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Peter Morrison: Don't Re­-Elect Mike Hamilton - A Plea to Hardin County Conservatives - Vote James White

The following letter is from Peter Morrison of Lumberton, TX

Peter explains why Conservatives in Hardin County should vote for Conservative State Representative James White instead of Mike Hamilton in the House District 19 May 29 2012 Republican Primary Election

A Plea to Fellow Hardin County Conservatives;

Please Don't Re-­Elect Mike Hamilton

My name is Peter Morrison and I am a conservative activist here in Lumberton, Texas. Among other things,
I publish an email newsletter, The Peter Morrison Report (, with thousands
of subscribers across the state. I also serve as Treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party and
formerly served on the Lumberton ISD School Board from 2007-2010, where I helped spearhead the effort to defeat an unnecessary $28 million school bond that would have increased our property taxes by 24%.

I am sending you this message asking you to not vote for incumbent State Rep. Mike Hamilton in the
upcoming Republican Primary on May 29th. Instead, I am asking all true conservatives to vote for the true
conservative in the race, State Rep. James White. First, some background:

Why Do We Have Two Incumbents Running Against Each Other?

James White currently represents the neighboring House district to our north, whereas Mike Hamilton
represents parts of Orange, Hardin and Newton counties. Last session, you may recall that there was a big
controversy over the reelection of liberal Rep. Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House. This all started in
the 2009 session when eleven liberal Republicans got together with the Democrats to elect a liberal
Republican Speaker, Joe Straus. Obamamania in 2008 had reduced the Republican majority to one seat in
2009, and Joe Straus and his liberal Republican cronies used the opportunity to put themselves in power.
In 2009, hardly any conservative legislation was passed as Straus and his cronies killed bill after bill that
conservatives supported, including many dealing with illegal immigration.

In 2010, after people saw what Obama was all about, Republicans came roaring back, winning their largest
majority in history, 101 seats and over two thirds of the Texas House. Conservatives were thrilled and
thought they could finally get rid of Joe Straus as Speaker, who after all was mostly elected by the
Democrats. They called, wrote, emailed and generally begged the Republican delegation to oust Straus.

Unfortunately, most of the Republicans revealed themselves to be cowards, with only 15 brave souls voting
with their constituents against Straus. The cowards were afraid the Speaker would retaliate against them,
taking away the pork they brought home to their districts or even worse, redrawing their districts to put
them out of office. Mike Hamilton was one of the cowards who voted for Straus. James White was one
of the brave 15 who stood with conservatives. Only 10% of Texans are fortunate enough to be represented
by one of these 15 state reps. We are lucky to have the opportunity to have a strong conservative like
James White represent us in Austin.

This is why they are running against each other. Straus' buddies redrew James White's district to overlap
with Mike's and are now supporting Hamilton as the hatchet man to run a good conservative out of office.

The linchpin of this strategy is Mike's assumption that Hardin County will overwhelmingly vote for him
since he is the incumbent of the old district.

My hope is that Hardin County will give Mike an unpleasant surprise on Election Day because he has a
history of betraying the conservative cause, not the least of which is his support of Joe Straus.

Mike Hamilton Picked This Fight

Up until a few months ago Mike Hamilton lived in Mauriceville. Had he stayed put, he could have ran
against Allan Ritter, a liberal Republican who now represents parts of Jefferson and Orange counties. Ritter
is a lifelong liberal Democrat who switched to Republican in 2010 to prevent the Tea Party from kicking
him out of office. Instead of running against this fake Republican, Mike Hamilton chose to move to
Lumberton and run against James White, whose district now includes Hardin County but also his home
in Tyler County

Mike Hamilton's Sorry Record and Deceitful Behavior

Over the years I have attempted to communicate with Rep. Hamilton about some of the issues with his
voting record. For example, Mike Hamilton Voted to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. When I
confronted him about this vote, he claimed that he was just Voting to make them carry insurance. I went
and read the Texas House Journal, and it clearly was a vote for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses and
mentioned nothing about insurance. It was supported by the Cheap Labor Lobby and Mike was one of the
liberal Republicans who supported it.  constituent while serving the special

Similarly, Hamilton told me in a phone conversation in late 2010 that he would not vote for Joe Straus as Speaker, and then he turned around and voted for him. When I tried to call him back about it, he wouldn't
take my calls. This is not the behavior of a principled conservative.

The major conservative groups confirm this in their legislative ratings. Mike Hamilton has a C+ grade
from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, while Rep. White has an A+ rating and was named a 2011 Texas Taxpayer Champion. Socially conservative group Eagle Forum gives Mike Hamilton a 32%
conservative rating, while Rep. White earned a 92%.

The choice before us could not be clearer. Please join me in supporting James White for State
Representative in the May 29th Republican Primary.


Pol. Adv. paid for by Peter Morrison,
as an individual. Organization names
for identification purposes only

P.S. - If we keep re­electing people who sell out our conservative principles, nothing is ever going to change for the better. Please take time to examine the issues and hold public officials like l\/like Hamilton accountable. I've spent quite a bit of time talking with James White, and I can tell you he is a true grassroots conservative. Hardin County values will be better represented in Austin by conservative Rep. James White than liberal Mike Hamilton.

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