Monday, May 14, 2012

article removed

This article has been removed by David Bellow. I posted this article up after seeing it posted up on several other conservative and Republican websites. After further investigation, I have found that the article looks to be a joke article and not true. I would never try to pass off joke articles as truth so I have removed the article.



  1. Vote UNDECIDED IN TEXAS FOR SARAH PALIN.Make the demoncrats really scared.Mitt flew over Texas or to country club fundraisers.If not Palin then Louis Gohmert for VP to bring the Baptist,Methodists the polls in November.Remember the sign What Bill Mr.Obma? at the state of the depression address.Captain in the Army,State District Judge,Court of Appeals Justice,and USCongressman Gohmert,and a deacon to boot.Did I say Aggie? Let Mitt know Texas is not a fly over state.Respectfully;John McIntyre