Dewhurst LIES. He’s trying to blame Ted Cruz for the conduct of others who happen to work at the same law firm-- conduct over which Ted has utterly no control -- and it’s all an elaborate effort to distract the voters from what David Dewhurst himself has done(not somebody else who happened to work at the same place he did):
Dewhurst himself proposed a statewide “wage tax” that the Wall Street Journal said was nothing more than “a fancy disguise for a personal income tax.”
Dewhurst himself raised state tax revenue by 49%.
Dewhurst himself raised state spending by 62% -- and he calls a $72 billion increase a “spending cut.”
Dewhurst himself held a campaign event for DC lobbyists at a house owned by top Obama crony Tony Podesta.
Dewhurst himself appointed 32 Democrats to committee chairs and worked with them to kill conservative legislation.
Dewhurst allied himself with moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans to kill the agenda of the seven most conservative Republicans in the Senate.
Don’t believe the lies; focus on each candidate’s actual record: Dewhurst’s moderate tax-and-spend record (from which he’s trying desperately to distract you) and Ted Cruz’s proven conservative record.


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