Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Please DON'T Re-elect Mike Hamilton He LIED to us! - Vote FOR James White State Representative - Early Vote NOW - Lumberton TX, Hardin, Polk, Tyler, Jasper and Newton Counties

Dear Lumberton TX, Hardin County, Polk County, Tyler County, Jasper County, Newton County: Important Info – Please Read

Mike Hamilton Lied About His Conservative Values
Please Do NOT Re-Elect Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton
Over the years I have been fighting for conservative values in Lumberton and Texas. I fought against tax increases in Lumberton. I fought when Lumberton has gotten treated unfairly in the past even though we pay most taxes and have high appraisals. I have fought against waste spending and I have fought for morals and values in our schools and our government. I have fought for the residents of Lumberton to be able to get important issues on the ballot so that the people could vote and make their own decisions for the city instead of being told what to do. I am not even elected to be on the State Republican Executive Committee. We run govern and manage the Republican Party for the entire state of Texas. We make million dollar decisions and stand for conservative issues. I listen to the people and I stand for what is right and never back down.
I am writing you today to plead with you to vote to re-elect Conservative Republican James White for State Representative. Please DO NOT re-elect Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton
Sincerely,              409 656 5128 – mdbellow@gmail.com                                                         
David Bellow        www.HardinCountyConservatives.com   www.DavidBellow.com     

Early Vote NOW May 14th-25th – TX Republican Primary Election 2012

Early Voting Locations in Hardin County and Lumberton: **Hardin County Courthouse - 300 Monroe, Kountze May 14-25 (includes Saturday and Sunday) 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. **Lumberton City Hall - 836 N. Main, Lumberton, May 16-17, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

for election locations in other cities and counties, click here:  https://team1.sos.state.tx.us/voterws/viw/faces/SearchSelectionPolling.jsp  
May 29th Election Day vote at your normal precinct voting location

Mike Hamilton Lied About His Conservative Values
Please Do NOT Re-Elect Mike “Tuffy” Hamilton
Hamilton wrote a bill to bring Casinos and Expanded Gambling to East Texas and did everything he could to try to pass the bill. Mike Hamilton then called me and LIED to me when he told me that he was not in favor of Casinos or expanded gambling. Hamilton knows that Texans have repeatedly rejected Casinos because it is a tax on the poor and is not a good source to income to the state. Hamilton tried to pass the bill because his friend Liberal Joe Straus owns racetracks and stands to collect millions if casinos are allowed in Texas. Straus gave Hamilton a chairman position so in return Hamilton tried to pass a casino bill for Straus against even though east Texans are against it. Hamilton voted FOR liberal Joe Straus to be Speaker of the House after he told us he would not vote for him. Joe Straus has a history of being in favor of Planned Parenthood ABORTION, GAY COUPLE ADOPTION, Straus has campaigned for liberal democrats to beat conservative Republicans. Straus Stood against Texans and sided with the TSA being allowed to touch our private parts. Straus was even elected as Speaker by the DEMOCRATS. Straus got ALL the democrats and just a few Republicans to vote for him and that is how he was elected Speaker.
Hamilton was one of ONLY 3 Republicans to vote AGAINST Windstorm Insurance Reform. Hamilton voted against reforming windstorm insurance which would have devastated windstorm insurance. In voting against Lawsuit Reform, Hamilton sided with the Obama supporting lawyers who want to make millions.   
Mike Hamilton voted to give Illegal Aliens Driver’s Licenses Representative Hamilton even voted against providing law enforcement officers with the necessary training to stop illegal immigration.
Mike Hamilton has beer parties at his State Capitol Office for young interns and Lobbyists. He calls it “Tuffy Tuesdays.” He uses taxpayer resources to do this. He then gets tens of thousands of dollars from beer company lobbyists and PACS. Hamilton has been fined for Multiple Ethics Violations and has used campaign resources to go on luxury vacations, $100 lunches at hooters, and even illegally paying his family. Hamilton has even had Tax Liens for Not Paying Taxes
Mike Hamilton was rated 2nd MOST LIBERAL Republican by Baker Institute after his 2009 session. Hamilton has also been given failing conservative scores after 2011 session by ALL of the top Christian and Conservative organizations. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility rated Tuffy only C+ fiscal conservative. Texas Eagle Forum gave him a 32% social conservative score. Young Conservatives of Texas gave him a 65% score, etc. Hamilton is absurdly trying to say that White is the liberal, but voting records and Conservative Ratings prove White is Super Conservative. Hamilton tried to get rid of common sense welfare reform that had been around since 2003 and he voted against a bill designed to crack down on people who cheat taxpayers on unemployment benefits.
Mike Hamilton moved to Lumberton to run against Conservative James White. Mike Hamilton moved to Lumberton only a few months ago. After redistricting, Hardin County was put into State Rep. James White’s new district. Hamilton lived in Orange but he did not want to run against liberal Allan Ritter (Ritter even voted to give Planned Parenthood tax dollars)Hamilton is better than Ritter, but instead of running against liberal Ritter, Hamilton decided to move to Lumberton

Vote to Re-Elect State Rep. James White

When I was just a child, James White was an Army Captain in Berlin serving under Ronald Reagan. White was even in Berlin when the wall came down. He moved to east Texas in 2005 as a teacher with a small cattle operation. In 2010, White stood up and ran against longtime Democrat State Rep. Jim McReynolds. James White beat this Democrat. As a Republican State Rep, James White was a conservative rock star in the 2011 session. White is rated by all conservative and Christian organizations as one of the top conservatives in all of TX! White is 100% Pro Life and James White has been fighting Obama on many issues. White even testified in favor of building the Keystone XL Pipeline to bring us Jobs!

Governor Rick Perry has Endorsed James White to Win
TX Attorney General Greg Abbott has also endorsed James White Greg Abbott is one of the most trusted and respected Conservatives in Texas. Abbott has been fighting Obama in the U.S. Supreme Court

James White got a 92% Social Conservative Rating from Texas Eagle Forum after the 2011 session
James White got an A+ Fiscal Conservative Rating from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility after the 2011 session

James White has also been endorsed by TX Comptroller Susan Combs, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum, Texas Right To Life, National Rifle Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Young Conservatives of Texas, Heritage Alliance, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, State Senator Dan Patrick, Texas Home School Coalition, the Texas Conservative Digest, Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom, Texas Tea Party, Texas Forestry Association, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

also Vote to Re-Elect David Bradley for State Board of Education www.BradleyforTexas.com David Bradley is our super conservative SBOE member. Bradley has stood for Christian Conservative Values in our School Education and he is rated as the top conservative leader on the SBOE. When the liberals wanted to change the textbooks to remove patriotism, capitalism, replace founding fathers with socialist activists, and deplete the education fund, Bradley stood against it. The liberals do not like Bradley so they are running Rita Ashley against Bradley. Rita Ashley has a record of voting Democrat, is supported by liberals and she does not even live in this SBOE District. She lives in Austin! She has been caught lying about all of this and has not even come clean. KEEP DAVID BRADLEY

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