Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paul Begala on Obama: Once a Drug Head Girl Pusher, Always a Drug Head Girl Pusher?

I recently came across an article on The Daily Beast “Paul Begala on Romney: Once a Bully, Always a Bully”
In the article, Paul starts out by saying that “It is a good general principle that we ought not hold teenage wrongdoing against middle-aged people.”
Paul then goes straight into saying it is ok to hold this 40 year old teenage incident against Romney Why? Because as an adult, Mitt Romney was a “bully” when he “cut” education as a governor and because his company laid people off.
Ok Paul, according to your logic, it would be perfectly fine for you to write an article with this as the headline:
“Paul Begala on Obama: Once a Drug Head Girl Pusher, Always a Drug Head Girl Pusher”
This article would start out talking about how you would not normally hold Obama’s ADMITTED teenage drug use against him now that he is a grown man.
You would then of course write an article that says it is ok to hold Obama’s past drug use against him.
Why? Because Obama hasn’t changed. Our border with Mexico is being overtaken by drug cartels. Drug Trafficking and Drug Cartel Violence along the border is shocking, like this massive cartel battle on the Texas/Mexico border or this shootout between Texas law enforcement and several drug cartel members. Yet, Obama has pulled our troops from the border. He even came to Texas and joked about how the border is safe and Republicans will not be happy until there is a moat with alligators. This is very similar to when he joked about doing drugs by saying that he “inhaled frequently … that was the point.” Obama seems to have a pattern of joking about doing drugs and drug related border violence.
You would then go on to say that you would not normally hold it against a grown Obama for admittedly shoving a girl in school, but then you would write about how it is ok to hold this against him. Why? Because Obama still shoves women around. He has recently shoved women in Texas around by defunding a women’s health program simply because Texas decided not to give any of that tax money to abortion mills. So Obama cuts off the entire women’s health service program funding and kicks all the women using that program out on the street all because Obama would rather fund planned Parenthood more than he wants to provide health services to women. And of course, there is Obamacare, which is Obama unconstitutionally pushing all Americans around by making us all purchase health insurance from private companies or face a penalty.
I can’t wait for that article to come out Paul.
Seriously though, how about we talk about the issues affecting us today instead of bringing up 40 year old stories told by Obama campaign workers who used to go to school with Romney. One of the witnesses to this incident now says he did not see or know about the incident and even the brother of this kid who was allegedly bullied says the story is factually incorrect and politically motivated. The guy is not even alive anymore to verify if this happened to him. Really? I guess I am not surprised that this vague 40 year old alleged high school incident is being brought up by the liberal media even though the media ignores Obama’s ADMITTED past drug use. It is all a ploy to distract people from Obama’s unpopularity on many issues. Especially this week when Obama has alienated most of America (especially blacks and Hispanics who oppose gay marriage in constitutional amendment votes) by “coming out” in support of gay marriage (I guess he lied last election when he said he is against gay homosexual marriage).


  1. Paul Begalla showed his hiney on this one. I was embarrassed for Begalla. As if he were reaching for an essay due to the teacher and just couldn't cough one up, so she got this one instead. Childish, churlish and no intellectual bearing in sight. But, he made deadline I presume.

  2. Begala is a butt sniffer.