Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Obama Miracle. Lower Unemployment % by Lowering # Looking for Work by Increasing Free Handouts

5.4.12– Excerpt from Gary Bauer – Campaign for Working Families

The Obama Miracle

The unemployment figures were released today, and they prove once again that we truly have a miracle worker in the Oval Office. The Obama economy is something to behold. It defies reason and rationality. In Obama Land jobs disappear, the work force shrinks but “presto!” the unemployment rate drops. Every month the magician president is able to pull another rabbit out of his hat.

This month’s magic would astonish even Houdini. Economists expected the report to show that 165,000 jobs were created. Even that figure would be well below the 400,000 to 600,000 created in the Reagan boom. But alas the Labor Dept. report showed only an anemic 115,000 new jobs – well below what is needed to lower the unemployment rate.

Now here comes the magic part. The unemployment rate declined to 8.1%!!!! How did Obama do it? Simple. Under his policies so many Americans are giving up every month trying to earn a living that the work force is shrinking. In April an additional 522,000 of our fellow citizens were not in the labor force. Only 64.3% of us are working – the lowest rate since 1981! Finally, four-fifths of the decline in unemployment under Obama has been due to the drop in work force participation.

Oh what it must feel like to be Obama. All you have to do is attack enough businesses, grow enough government and raise enough taxes and you can eventually discourage everyone. And since the discouraged people give up looking for jobs you get to celebrate for lowering the unemployment rate. Our president is just not appreciated enough.
So the question remains: “How are all of those unemployed/underemployed people living without jobs?” Please read what the news media never seems to get around to telling us:
“The Food Stamp President: Welfare Reform Needed” – by Henry W. Burke – 5.4.12 --

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