Thursday, May 3, 2012

Did Obama’s Immorality Influence Secret Service Agents in Colombian Prostitute/Sex Scandal?

Regardless of whether or not you are a soldier in the military or a federal agent, your actions are a reflection of your leadership. 
Soldiers in a military unit will be squared away if they have good leadership. The leadership sets the tone for the entire unit. If soldiers in a unit know that their commander will nail them to the wall for not following the standards then the soldiers of that unit will generally be well trained, display professionalism and follow the standards. Why? Because regardless of their personal beliefs or morals, they know that this is what the leadership expects and they will be in trouble if they don’t. On the other hand, if you are in a unit where the commander does not enforce the standards, or does not follow the standards himself/herself, then the soldiers of that unit will generally not follow the standards and will push the limits to see what they can get away with before they will get into trouble.
This is not to say that a unit will not have a couple of individual knuckleheads who just will not follow the rules even if they have a good commander. There will always be one or two outliers in any organization. In general though, the soldiers of a unit with a good commander will be squared away while the soldiers in a unit with a bad commander will be ate up. (Pardon my military terminology)
The actions of the Secret Service reflect poorly upon President Obama
This Colombian prostitute/sex scandal did not just involve one or two bad Secret Service agents. This scandal involved an entire unit of Secret Service agents and even military personnel. When an entire unit is corrupted, that tells me the problem also has to do with the leadership of this unit and the moral environment that these agents work in.
I know what you are thinking. How can the President be responsible for the actions of this unit when the President is over thousands of units as President Commander in Chief? Shouldn’t the blame fall on the supervisor of just that unit? The answer is that the blame should fall on both the supervisor and the President. You see, the Secret Service is unlike any other organization. They are constantly with or near the President. They are directly influenced by the President. They see him in public and in private. They know intimately how the President acts and how he enforces legal and moral standards.
I am not at all inferring that President Obama knew about this sex scandal or has been involved in anything like this. What I am inferring is that if these Secret Service agents were around a President who displayed high moral integrity and respected the rules and standards on a daily basis, then it is very unlikely that they would have gotten themselves involved in this sex scandal in the first place. They would have been too scared to get involved in this scandal. They would have known that their actions would not be tolerated and would get them into trouble.
These Secret Service agents were not scared though. This was not just a bad decision by one agent done in secret so that no one else would know. This was an entire group of agents. For them to all get together and do this tells me that they did not feel that what they were doing was wrong or that they would even get into trouble for doing it. The environment these agents are in with the President must be very lax when it comes to moral standards for them to even think that this was acceptable or that they could get away with it.
I am not a secret service agent, nor am I near the President, so I cannot know how the President acts when he lets loose behind closed doors. I do know how he acts publicly though, and his public disregard for the law and morality downright scares me.
How can we expect Americans in general, let alone the Secret Service agents, to uphold the law and have moral integrity if our own President does not seem to?
The President has a duty to uphold and defend the laws of the United States of America. The President can work to overturn a law, but the President cannot just unilaterally decide to toss out a law. That is what President Obama seems to have done though. The following list contains just a few of the instances where President Obama has refused to uphold the legal standards and/or displayed low moral integrity.
1)      The Defense of Marriage Act is a law that has been passed by Congress and signed by the President. President Obama has openly stated that he will not defend or respect the Defense of Marriage Act.
2)      President Obama has not enforced internet pornography laws. Online pornography is a contributing factor to prostitution and sex trafficking. Just as a secret service agent involved in the sex scandal (last line sarcasm)
3)      President Obama is disregarding the Constitution in regard to Obamacare by forcing Americans to engage in commerce and purchase private health insurance, and also by forcing religious organizations to pay for a private service that goes against their religious beliefs.
4)      President Obama is openly refusing to enforce immigration laws or take the measures needed to defend our borders. Furthermore, when the President could not get the Dream Act passed, he effectively implemented the Dream Act unilaterally by directing federal agencies to be lax in enforcing the law.
5)      President Obama is immorally spending trillion of dollars more than what the government can pay back. The national debt is more than 15 trillion and that is an amount that seems impossible to even be able to pay back. It will surely get passed off to our children and grandchildren who will have to pay it back. Having debt can and will lead to massive problems now and further down the road. Just ask the secret service agent who got his sex scandal made public because of an unpaid debt (last line sarcasm)
6)      President Obama immorally supports Partial Birth Abortion in which an American’s life is taken from them as they are being born by getting stabbed in the back of the neck before they come out. Furthermore, President Obama supports funneling millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood (an abortion provider) even though tax money is not supposed to pay for abortions. This federal money to Planned Parenthood effectively goes to paying for abortions even though the money was not technically given to Planned Parenthood to pay for abortions.
7)      Obama was willing to refuse paying the US Soldiers fighting for freedom because Planned Parenthood funding was more important that paying our military members.
8)      President Obama has immorally and unprofessionally created racial divides by using the DOJ to be racially biased in their decisions (like the DOJ not prosecuting the New Black Panthers but then turning around an unconstitutionally blocking the Texas Voter ID Law). Obama’s other actions have also caused racial divides instead of bringing races together. For instance, Obama has created a “Blacks for Obama” organization. Would it be acceptable for a white candidate to create a “Whites for Romney” organization or a “Whites against Obama” organization? Obama has also created racial divides between blacks and Hispanics and whites and blacks by taking the side of black Trayvon Martin against Hispanic George Zimmerman based on race/emotion and not fact, and also taking the side of a black professor over a white police officer based on race and not facts.
Those are just some of the instances where President Obama has publicly not followed the standards or has displayed low moral integrity.
And we wonder why these Secret Service agents did not follow the standards or display moral integrity by getting involved, as a group, in this Colombian Prostitution and Sex Scandal.
For the record, I think there are many great and very moral Secret Service agents serving their country and it is a shame that this scandal and bad leadership will taint the good work that they are doing and have done.

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