Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is being Pro-Choice Racist? Abortion is Killing off Minorities as it was Intended to do

By Tom Donelson

How many of you are aware that 55% of Abortions are done by Hispanics and African-Americans? Minority women terminate their pregnancy at double the rate of Whites? The New York City Health Dept. noted that 60% of African-Americans and 40% of Hispanics end their pregnancy by abortion. (African-American and Hispanic abortion rates are two to three times that of whites in New York City). There are more aborted babies than live births within the New York City African-American community.

Abortion is an emotional issue. I have many friends who disagree with me. They, like me, prefer that women not abort their children. But, we differ on what the laws should be. To those who play the race card, show me a conservative policy that has killed as many minority babies as abortion? Since the individual who accused me of race-baiting is pro-choice, is the individual a racist for supporting abortion? In my eyes, no, but if quoting Obama on his dog eating past is racism, could we make the case that those who support abortion are more racist? I will not condemn a person for supporting abortion rights as racist. But, those who play the race card are polluting public discourse and making it more difficult to deal with issues in front of us. Playing the race card is a dangerous thing, since it is like the boy who cried wolf. If you say it often enough where it is not applicable, you simply desensitize the population to properly act when real racism occurs.

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