Thursday, May 3, 2012

Black Mob Beats White Couple, Media Buries Attack - 911 No Answer

This story has three important issues: Media Bias, Importance of Guns for Self Defense, and black violence.

One issue is the media bias in America. A black, racially charged mob attacks and beats a white couple and it does not even make the back page of the paper. The media only cares about stuff like this when they can sensationalize some sort of racism that they think white people have against blacks. When it is the other way around, the media is nowhere to be found.

The second issue is that the woman who was attacked tried to call 911 but got a busy signal TWICE. She finally made is through to the police. This is EXACTLY one of the reasons why we have a right to bear arms in America. The police are not there to help you the second you need it. You might not even be able to call them or they might be several minutes away. A gun gives you the ability to protect your own life when you need the protection instead of having to wait and hope you are not killed before the police get there.

The third issue is black violence. All races have bad guys and who commit crimes, but it is a fact that there is a serious problem of violence in black comunities. Blacks don't have to worry about any racist white people because they are already killing themselves at an alarming rate! This is something that these civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson and New Black Panthers need to address. Instead of calling people to violence because of some made up racism in the Trayvon Martin shooting, how about you call for an end to the alarming amount of violence and killings within black communities?

below is the story from WND:

There’s outrage in Norfolk, Va., today after a white couple was attacked by dozens of black teenagers, and the local newspaper did not report on the incident for two weeks, despite the victims being reporters for the paper.

Even today, the Virginian-Pilot did not cover the crime as news, but rather as an opinion piece by columnist Michelle Washington.

“Wave after wave of young men surged forward to take turns punching and kicking their victim,” Washington wrote, describing the onslaught that began when Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami stopped at a traffic light while driving home from a show on a Saturday night. A crowd of at least 100 black young people was on the sidewalk at the time.

“Rostami locked her car door. Someone threw a rock at her window. Forster got out to confront the rock-thrower, and that’s when the beating began. …

“The victim’s friend, a young woman, tried to pull him back into his car. Attackers came after her, pulling her hair, punching her head and causing a bloody scratch to the surface of her eye. She called 911. A recording told her all lines were busy. She called again. Busy. On her third try, she got through and, hysterical, could scream only their location. Church and Brambleton. Church and Brambleton. Church and Brambleton. It happened four blocks from where they work, here at the Virginian-Pilot.”

Washington says neither suffered grave injuries, but both were out of work for a week. Forster’s torso ached from blows to his ribs, and he retained a thumb-sized bump on his head. Rostami reportedly fears to be alone in her home, while Forster wishes he’d stayed in the car.

The columnist admits the story has not, until today, appeared in the Virginian-Pilot.

“The responding officer coded the incident as a simple assault, despite their assertions that at least 30 people had participated in the attack,” Washington explains. “A reporter making routine checks of police reports would see ‘simple assault’ and, if the names were unfamiliar, would be unlikely to write about it. In this case, editors hesitated to assign a story about their own employees. Would it seem like the paper treated its employees differently from other crime victims?”

Washington says the day after the beatings, Forster searched Twitter for mention of the attack, and one post in particular chilled him.

“I feel for the white man who got beat up at the light,” wrote one person.

“I don’t,” wrote another, indicating laughter. “(do it for trayvon martin)”

Trayvon Martin is the unarmed black teen who died after being shot by a community-watch captain with white and Hispanic parents, George Zimmerman, in Sanford, Fla., sparking a wave of outrage long after the incident.

The newspaper is coming under heavy criticism today from residents in the greater Norfolk area, known as Hampton Roads.

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